Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Frischling Gets Bail Commissioners Letter!

Oh my. It appears lying blogger Steven Frischling failed to appear in court as required and is now at risk to be arrested yet again.

The CT Court Case has been updated with yet another new date for Frischling to enter a plea in his double felony case (9/23/2011) and now a notice that a Bail Commissioners Letter has been sent.

Thanks to a reader for sending in the following link to "What Is a Bail Commisioner's Letter?":

A bail commissioner letter is a formal notice sent by a bail commissioner to a defendant. The bail commissioner letter indicates that the defendant needs to appear in court or risk legal consequences.

A bail commissioner letter acknowledges that a defendant has missed a court appearance. The letter indicates that the defendant still has a legal obligation to appear before a judge or jury. In this way, the bail commissioner letter is a formal summons. It is intended to limit the number of re-arrests police officers must make.

So instead of the judge immediately issuing an arrest warrant based on a failure to appear, Frischling kindly got one final warning from the court: Show up or go to jail.

Once again all evidence contradicts Frischling's claim that the case had been dropped.


  1. After looking over the website, I can only assume he is far too busy to show up and respond to a couple of felonies in CT. Between his home in CT, his client base in San Francisco, and his offices in New York City, London and Hong Kong, our globetrotting hero cannot be bothered with these pesky criminal charges.

    My only question is how do you maintain all these bases of operation without getting on a plane? That one flight to Denver a year ago and the bogus junket to Germany wouldn't help keep these offices going.

    From his website:

    Steven Frishling splits the majority of his time between his home in Connecticut and his client base in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Steven Frischling Photography
    New York +1(646)530-8327
    San Francisco +1(415)738-7786
    London +44(0)7092 384045
    Hong Kong +(852)3678-9948

  2. For a while, I was feeling sorry for Steven Frischling. I just snapped back to reality.

  3. What happened to the charges being dropped? Surely, Steven wouldn't lie right?

    I hope he serves some REAL time. Like at least a few months in jail for this... although I'll miss the entertainment.

  4. classic. so much for his claim of being vindicated.

  5. I got this email yesterday:

    This e-mail is to inform you that there is an upcoming court event involving the defendant STEVEN FRISCHLING and docket number K10KCR110313446S. A plea hearing has been scheduled for 9/23/2011. Please be aware that there is often more than one case scheduled for a particular date in this court. The hearing you may be involved in will take place some time during that day.

    This will take place in GA 10 Courthouse, at the following address: 112 Broad Street, New London, CT 06320.

    You got some 'splainin' to do Steven.

  6. Steven's "offices" in Hong Kong, London, and San Fran don't exist (duh). I saw him speak once (lol) and he explained they were all shell numbers that went to his regular cell phone.

    I guess it's a good idea if you want people to think that you're a globe trotting photographer.

  7. I would love to see a movie made about all this. Not the real stuff. All the bullshit that Frischling made up. Make a movie as though it is true. A super action hero photographer, who also may or may not be a paramedic (but probably not.) Ordering cops off the scene so he can take charge.

    Think of all the action packed scenes you could have.

    TWA 800
    Multiple Olympics
    the 04 World Series
    Getting shot during major busts in Brooklyn
    Iraq War
    Falsely accused of forgery/larceny (a nice little Catch Me If You Can element)

    Basically - every major event over the past 15 years, Frischling has been there.

    It would basically play out like a 1995-2011 version of Forrest Gump, only the protagonist wouldn't be as intelligent.

    Blockbuster. No doubt.

  8. I will be on a plan more times this month than he was in the last 12. Does that make me a travel expert? Nope. But then again, I don't claim to be one.

  9. Sorry Off Topic comment:

    So how come FishFraud posts get more comments than Lying with Fish?

    also I have:
    taken 14 flights this year 5 in one month - Airline Expert
    travelled to 5 countries - Travel Expert
    blogged, tweeted, facebooked - Social Media Expert
    ran several marathons - Sports Professional

    Which one is false.....

    The Sports Professional...

    Actually in a way they (meaning the Expert) are, yes I've flown, travel and partaken in SM platforms but would never refer to myself as an expert.

    Fish needs to break from his addiction of SM and go live in the real world...

  10. Well, as of 20:45, fishdick hasnt tweeted for a whole five hours.... Maybe he has fucked off and died.

  11. "I will be on a plan more times this month"
    What PLAN would that be?

    "Does that make me a travel expert?"
    Neither a spelin expert.

    "So how come FishFraud posts get more comments than Lying with Fish?"
    Isn't FishFraud and Lying with Fish one and the same?

    Dumb, fuckin' children. Should you not be in school??

  12. Working swing shifts this week Susannah?

    BTW, it's "aren't" they one and the same not "isn't" they one and the same.

  13. I wish Fish's wife would spend half as much time planning to move out with their kids and get as far away from Frisch as possible as she does on this site as the grammar/spelling police...

  14. But "he's not a BAD father." She did not expand on what her definition of "BAD father" entails.

    Either way, what what an amazing compliment on your parenting skills, Fish.

    Although one gets the impression from his Twitter complaints that he is a single parent doing everything alone. So perhaps she just got fed up and left the whole lot of them.

  15. Unsolicited AdvisorSeptember 7, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    Since December 2010 I have been on eight flights (two of these were international) and despite my relative experience I am absolutely NOT a globe trotting travel expert.

    I am also rather fortunate that in these eight flights I experienced zero RTO's.

  16. He's No MagellanSeptember 7, 2011 at 2:11 PM

    Some travel expert. The dumbshit can't even find his way out of a parking garage.

    His most recent Tweet:

    I think MC Escher designed this garage ... every turn is " EXIT -->" but there never is an exit ..."

  17. ^2:11 - lol. I just read the dumbshits twit and thought the same thing!! Piece of shit.

  18. It's fairly amusing that he is so desperate for SM attention that he leaves his tweets public even though he just gets destroyed by the irreverent re-tweets posted here. What a dilemma for our guy!

  19. Fresh Fish Tweet:

    Thought of the Evening: Don't let people who are inconsequential to your life get to you ... you're better than that.

    Hey! We are inconsequential to his life! Or so he thinks.

    And he is just getting around to Tweeting about the Russian plane crash that tragically took 43 lives, including a hockey team. A SportsShooter member posted a note about it on the message board at 10am. Way to be on top of things flyboy!

  20. If we were "inconsequential" he'd be working for that big car rental agency today.

    We're VERY consequential Steven.

  21. Wow, for a bunch of people that supposedly despise Fish, you busybodies do indeed spend a hell of a lot of time following him.

  22. Poor Fish has been reduced to nothing more than a throw away punchline on Sportsshooter these days:

    I'm sure prospective clients will be suitably impressed.

  23. 7:23. Not very good at math are you?

  24. 7:23. For somebody who thinks we're a bunch of busybodies you sure do spend a lot of time here.

  25. How do you know FishFraud and fans are the inconsequential people he's talking about? It seems to us he could be talking about the DA and judge on his case. Obviously they are not very consequential to him since he can't be bothered to show up in court.

  26. ^7:23 We are most likely a large number of people who despise this guy for peeing in our professional pool with wanton abandon. We don't need to be busybodies because, much like our mothers who knitted while watching tv, we randomly check his Twitter or his FB (since he doesn't know that his "friends" really aren't) and share the buffoonery, lies, miscues and general self-promoting claptrap.
    As veteran and accomplished professionals in an industry cheapened and devalued by phonies like Fish that sadly have permeated too many levels of the profession, we certainly can't be faulted for feeling a tinge of quiet joy as we watch our guy deal with these issues that are all of his making, not ours. Don't chide us for his fait accompli. Cheers!

  27. ^10:05 I love you. Platonically of course.

    But I have to add, I am a full time, professional photographer. This site has become one of my morning coffee, check in sites, just because it is like watching a bad sitcom. Guilty pleasure if you will. I first look to see if the number of comments on a post has gone up, and if it has, I will pull up that post just to read the latest complaints about Boy Wonder.

  28. it's not just photographers enjoying this site. Travel bloggers love it too. This guy's a giant tool.

  29. ^10:25 It would be nice if travel bloggers would debunk his gunk here so those of us from his other purported industry could see how he continues to either misreport, cut 'n' paste or otherwise take the lazy man's route in his newly chosen yet clearly unpaid profession. (oxymoron alert)
    Of course if Randy P. represents the editorial standards of travel bloggers, they may be in trouble...

  30. Sadly there's a lot of travel bloggers wanting to be Randy P - shameless whores hoping for handouts. So, they look at Fish and think, wow, here's a guy who "knows" all these things about airlines and photography and seems like he knows his stuff. But if you dig even a bit, you realize they're all frauds.

  31. ^ Exactly. But it's hard to imagine any of them are worse than Fish.

  32. @ 12:43 PM

    Sorry - my fault, it's due to the fact that fish lies so much Lying with Fish instead of Flying with Fish just slipped out, well it's does seem much more appropriate.

    Happy Lying..

  33. He just made a confession on FB:

    "You know if you just make statements without any background info on the statements you're making you sound like an idiot. If you make statements without full information or background info and you're a journalist you're worse than an idiot, you're incompetent.

    If your a visual journalist making statements and you make statements without full information or background info you're worse than incompetent, you're a danger to your profession."

  34. It's the guy who doesn't know how to do a job very well but thinks he knows how to do a job well that feels obligated to pontificate to those who already know how to do a job well how to do their jobs well.

  35. Maybe its a clue as to why this site is so popular!

  36. Sunny Vulva can you explain what happened? I thought the charges were being dropped?

    I'll wait for my answer thank you.

  37. What a lovely way to start the day with fresh coffee on terrace, the sun inching over distant Meadows, birds wistfully chirping hither and tither. And not forgetting a daily morning scoop of FF to catchup with the antics of our old mate, Fishy.
    When will the poor soul realize the sooner he drops off the radar screen, the better it is for his entire family.
    Fish, do yourself a favour and disable your Facebook account to prevent 'friends' from accessing your deepest thoughts, dreams and passion on life.
    Cancel your twit account, lets face it pal, you are most certainly not a travel strategist, a hobbyist, but not an aviation professional.
    Put on hold all blogging for a while, or longer, until you figure out what you would like to be in the coming years, something your family will be proud.
    Next, pay your dues. Settle any and all outstanding financial issues you have with former unhappy customers. Karma will pay you thrice fold in return.
    Finally. Contrition. Spin a story with the flowery agusto we are accustomed to. Your last and final blog topic should be an epic recap of triumph, regret and sorrow. All you ever wanted to do is provide your children with a better future, financial security, a safe and warm home, blah blah. That kind of stuff. Just remember to ask that Fishfraud website would be removed.
    Think of the benefits, Stick. No more being the brunt of every joke over at, Fishfraud would a long forgotten memory. Your 'Fish' catchphrase will slowly melt in the twilight releasing Stephen Frishland to a world of honest opportunities.
    At some point you are going to face the truth. It usually is better when you present it rather than someone else.
    Good luck. Let us all know if you need assistance.

  38. 4:03, Logic and humility are traits that neither the Frouche nor the Vulv possess. Instead of comprehending any of what was written, they will only mock the misspelling of "Stephen." That is all they have.

  39. I know that we all stay anonymous because Steven has SO MUCH free time on his hands, now that he's not longer a photojournalist, that he could (and would) sit around and spread lies on the Internet about those of us who post. However, I'd love to know who else is here.

    Am I the only one who wonders who we all are? (And NO Sunny Vulva we're not the same three people posting over and over again.)

  40. 9:43
    Yes, I wonder who else is here also. The admin should set up a poll that you could only click on once. The question could be, "How did you find this site?", or "What do you do for a living?"

    I personally found the site when someone on Sports Shooter posted a link to the F@&^ Yeah Sports Shooter Tumblr page.

  41. Steven has fallen so far, yet when you look back you could see this coming. I knew he was over the top, I knew his stories were sometimes over the top and obvious exaggerations, but I never thought he was a "bad" person. I now know that is not the case.

  42. Us travel people were enjoying the site. It had some activity, but it only really exploded until the photogs came on.

  43. ^ 12:04 - Some of you travel/photography people may not remember, but during his wedding fiasco when he was asking for delays and extensions to get people their photos and albums, he said it was because he had cancer. Total lie.

    He is the very definition of a bad person.

  44. @3:53 Moral: don't fuck with real photojournalists. Or actual working, professional photographers. We might put up with a lot of shit because it's a small community, but when you pass the line, you will be drummed out of the business. I knew a stringer for "the" wire service 25 years ago. Guy could have probably landed a job with them. But he showed up in the bureau one night drunk and harassed one of the female writers. He was never heard from again in photo circles until I got a call out of the blue six years ago, asking, "do you guys use freelancers?" The answer was no, and, no, I don't need your phone number. Later in life, there was a stringer for a big wire service who was stupid enough to use the bathroom in the dugout of a MLB team. Might seem like a minor offense, but it also shows a lack of common sense. The guy never worked for said wire service again. At least not in that bureau.

    So, yeah, don't fuck with us (if there ever could be a case for a collective "we").

    Come back to SportsShooter Stephen. We miss you.

  45. Edit - Come back to SportsShooter Steven. We miss you.

    Actually not!

  46. OK, we don't miss him. But some of us can't wait to see the shit storm that erupts if he ever makes his presence known on the message board again.

  47. liars! Fish is respected and beloved at Sportsshooter and all over the world, don't you know that, you Mickey Mouseketeers!

  48. Considering the daily ripping of a man's reputation, the trail of endless bullshit unearthed from years of embellishment, fraud and lies, I momentarily placed myself in Fishy shoes and asked what would I do in this situation.
    So during an early morning bowel evacuation I had a bit of free time on my hands to ponder how I would react if the content of a blog was solely dedicated to past events, current court appearances and anything related to my ongoing attempt to make a couple of dollars. Compounding all of that with my spouse integrity being challenged on why she elects to support my endeavours, it was a difficult reflection.

    I didn't suffer a pinched sphincter as I had imagined. On the contrary the voice in my head screamed: "Achtung! You haz 9 secondos to evacuate zer building". And so it was....a severe laxative moment.

    Just the thought that a group of professionals, a global conglomerate of men and women who read and contribute to a website dedicated in exposing my every movement (not bowel) would make my blood boil.
    And now imagine our Fish sitting there in the little room, trousers around ankles reading this stuff on his ipad. Does he twinge with embarrassment? Does he pucker up with constipation? Does he schedule his day on how to deflect the stream of follies incurred over the last 15 years? Good grief man, this is not the time for ostrich impersonation! Get your head out of the sand, your ass off the pot and consider resolving this very grave predicament.
    Failing all of that, there is an interesting post on Sportsshooter regarding USPW and considering your vast knowledge and expertise, your insight would be very much appreciated.
    Pay your dues, man. There are at least three individuals who are waiting for settlement.

  49. Poor Maggie twitting with a tool....

    Maggie Lang
    maggielang Maggie Lang

    Think I tweet a lot ... When I can find the time (read: Train/Plane commute). How do ppl find the time 2 tweet 24/7 w/o using tools (eck!)?
    3 hours ago

    Flying With Fish
    flyingwithfish Flying With Fish

    @maggielang You need around 48,000 Tweets to catch up to me :0)
    3 hours ago

    Maggie Lang
    @maggielang Maggie Lang
    @flyingwithfish Don't think that I ever could or want to. Don't know how u do it.

  50. One would think Ms Lang - as a senior employee at United Airlines - is intelligent. She should therefore, intuitively, know the answer to her question.

    He does it, Ms Lang, because has nothing else to do.

  51. I'm still waiting for his book to hit the shelves.

    Do these types of books normally take 3+ years?

  52. I found this site on Sports Shooter. Full-time photojournalist in Texas.

    Passed it on to a few friends outside the industry that always get a good laugh. I know this site has been passed around among engineers at NASA.

  53. NASA? We need comments from people at TSA! After all, our intrepid ferret knows everything going on inside DHS. Maybe he hunts with Cheney too?

  54. I am stationed overseas in Public Affairs. This blog is a huge hit throughout DoD PA circles. Fishfraud is becoming a cult figure, in fact, several of us are considering using similar tactics to flush out a particularly nasty and unscrupulous executive officer. Not quite wikileaks, but certainly in the same vein as fishfraudyleaks!

  55. One thing that will likely live forever, somewhere on Google’s servers, is what you write online. More importantly, though, is what other people write about you. Case in point: photographer Steven E. Frischling.

  56. ^9:14 Actually the better stuff is in the comments section of JH's original blog post on same:

    My favorite, outside of the court wrangling, is:
    " This medical issue resulted in major surgery on the 26th of August where my thyroid was completely removed, along with a 48oz cancerous mass from within my neck. I did go out and shoot a wedding less than a week after surgery in New York and another in California a week later. "

    Just wow!

  57. And now showing on FishDick twitter is a rerun of his 911 snapshots. I have a serious problem with him degrading todays memorial.

    I feel insulted by FuckingFish reposting these images telling stories of heroism and bravery.

    Its enough now.

  58. Got it. Fishdick is building up his street cred with stories about 911. Unbelievable.

  59. "@GEAviation These photos have been seen over and over again, I was in NYC on 911 shooting for two news agencies on assignments"

    I thought he was dropping his kids off at school, and then drove 200+ mph to get to NYC.

  60. It's ok to lie about your age your weight etc, but to lie about such tragic event is evil.

  61. Fishfraud admin...please unleash your twitter account to rebut these outrageous claims. Something stinks really bad here. It is not fresh fish.

  62. Maybe GEAviation should learn how Fish flew from his childs daycare to downtown Manhattan on 9/11. Maybe is was a GE Jetpack?

    If Fish as he said on Twitter today that he was in NYC already, then why goes to the extreme of making a story up that makes you seem less credible and fuels this website? - Answer He needs and craves to be the centre of attention.

  63. Terrible seeing all the people believing any of the crap SF is now posting about 9/11. Hopefully FF gets on it soon and begins the debunking, along with letting all his breathless Twitter buddies know who they're dealing with.

  64. Revolting. We've already covered his 9/11 lies but it's time to move them back into the spotlight.

  65. Next month will be the first anniversary of FishFraud. We need to have a special edition looking back at a great year.

  66. Just got the email notification update that the plea hearing is now scheduled for September 30. JUD website still shows a September 23 hearing.

  67. Would you gentlemen please post the link of fishturd with his camera in the water again? I miss laughing at his silly grin. I also fondly remember him commenting in the "where were you that day" 911 post on the sportsshooter message board abut how he spent that day and calling out a ss member about constitutional rights etc. Thank you