Monday, January 31, 2011

"steven frischling compulsive liar" Part 2

Web searches for "Steven Frischling compulsive liar" are apparently so common that Google now suggests it as soon as you type his name in...

Story Time with Steven Frischling!

By request, we've created an Xtranormal movie using some of the more ridiculous Steven Frischling stories, WORD FOR WORD, from his blog and Twitter. Unfortunately Xtranormal doesn't offer any Mr. Potato Head avatars, so we just picked the ugliest one available.


Update - Twit Frischling tweeted this after seeing the video:

Isn't he supposed to be a "social media" expert? So why doesn't he know you can't access someone's entire "catalog" of tweets? These are all pulled from recent tweets and from random blog entries. Idiot.

Besides, the real question is, who has the time to SEND 39,000 tweets? He joined Twitter Sept. 30, 2008. That means he's averaged nearly 50 TWEETS A DAY. Does that sound like someone who has any kind of life or a job?

Monday, January 24, 2011

"steven frischling compulsive liar"

Just took a look at this blog's stats. While we've done some basic promotion on Twitter, it's interesting that so many visitors are coming in on their own. Nearly half of the traffic comes in via Google searches.

BY FAR the most common keyword that leads to our blog is "steven frischling fraud" but it's interesting that "steven frischling compulsive liar" is a solid second! These must be people who follow him on Twitter/read his blog and think he's a ridiculous douchebag telling tall tales.

Here are the most common keyword searches that drive people to this blog:

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Two More Judgments in Massachusetts...

Uncovered two more judgments against "Travel & Aerospace Focused Social Media Strategist and Executor" Steven Frischling in Massachusetts. (Yes, aerospace.)

These are not related to wedding photography but bills he skipped out on when he was living in Florence, Mass. One is his cell phone bill to the amount of nearly $1,500. The other is apparently a childcare, the Peoples Institute of Northampton, right next to Florence.

These speak for themselves so need for us to comment except to say there is no disposal date, which we can assume means he never paid them.

Case No. 200498SC000116
Amount $1,455
Date Filed 5/17/2004
Date Disposed

Case No
. 0445SC668
Amount $354
Date Filed 12/23/2004
Date Disposed
This was an "in person" search as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not have online searches, but as it is public record, people can call and verify the information by giving the case number. The numbers for the two court clerks are (413) 323-4056 and (413) 584-7400.

And Susannah, before you leave us another comment saying you're going to call the police, remember that judgments are PUBLIC RECORDS and we are breaking no law by posting all this court information.

If Steven would simply give people the photos they paid for and work on repaying his LEGAL DEBTS, this site would go away. Even if he were to get a job at Walmart he could pay back something each month. Lots of people get into debt because of various circumstances, but most work to pay it off. What is the problem with this? Why don't you ask him why he refuses to do this?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calling All Frischling Victims!

All other Steven Frischling/Fishfoto/Flyingwithfish victims, please contact us, whether you were a victim of  his wedding photography scam or defrauded in some other way. Thank you! Email address is on the right.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fish Brags About Being On A List He's Not On

In a typical self-congratulatory measure, idiot Steven Frischling bragged to everyone today that he was No. 7 on the list of "The 50 Most Influential Travel Related Companies Online"

Tweets he:
He posted a blog devoted entirely to thanking all the little people who made such a thing possible. Even his few remaining supporters must find this self-serving and smug.

He touchingly writes, "I feel a little bad for being ahead of Southwest, JetBlue and United. I know the folks who handle their social media ... and I know they have budgets for social media while I am just a one-man shop with a MacBook Pro and iPhone and no budget at all."

So what is this list?

This list uses the algorithm that mathematically measures "influence," like responses and mentions on Twitter. It's an unbiased yet extremely flawed measure when you take into account someone like Frischling, who literally spends ALL day on Twitter because he has no job. He's sent out more than 38,000 Tweets, the majority of which are direct replies to other people (thus likely to get a response). The Travel Channel has sent out fewer than 4,000. Why? Because the Travel Channel is a legitimate business and uses Twitter to further its communication and reach, not because it's pathetic and needs to try to impress strangers to feel good about itself.

Well, here's a little bit news, idiot. Take a look at the rankings, you'll see you're not No. 7, nor No 9, nor No. 27. You're not on the list at all!

Check it out - here's a link to the actual list, which he omitted from his story.

Why is he gone? He's been removed from this list because was alerted that he's a proven fraud. Not only that, he's NOT a travel company, but a stupid blogger! He even admits this in his own post! How deep are the levels of his idiocy? It truly boggles the mind.

PS Congratulations to the Travel Channel, which moved up a notch to lucky No. 7. I wonder if the Travel Channel will be sending out a press release announcing it "feels a little bad" for being ahead of Southwest, JetBlue and United...

The Frischling Freakshow: Now With Audio and Video!

Part of what makes this blog so entertaining for us is that every new piece of info we find out about Steven Frischling is somehow more absurd than the last. Well his carnival of weird just got weirder, and it's all thanks to his very own abandoned YouTube channel!

Back when he was playing professional photographer, he thought it would be a great idea to put up video of himself "sharing" photography tips. The nonsensical tips, the poor production quality and that he has the on-camera presence of a serial killer combine for one ghastly viewing experience. It's like a trainwreck edited with iMovie. We can't look away!

We're not the only ones who are laughing. Equally funny to the videos themselves are the dozens of comments making fun of them! They're priceless. (And yes, we've downloaded all the videos and screencapped all the comments, so even if he deletes it all, mankind will be able to enjoy the stupidity forever and ever. It's the least we could do.)

So welcome to the first installment of "Pointing and Laughing at Flying with Fish Video!" In this installment, we point and laugh while Fish explains how to avoid using the tripod you paid good money for.

We have so very many favorite parts! Which do you like best? We enjoy that he's at the beach and not wearing a microphone, so you can barely hear him. We also like the creepy spot where he is breathing in while staring at the camera. The kicker is the end when he says, "That's how we shoot without a tripod with longer lenses with no tripod." It's all gold!!

Some of the funniest comments:

"this video was a waste of my 1.44 secs of life watching it.
dude get a day job for god sake.
or give us some advise we can use rather than this twaddle."

"Your a tool and this video was such a waste of time."

"I can't believe that you have made this video."

"when was the last time a girl let you touch her?"

Who knows why he didn't delete the comments and/or delete the videos entirely. It seems like this was right around the time he lost interest in/was run out of photography, and moved on to his new fantasy world of being a "travel strategist." Also note that this is right when he claimed to be suffering from/in treatment for cancer. Does he look ill to you? (Physically, not mentally.)

If you just stumbled across this blog and are looking for someone to dislike who deserves what's coming to him, I highly recommend Steven Frischling. He's the gift that keeps on giving!

No Media Will Touch Steven Frischling!

The past month was the busiest travel time of the year. Yet we're happy to report fraud travel blogger Steven Frischling was not used as a media source in any article we could find. He was all over the place in November during Thanksgiving travel, but not anymore. We take the credit but thank you media! This guy is a sham!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something Stinks at the Fish Household!

Happy New Year! It seems 2011 did not start off well at the Fish House between Steven Frischling and his "partner in crime" aka his baby mama Susannah Seefeldt. How do we know this? Because the idiot told the whole universe on Twitter and Facebook, being the social media genius that he is. Awwww, too bad so sad.

We're not surprised they did not have Happy Holidays after he lost the old folks home as a "client," in part because of his ineptitude and in part because of his Facebook rant against them. (Did we mention he's a social media genius? GENIUS!) We imagine that she is continually hounding him to get an actual job so they can get their poor children off food stamps.

After incessant end-of-days blabbing on Twitter, he posted this crap on Facebook that pissed her off enough that she jumped on:

We feel sad for Susannah, who has three kids with this gross man. But we can't understand 1) why she would be waiting for HIM to make decisions when she should have kicked his sorry ass to the curb a long time ago 2) why on Earth she would be upset that some stranger is hitting on him on Twitter! She should call up the woman and BEG her to take this loser off her hands!

So we sent her a Facebook message. Here is our conversation.

We still feel sorry for her. She is only 29 yet has an 11 year old with him, meaning this loser is probably the only boyfriend she's ever had. She obviously has some sense in that she never married him, but other than that appears to have no self-esteem and a very low level of education. ("Dialogue" as a verb? "...of which you know nothing of"? etc). And by the way, in case you forgot, Michael Whirllie IS absolutely a fake name that the Fish Fools themselves made up when they were creating fake references on Yelp.

We were surprised she would "dialogue" with us at all, but you can see how intent she is on finding out our identity (probably to curry favor with him, sickeningly enough). Then when she realized we weren't going to give a real name, she said how it's so obvious who we are anyway ("hahahaha").

Doesn't she look like a wonderfully happy person? It's interesting she brags that she works in the mental health field. We wonder what advice she would give to a desperate woman who called her hotline saying she was living in a rented house with the children she had by a deadbeat 1) who would not provide for them by legal means so resorted to fraud 2) who had been dragged in and out of court 3) who could not hold a job so spent literally all day making up stories on Twitter trying to impress strangers 4) who had never finished college or accomplished anything of substance 5) who had alienated his entire family 6) who had no money to pay for her tuition but yet had the latest tech gadgets for himself, etc.

I wonder if Susannah would tell that caller, "You should definitely wait for him to make some decisions so you can move on with your life either way!"


PS Immediately after our conversation with her, she got into his Facebook, deleted everything going back to December and then deactivated his account. Can you imagine what life is like at their house?