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Frischling Takes Control of Accident Scene from 22 Inept State Troopers!

Never Fear, Frischling's Here!

Yet another fantastic FishTale on the NPPA list. It seems Frischling arrived at the scene of an accident surrounded by "litterally" 16 state police cars. The policemen knew nothing about medical care it seems, so Frischling "took control of the scene" to save the day!

bit.listserv.nppa-l: Rendering Aid at wreck
Steven Frischling 9/4/97 
You are correct about EMT (or equivelent) training, most states have 150hrs of training, CFR (CFR-D in a few states) is about 100 hrs. In the Red Cross first aid classes they teach you not to move apatient if not qualified to do so, or prepared to so in a stable manner with a qualified person.  If the circumstances are such that they person is in arrest, car is unstable or further injury is inevitable then you remove the person from the situation because C-Spine injury is not at the top of the triage scale for life threatening injuries, although it can be crippling. 
The S stands for Steven!
Last week on my way to cover  an NY State Trooper' Funeral as I pulled up the highway exit I was quite litterally 16 NY State Police cars on the shoulder and pulled over.  I saw a car that had obviously rolled at a high speed and slammed a tree pinning one door.   Befre I arrived the Troopers asked the victim if she could walk and had her climb over the seat to the passengers seat (the back seat was gone as was most of the full metal roof).  Then were then moving her head around to wipe the blood off.  These are considered profesional rescuers , they carry a full medical box in their vehicle and NY State Troopers who's primary function on Long Island is Highway Patrol must see enugh accidents to not have 20 Troopers stand there as 2 Troopers further injur the victim. 
Normally this would have been a photo but I noticed things were to wrong with the scene so  I endedup taking control of the scene until the Fire Department arrived.  They were confused that a person with a press car around his neck had on gloves, shearss, stethoscope and was climbing into the shattered window.    The skills come in handy , sometimes you are not the first there, but if you can be the first to render aid properly it is just being human. 
Take a first aid, basic or advanced, class.  I don't say become a CFR, CFR-D, CMFR/CMFR-D, EMT ,Paramedic , etc....  but these are skills for life so you can fight for someones life. 
If you take a CPR class get a CPR mask, about $12 (I hate the disposable ones) because you NEVER want to put your mouth on someone elses, much like you never want to touch there blood. 
Just my $0.02 
Steven E. Frischling
Freelance Photojournalist
New York City
-No One Gets Out Alive, It's Only Life After All

Happy Lying!


  1. handy, maybe he can perform CPR on his own career

  2. How old was Fish in 1997? 20? How could he be so experienced in photojournalism and CPR/Rescue at that ripe old age? I love that you found these Archives. its crazy how moronic he's been for so long!

  3. this is not what i am looking for