Friday, September 30, 2011

What the Frisch?

Meet Deborah Frisch, another trainwreck who spawned a series of blogs bashing her and ended up losing her job because of her online insanity.

Appearing for the NINTH Time on the Docket... Steven Frischling!


This notification is brought to you by Connecticut Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) Program.

This e-mail is to inform you that there is an upcoming court event involving the defendant STEVEN FRISCHLING and docket number K10KCR110313446S. A hearing has been scheduled for 10/28/2011. Please be aware that there is often more than one case scheduled for a particular date in this court. The hearing you may be involved in will take place some time during that day.

This will take place in GA 10 Courthouse, at the following address: 112 Broad Street, New London, CT 06320.

For updates about this case or for driving directions to the courthouse, you can visit For more information, contact the Office of Victim Services at 1-(800) 822-8428 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM.

This notification is sponsored by the Connecticut SAVIN Program. It is our hope that this information has been helpful to you.

Thank you,

The VINE Service

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Frischling's Adventures in the "Homocide" Capital of America!

Another submission from a FishFraud VIP! All gold, but we've highlighted the most ridiculous parts:
While looking through the NPPA listserv I found several extremely exaggerated accounts of him "working" in East Palo Alto where he claims he spent lots of time doing narc raids and car chases in 1996. He also blows the number of homicides way way way out of proportion.

"There are a number of zones in the United States that pack just as much punch as the hot-spot of the week and never get coverage. Look at East Palo Alto, CA, in 1995 it was the homocide capitol of the US with almost 800 "suspicious" DOAs/homocides in this small roughly 2 mile city of 23,500 people, only 40 cops. I was there in 1996 frequently, it was a war zone (been cleaned up, literally by a new Sheriff). New Orleans' underbelly , and of course my home town "combat zone" the projects in Brooklyn."

For the record, East Palo Alto was the murder capital in the U.S. (per capita) in 1992 with 42 homicides. In 1995, they had six murders, not 800. For him to say that it was a war zone in 1996 is pure fiction.

Here he talks about being shot at and involved in gun battles in East Palo Alto:

"Not to sound like an ass (which I am sure a number of you think I sound like often), sometimes close & scared is the only way to get the photo. I admit, as I have before, most of my firefight/gun fight photos were taken in NYC, Boston, D.C., Redwood City/East Palo Alto (CA) and other places in the U.S., but gun fight is a gun fight. Most of my gun drawn and aimed photos are on rooftops, in project stairways and backyards, most of the time 18mm-85mm because it is the only way ( I really suggest owning threat level 3 bullet-vest for this). I know it is very different from Nicaragua, but not far off. I know that I have been shot at to many times, and have bee thankul for wearing the Kevlar because I prefer a broken rib to a hole in me"

More talk of "gun play" in East Palo Alto - the HOMOcide capitol

"I have a number of images of gun play upclose & personal, have a few photos of guns being aimed at me, photos of riot situations from inside the riot & so on, I do not need to travel to find the wars, they are here. I spend a lot of time when I can in the inner cities and in heavy drug & homocide areas , from parts of NYC to East Palo Alto (the homocide capitol of the US for 2 years)."

Then he was involved in a high-speed pursuit with the California Highway Patrol that ended in East Palo Alto. A look at 187 articles in the San Francisco Chronicle archive from 1996 yielded NO stories of high-speed chases, especially one involving eight sheriff/police departments chasing a 14-year-old boy through five cities and two counties:

"The California Highway Patrol, Golden Gate Division, is one such department that has lead perps in front of me on purpose durring a bust to make sure I got there face, esspecially is the perp still have the crime evidence in their hands, that way when the images are published the evidence is matter-of-fact. I find the expressions of perps add to the image and make it more dramatic, although sometimes no face is better. One photo where it works was taken in East Palo Alto, CA which had been the murder capital of the US in 92 & 93, the CHP unit I was with was lead on a chase that ended up involving the CHP, San Mateo & Santa Clara county sheriffs and the municipal police from 5 police departments (the chase went through 2 counties and 6 towns/cities). When the car finially slammed to a halt, I mean slammed, the driver drove up to a wall by accident. The photo shows the face of a 14 year old boy trying to hide his gun (later found to have been used in a murder) and conceal about 18 grams of cocaine, he is there looking scared and inncocent with 3 officers with shot guns advancing on him. The boy is guilty obviously, he was charged as an adult for drug trafficing, so in the eyes of the law I did not photograph a minor."

Apparently there were riots in East Palo Alto, although there are no records of any riots there, and a search of the Chronicle archives for 1996 shows NOTHING to support that claim.

"I see Brooklyn a lot (although the IRA bombings in the U.K. were more polite than the riots in East Palo Alto, CA)."

So Frischling, where can we see your photos of these riots in East Palo Alto and of the boy hiding his gun and cocaine after that epic car chase? While you're searching your archives, can you find the photos of IRA bombings as well?

All these photos certainly sound captivating - why don't you put them on your portfolio?

Friday, September 23, 2011

An Impossible Truth: Frischling Claims He Flew on Air Force One with Al Gore!

Former Vice President Al Gore... in a photo NOT taken by Steven Frischling.
Another great submission by a loyal FishFraud reader:
Let's not forget this one about Frischling's claim to have flown on the President's 747 with Al Gore. Since he is a self-proclaimed aviation expert he would know that Al Gore had his own plane when he was in office and there aren't any trips that I could find where he would have flown on the president's 747 instead of his own Air Force Two plane, a modified 757. Also worth noting that he wasn't really affiliated with any agency at the time that would have put him in a seat on a flight on either one of those planes.

4/9/06 Flyertalk
"As a news photographer I have shot it's arrival, shot it's departure, stood under the wing.............and have flown on Air Force 2 (same plane, just had Al Gore on board instead of Clinton)

7/7/06 Flyertalk
"There are almost no photos available from the interior of AF One, except certain executive office areas. I have traveled on AF Two while working as a news photographer and remember explicit instructions that photography on board was banned, except during approved times in specific areas. When the Secret Services says this stuff you try to list (getting tossed from the press pool is bad, it tends to piss off your clients)."

This is pretty funny. Let me first give you a little background on who flies on Air Force one and two.

The White House press pool for still photographers consists of AP, AFP, Reuters, a rotating "agency" pool (which Getty is part of) and a magazine/newspaper (currently held by the New York Times). AP, AFP and Reuters travel with the president everywhere and are considered the "tight pool". They travel on Air Force One, in motorcades and are always with the president when he has any movements. They are issued hard card White House press credentials. The agency pool only travels in presidential motorcades when the president has movements within close proximity to the White House. The agency pool rotates between (I believe) 8 agencies and commits a photographer from each agency to three days a month covering the White House. Photographers in the agency pool DO NOT (except on rare occasions) travel on Air Force One. The traveling press pool pays a hefty price to travel on AF1 and in motorcades with the president with an annual price tag in excess of a million dollars per agency. If other press does for some reason pay to go on of the president's overseas trips, they do not fly on AF1 but instead are put on a charter. These same rules pretty much apply to AF2.

It is very rare that photographers travel with the VP. But, in cases where they would, it would likely be members of the WH pool or a magazine/newspaper photographer (like NYT, Time or Newsweek) who had been granted special access. One exception was in the 2000 campaign. When Al Gore was campaigning for his bid to be president he used AF2 as his campaign plane and had members of the traveling press on board. I assume they also had a charter for overflow like Bush did during his campaign in 2004. During Bush's 2004 campaign only the WH wire pool flew on AF1, everyone else was on a charter. I have never seen any Al Gore photos by Frischling so that pretty rules out him being on Gore's campaign (if you have really covered a campaign for any length of time, you will be able to find pictures online). Also, photographers are dorks when it comes to having your photo taken in front of cool or unique planes that you have been on since riding on AF2 or any other plane like that is usually a once in a lifetime experience. Surely he would have had a photo of himself in front of AF2 before the flight. I know I have pictures of myself in front of planes like that.

Also he specifically states that he was actually on the president's 747 Air Force One plane, the VC25A "same plane, just had Al Gore on board instead of Clinton." The president's 747 is used almost exclusively by the president (with the rare exception like when Cheney took it on an extended trip to the Middle East in March of 2002. The VP's AF2 plane is a C-32, a modified 757. Al Gore used the AF2 757 plane during his 2000 campaign, not the AF1 747. My research didn't reveal any occasion where Gore flew on the 747 during his time in the White House. I assume that his claim of flying on AF2 was between 1998 and 2000 when he had no real affiliation with any wire service or agency which makes his claim even more absurd.

Link to info on Air Force One -
Link to info on Air Force Two -

For the 10 millionth time we ask... WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS of these excursions?

What kind of news photographer flies TWICE with the vice president of the United States of America and has NO photos to show for it?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google Searches on Steven Frischling

Autocomplete shows you what people are looking for... and this humble blog has shot up to the first page.

Frischling Threatened with Treason, Held at Gunpoint with Schoolchildren!

A comment so good it had to be turned into its own post... thank you!

Definition of treason: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family
here he says a "friend" (didn't know he had any) was threatened with treason.

"In the past few years I have had friends face changes of treason, then face the charge myself for shooting that person in the place they were facing the charges.

What was that about? The photog shot a picture of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, in Vernon, VT. The plant rises from a corn field, and is totally exposed to a river on one side. The plant had just failed US Gov't and NRC security tests, and that was a story. The photog shot a photo (of a plant I have shot inside more than 30 times over a 2 year period prior to this happening), then was arrested, and faced charges in the State of Vermont of treason. I shot a portrait of him following that, which ran in the Boston Globe, Brattleboro, VT, Reformer (the paper he worked for, I formerly worked for, and the local paper of the nukes plant), as well as other regional and national papers. I was then called and threatened with the charges."

"In my job I was facing the charge of Treason in Vermont for photographing the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Facility, in Vernon, VT. The plant rises from a corn field an cannot be missed. The year before this incident I had been inside the plant for assignments for a total of 15 days. My troubles were shooting a portrait of a photographer who was being charged with treason for shooting the plant."

but wait, there's more...

here he was held by authorities for FOUR hours...

"I was shooting a story on security outside a nukes plant in CT. I had a letter from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well I spoke to the nukes plant PR folks, and stood on a public road, in plain site, shooting the armoured vehicles outside. I was held for about 4hrs by the Connecticut State Police, and had my car searched, everything emptied. My credentials verified (although Conn does not issue any credentials). I could not use my cell phone, or leave the area of the police cruiser. When I was done, and started to leave, the Conn. Nat. Grd MPs pulled me over, and detained me for quite a while, trying to find out why the Conn. State Police had stopped me."

but here it is now SEVEN!!

"In Connecticut I was held for 7 hours for photographing people fishing behind the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant. I had a letter from the Nuclear Regulartory Commision, the answer I was given by the Conn State Police was that Millstone does not answer to the NRC (which is wrong, they very much answer to the NRC)."

here he says he was approached at gunpoint with 20 school kids on a pier...

"In New Haven, CT, I was photographing an oil storage farm for a story on a US$1bil sale of one of the companies in the harbour. I was approached by half-a-dozen cops (and a news crew!) at gun point as I stood on the public pier in a hawiian shirt with two large lenses (more than a foot in length on one of them) that are wrapped in purple and orange tape. The lead officer was screaming at me to put my cameras down, he then started to ask me why I was trying to hide (in a hawiian shirt with lenses wrapped in purple & orange tape on a public pier??). What made this worse was 20 or so elementry school students were on the pier as they came at me with guns drawn. I stayed up right, ID'd myself a few times and more than once told the cop to holster his weapon (which was not such a good idea). The New Haven Police would not recognize my NYPD credential, FDNY credentials, Mass State Police Credential, Vermont State Police, United Nations, US Senate, San Mateo County Sheriff's Dept, Santa Clara County Sheriff or the Dept. of Defense.......Connecticut has no state or municipal issued credentials."

yet here he says it wasn't at gunpoint and no mention of kids....

"I was shooting a business story on the sale of a number of fuel farm storage tanks in New Haven. These tanks are very visible from I-95 & I-91. They are open to the waterways, side roads, hotels, interstate which cut through New Haven. Prior to shooting this fuel farm I called the USCG PIO for Division 1, and the New Haven Police. I told them what I was doing, trying to head off a problem. While shooting I turned around and saw a new van pull into the parking lot, along the Long Island Sound, I was parked in. I then saw a number of NHPD, DOD Police and a Conn State Police cruiser pull into the lot. They surrounded my wife as she tried to read a book for school demanding to know if there were cameras in the car. She said no, they ordered her out of the car, she told them I had the cameras (I was holding a 300f2.8, 400f2.8, 70-200f2.8 and 17-35f2.9, and a Hawaiian shirt on the end of a public pier, not trying to hide). One officer approached me very quickly, his hand at his side and his holder unflapped, although the gun was in the holster. This cop ordered me down, I kept
walking asking him what the hell was going on. He demanded my credentials, I told him that Connecticut issues no credentials, and asked what I would do if I only worked in CT with no credentials. After some back and forth I handed him my credentials, they called and verified the credentials with the NYPD, Mass State PD and US Senate. The cops kept telling me the massive fuel farm was a target and needed to know where the photos would appear, I told them I was shooting for a news service with about 1,200 daily newspaper clients. The cop said that was fine as long as they were "legit" newspapers. He then began to tell me that I should not be so elusive when shooting (again, two long lenses, and a Hawaiian shirt). "

another variation of the fuel tank story:

now there is only six officers and their guns are in their holsters.

and yet another variation....

"How about having my car surrounded, and forced to my stomache by a New Haven Detective while shooting a photo for a business story of oil storage farms off the Long Island Sound,which can be seen from two interstates, and out the window of a popular restaurant. They said the 400f2.8 was suspicious, which it may very well be, but after he checked mu IDs, he had my wife get out of our car and he searched it for additional cameras, which made no sense."

and one more....

"A few years ago in New Haven, CT, while photographing the huge oil storage farms for a business story (a company was sold in a multi-billion dollar deal) I was out on the end of a public pier shooting. I was wearing tan board shorts, a bright Hawaiian shirt had three bodies with a 17-35f2.8, 70-200f2.8, 400f2.8, all wrapped in bright orange & purple tape.

Prior to shoot there I had called the USCG First District Public Affairs desk and the New Haven PIO. I didn't need to, but I didn't want a problem.

At some point I noticed my wife's '83 bright yellow Volvo surrounded by cops demanding to know where there camera were. She pointed to me and cops from the NHPD, State Police and DOD Police came at me. One office, an NHPD Lt., had his weapon out of the holster screaming at me demanding to know why I was trying to hide. if I was hiding would I be in plain site, on a public pier, in a Hawiian shirt with a 400f2.8 wrapped in bright purpleand orange tape?

This yutz would not accept my press credentials from the US Senate Press Photogs Gallery, the United Nations, NYPD, Mass State Police or other easily verifiable organizations. He demanded my Connecticut press credentials......Conn issues no press cards and this guy didn't seem to know that."

Frischling, it isn't even a challenge to find contradictions to your stories. damn dude, you could have made it a little more difficult. a four year old or one of the 20 school kids could uncover your lies.

Steven Frischling Summed Up in One Quote

"I understand my images of tradgety (nearly a dozen plane crashes, a terrorist attack, a few riots, crack dens, anthrax scares, fires, homocides, etc) is my business. I'd have rather been shooting a feature on day cares in Sept 2001, but instead I made a massive profit of death , pain and misery. As a photojournalist you need to decide your role, your place, and how you are helping or hurting the overall view, ethics, boundries and limitations of our profession."

Sportsshooter, 10.15.2002

If you had any quote that sums up this fool, this would be it: exploiting real "tradgeties" to make himself look like a big shot.

PS What were the dates and locations of the "nearly" dozen plane crashes you've photographed? Where are the photos?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Breaker! Breaker! Steven Frischling Caught In Yet Another Lie

Steven Frischling's autobiography
The sleuths in the FishFraud Mickey Mouse club used their secret decoder rings (otherwise known as their eyeballs) to expose another hilarious Steven Frischling tale.

This one came from a 2004 post on the Sportsshooter message board regarding police scanners. Naturally, Frischling, the expert on all things, is the first one to reply. He says this about licenses:
"In every state a Ham licenses allows you to carry a scanner. You can get a No-Code Ham licenses at Radio Shack, just buy the book, fill out a form and send it in."
Someone immediately responds to correct him:
"As for the license itself, it takes more than filling out a from. In order to obtain a "no code" Technician license, you must pass a written exam (not hard) that's administered by FCC approved Volunteer Examiners."
As usual, Frischling does not apologize for his goof but insists he got his license this way, now substituting the word "exam" for "form."
"When I got my HAM license, back in 92 (I have no idea what my identifier is, I know, I am a poor excuse for a geek :0) ) I got the book at Radio Shack. Read it for about an hour, took the exam, and that was it.

Pretty easy.

I got my HAM because Suffolk County, Long Island, was being a pain in the butt about a mobile mounted scanner in a car."
The same guy responds...
"If you were a tech and got your license in 1992, then it should have expired in 2002. There's a two year grace period in renewing your license, so depending on when it was issued in 1992 you may still be able to renew it for the cost of a stamp. I pulled out my 1996 Callbook CD and tried to look you up and see when it expired, but I didn't get a hit."
Frischling does not offer an explanation of this but his story gets wilder... once again claiming he was the victim of police harassment:
"I have my HAM license somewhere. I thought it expired about a year ago. I will probably try and renew, or take the exam again. As stated, my primary reason for getting the license was to deal with a Suffolk County Police Officer who seemed to give me me hell often at scenes (of course I was 17, but I was shooting for legit news outlets, so I'm sure I was the easiest target).

I used to keep the info in my car, until I got my Nassau County Police press credential (he would not take my NYPD one for some reason)."
Once again the other guy responds:
"I have a 1996 Callbook CD, but I can't see a "Frischling" using the name search. If you need help, let me know the address you lived at when you were licensed and I'll take a look for you."
But Frischling insists he should be there!
"I should be there....I'm pretty sure my name was "Frischling" since June of 1975 :0)"
But guess what? A search of all active and expired licensees only brings up one Frischling - someone named David Frischling of Maine. Search for yourself:

So what's the deal Frischling? Why aren't you listed?

Oh and where can we find your licensing information for the time you claimed you worked as a firefighter/EMT?

Thanks to the FishFraud fans for sending this to us and posting it on comments!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And Now for the 8th Time on the Criminal Docket... Steven Frischling!

Captain Continuance gets yet another delay in his double felony case. Next arraignment is September 30.

Since Frischling has already been sent a Bail Commissioners Letter, another failure to appear will result in a bench warrant issued for his (re)arrest.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steven Frischling's Lies About 9/11

Lying fool Steven Frischling has been all over Twitter the past few days, posting links to his blurry photos from Sept. 11, 2001. He even claimed he was in NYC on assignment for two agencies on 9/11.

Back in February, we first posted his lies about this tragic day. If you think you can't hate this guy more, check it out:

Steven Frischling's Lies About 9/11

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Frischling Gets Bail Commissioners Letter!

Oh my. It appears lying blogger Steven Frischling failed to appear in court as required and is now at risk to be arrested yet again.

The CT Court Case has been updated with yet another new date for Frischling to enter a plea in his double felony case (9/23/2011) and now a notice that a Bail Commissioners Letter has been sent.

Thanks to a reader for sending in the following link to "What Is a Bail Commisioner's Letter?":

A bail commissioner letter is a formal notice sent by a bail commissioner to a defendant. The bail commissioner letter indicates that the defendant needs to appear in court or risk legal consequences.

A bail commissioner letter acknowledges that a defendant has missed a court appearance. The letter indicates that the defendant still has a legal obligation to appear before a judge or jury. In this way, the bail commissioner letter is a formal summons. It is intended to limit the number of re-arrests police officers must make.

So instead of the judge immediately issuing an arrest warrant based on a failure to appear, Frischling kindly got one final warning from the court: Show up or go to jail.

Once again all evidence contradicts Frischling's claim that the case had been dropped.