About FishFraud!

What is FishFraud? Who is Steven Frischling?

The goal of FishFraud is to use social media to expose blogger Steven Frischling, a self-proclaimed photojournalist, as an extremely dishonest individual. For more than 15 years, Frischling has spread wild, contradictory tales about his exploits on various public Internet forums. Now Frischling is demanding to be taken seriously as a journalist and as a credible source on airline travel and government security. FishFraud has compiled these stories and other Internet discussion on him (including public records such as his lawsuits and arrest) into one nifty place.

The blog began in November 2010. Frischling was arrested in June 2011 for felony forgery and larceny. Yet he is still being used as a new source in legitimate publications by unwitting journalists who have failed to research him. This type of shoddy and lazy journalism needs to be exposed. FishFraud is on the job.

Why is FishFraud anonymous?

FishFraud is anonymous for safety purposes. Additionally, this is not a he-said, she-said, they-said issue. Outside of witty commentary, there is very little opinion in this blog. In fact the majority of the content comes from Steven Frischling himself, including his postings on other Internet forums and Twitter.