Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frischling Finally in Court Wednesday!

Despite his Twitter claims that the Connecticut prosecutor thinks the case should be dismissed, epic winner Steven Frischling is due for his first appearance in court Wednesday! He is finally supposed to enter a plea after numerous postponements.

According to the public docket at jud.ct.gov, Frischling is finally listed with a lawyer - Bachand Discala. It appears he found his name on a billboard or late night TV as this firm specializes in personal injury lawsuits!

Even better... check out Mr. Discala's background, as mentioned in this 2008 article:
A Norwalk lawyer, who is accused of violating ethical rules, forging signatures on legal documents and deceiving a client in order to thwart a potential malpractice suit, offered testimony Tuesday to the statewide committee that oversees professional standards among lawyers.
According to the Connecticut Bar Association, Discala was officially reprimanded for his actions.

Oh to be a fly on the wall at that courtroom....

UPDATE: Frischling has failed to enter a plea once again! His case still says awaiting plea. His next arraignment will now be 8/19. How long can he try to stall this?