Wednesday, January 25, 2012

True love still exists!

Apparently someone in Steven Frischling's proud family is dying. Sad.

What's even sadder is the loving message his baby mama left on his Facebook page.

We guess she didn't like her Coach bag? What a sideshow these people are running.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Frischling Case Continued to January 18!

This according to the New London court clerk. No other news yet in felony case of one of the biggest douchebags on the Internet.

It's Friday the 13th!

Lying blogger/forger/thief Steven Frischling is in court today... what will the sentence be?

Court date was scheduled for 10 am EST, but he's been blathering like an idiot all day on Twitter (like usual). Just now (a little after noon) he's finally shut up. He must be in court. Oh, the excitement!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Frischling Back in Court Next Week... for the Last Time?

Epic douche Steven Frischling is back in court next week for the KLM forgery/larceny case. Current status is "awaiting disposition," which means there should be some kind of judgment... on Friday the 13th. All signs point to a guilty plea, since there is no trial scheduled and he was raging after his last court appearance.

No doubt Frischling will beg for mercy and cry and claim to be a single father in order to get probation. Will the judge buy his lies and let him off?

PS Please contact The Day and ask for some coverage of the momentous occasion! The Day published two articles previously on Frischling's hilarious arrest.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear Coach: You've Lost Steven Frischling As a Customer!

Recent evictee Steven Frischling can't afford to pay his rent nor can he afford to pay back the people who have sued him and won, but he can afford to shop at Coach! In fact, he claims to be a "long standing customer." But no more! Poor Coach may go out of business in 2012.

Read this outlandish story he posted today on Coach's Facebook page. You might feel sorry for him and be inclined to believe him. However, we call bullshit on this story once again. Like many of his lies, it may have been grounded in a real incident. He probably was at the Coach store and the employee asked him to have his son stop fogging up mirrors. But the idea that an employee at such a high-end store would ask one of their customers not to bring their mentally disabled child to the store is literally unbelievable. We don't have any proof that it didn't happen, but he also has no proof it did happen. And he's a proven pathological liar.

What he wants is for people to feel sorry for him and he will stop at nothing to get attention, even preying on people's sympathy for parents struggling with autistic children. What about feeling sorry for Frischling's most recent landlord, whose home he trashed after not paying rent for six months, and will now have to spend her own money to take him to court for the damage?

Then he used his social media skillz to go after @Coach on Twitter.

Boohoo. He's probably scheming to get free Coach merchandise out of this.

Fish the constant victim will be back in court soon. Friday the 13th is coming up! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frischling's (Former) Front Yard

You've seen the pictures inside 49 Seabreeze... here is how esteemed professional Steven Frischling left the outside for his landlord to clean up. Photo courtesy of a horrified neighbor.

Friday, December 09, 2011

You know what the problem is with people? They suck!

Poor wittle Stevie Fwischwing didn't get his way today in court, where he has been trying desperately to get out of the consequences of committing two felonies. A disposition hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 13.

His thoughts?

Yes, this is clearly the problem here. Other people suck. Why won't the State of Connecticut let Steven Frischling get away with larceny and forgery? Why won't his landlords let him just live at their homes and trash the property and not pay rent? Why won't airlines hire him to run their social media networks despite the fact that he has no skills, no intelligence, no successful work history and no ethics? Why does some mean blogger call him a liar for posting total fabrications online for 15+ years?

Because people suck.