Friday, September 04, 2015

"Aviation security expert" Steven Frischling brags about getting knife through airport security

Steven Frischling, referred to as an "aviation security expert" by The Telegraph, tweeted this image a a month ago of him holding a knife on the tarmac/apron:

When would he take a knife, even a Swiss Army knife, to an airport, much less take a photo of it like this? (Note the response to his picture.)

What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Frischling claimed he knew "unequivocally" what happened to MH370 four hours after it disappeared

In March 2014, a journalist unable to Google named Joanna Walters referred to Steven Frischling as an "aviation security expert" in an article in The Telegraph on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Even more laughable, Frischling claims his "primary source" told him "unequivocally" the pilot had hijacked the plane!

Positions on the plane! His primary source! Christ on a cracker. His primary source has always been his imagination.

And he insisted the plane had not crashed and that cargo is what they were after. Keep in mind this article was from March 18, 2014, 10 days after the plane vanished. Not a single reliable expert was saying they knew without a doubt what had happened to the plane and why; there were only theories. Yet Frischling, thanks to his super secret primary super source, claims he had been told it had been hijacked. How is that nobody found that suspicious? Did his primary source tell nobody else this information, only Frischling, four hours after it disappeared?

If you look at the timeline of MH370, anyone with a clue would be able to tell he was full of shit. "Four hours after the airplane went missing" is when? It goes missing at several points along its route. By the time the airline made the announcement, the plane had already failed to land in Beijing and had been missing for hours. So when then, did this amazing source rush to tell Steven Frischling, unemployed blogger who tweets all day, that they knew "unequivocally" the pilot had hijacked the plane and how would they possibly know that? Was his source the pilot himself? Why would they tell him this and not someone who mattered?

Great job Joanna Walters!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Frischling goes on eBay shopping spree with GoFundMe donations

Everyone's "favourite" honest hardworking photographer/social media god/aviation security expert Steven Frischling apparently told a few people he needed money because the evil mother of his children (who we are rooting for more and more) was trying to "break him" financially during their custody case.

Thus he regaled his friends with tragic fishtales of his valiant struggle and how much of a victim he is. An imaginative commentator claims:

She filed frivolous motions and she has failed the children as a mother? Some evidence, please. Which of the two parents is perpetually unemployed? Which of the two parents pleaded guilty to two felonies? Which of the two parents has been sued for fraud? Which of the parents is a pathological liar who spends all day every day making up stories to anyone who will listen?

In Frischling's ridiculous GoFundMe, there was a donation made under her name:

Apparently Frischling's real friends suckers Frischling knows online put that in as an oh-so-funny inside joke related to his current predicament in which he, naturally, is a victim:
His ex spends so much money on things not related to the children that she hypothetically "can only spend $15 for the kids," you say? Meanwhile, Frischling is the responsible parent who needed donations to bring his family through a tough time, right?

Ah now what do have here? Why, it's Steven Frischling's eBay history over the past year. And guess how many purchases he made during the last 12 months? 48 total purchases, of which 33 were in the past six months, and two in the past month. Therefore, we can deduce that the vast majority of the purchases happened from one to six months ago. In fact, his purchasing activity from approximately February to July DOUBLED over the previous time span. Well now that's odd, since he was spending everything he had on legal bills and taking care of his children, right? Food and shelter were the important priorities, right? How strange that during the time he was supposedly struggling financially, he was buying, buying, buying on eBay!

And what was he buying? Things necessary for his job? No. As you can see from the sellers on his profile, he was buying mostly computer electronics and two-way radio equipment.

What do two-way radios have to do with his job as a social media consultant? Nothing. You need a computer and a phone for that. If he needed one for local news photography, he very clearly already had the equipment he needed.

An excellent reader points out that 14 weeks ago, about a month after the GoFundMe, Frischling posted this on Instagram:

That appears to be a new or near-new Motorola XTS3000 Model II. So he came home to find a few of these, ay? Here is the same model currently for sale on eBay for $200.

Why would he need a few of them? Why would he need even ONE? He doesn't. He no doubt will claim that they were sent to him by the manufacturer or someone free of charge because he is so important. Bullshit. He bought it on eBay with the money people gave him.

Also note that Frischling does not sell anything on eBay (or has sold fewer than 10 items ever). Which sure is odd, because you would think that before he asks strangers to give him money, he would be frequently selling off old equipment he doesn't need, right? Why not sell off some of the equipment he doesn't need anymore?

So all of you supportive people who donated to Frischling thinking it would help feed and shelter his children and pets, congratulations, thanks for helping him buy electronics (that he didn't need) for himself. Yeah, because everyone social media consultant needs to own two MacBooks, three iPads, and four smart phones.

Happy lying!