Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Steven Frischling Summed Up in One Quote

"I understand my images of tradgety (nearly a dozen plane crashes, a terrorist attack, a few riots, crack dens, anthrax scares, fires, homocides, etc) is my business. I'd have rather been shooting a feature on day cares in Sept 2001, but instead I made a massive profit of death , pain and misery. As a photojournalist you need to decide your role, your place, and how you are helping or hurting the overall view, ethics, boundries and limitations of our profession."

Sportsshooter, 10.15.2002

If you had any quote that sums up this fool, this would be it: exploiting real "tradgeties" to make himself look like a big shot.

PS What were the dates and locations of the "nearly" dozen plane crashes you've photographed? Where are the photos?


  1. and your point is...???

  2. If you can't see what's wrong with that, then there's no hope for you in life.

  3. From the "crack den":

    "I broke the lower portion of right my eye socket a few years ago (concrete got tossed at me, photographing a narcs raid in California). It hurts dude!"

    Steven Frischling is his own worse "tradgety".


  4. Don't ya just hate when people try and make a living in this business.

  5. When and where can we see the photo of that "narcs" raid?

    More about his California "adventures" are coming up...

  6. Why would you believe this when you disbelieve all his other crap??

  7. 7:49; no problem with people making a living. But bragging about making a "massive profit" off 9/11? Who purchased his images to give him this "massive profit?"

    What were the dates and locations of the nearly 12 plane crashes he claimed to have shot?

    Dates and locations of riots?

    Where are any of his photos having to do with an anthrax scare?

    Where can we find a single photo of a "homocide"?

    PS Frischling has never made much of a living as a photographer. He's been fired from every job he's ever had (call the people on his resume), then had to resort to being a wedding photographer and failed in an epic way there.

  8. does it blow anyone else's mind that this retard is pretending to be a photographer of all professions? So not only is he claiming all these amazing encounters and experiences, he's claiming he has PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF of them as well. So where the fuck are the photos?

    Are they all in a white envelope at AP NY?

  9. The authorities should be concerned of Frischling's interest in 'mentoring' teenagers online.

    There is more than one tweet event of him engaging youngsters under a cloak of beguiling them for compliments and sympathy. There is something creepy about his behavior.

  10. hey fuckwad 8:25, why do you pick and choose what to believe? are YOU that fucking stupid??
    let's see YOUR stuff.

  11. http://twitter.com/#!/flyingwithfish/media/grid

    Here is his 'stuff'

    Gee, hands up who would put these in a portfolio?

    Snapshot professional.

    Piece of shit

  12. I love to watch the real-time actions of a professional "social media strategist". It just does not get any better!

  13. Steven, I'd be happy to show you my stuff, but I know you don't have the integrity to not call my employers and make up lies in a pathetic attempt to get me fired. You've done it before, and you will do it again. Because you are a loser. You can't provide for your own children because you are such a pathetic loser so you rely on fucking welfare.

    Grow a sack, be a man and do the right thing for one fucking time in your life. Get a job and try to love your kids by acting like a real father to them. Go to work, make money, pay for their needs. A real man wouldn't spend his entire fucking day on welfare pretending to be something he isn't flirting with little girls and tweeting.

    You are worthless and a plague on America.

  14. so that ass-licking crap and those dirty magazines my brother brought over to the clubhouse the other day are working on ya 8:42?
    love when all your fucking leads go cold and you have to start something anew. but then again, you must be that prepubescent tyke that's all hot and bothered to see the "famous" photo of fish. getting hot there little fuck? this shit turn you on??

  15. 8:45, what are you talking about? what picking and choosing?

    Have YOU seen any of these photos? Are you so gullible you believe what Fishfuck is telling you?

  16. "I'd be happy to show you my stuff, but...." saw that coming

  17. @8:56

    This shit does not turn me on. I find your your actions the 15 years is pathetic and degrading. You do not have a voice of authority in any media profession and for that reason, you will be ousted.

    It is your filthy mouth that represents exactly who and what you are.

    Find a way to end your anti social behavior. I am disgusted by you.

  18. ^^ And yet the best you can do is pick your nose, pick up welfare, tweet, and play pretend.

    Pick up a paper and you'll see my work. I can't say the same for you. I'm not the one being questioned by an entire community of people. YOU are. If I were a shit like you, I'd be easy to find. Go ahead, find me asshole. If you can find me, ask me where my work is and I'll rub your nose in it.

  19. Oh, so 9:31 that byline "Photo by Richard (Dick) Wadd/US Presswire" is you? awesome!

  20. changes of treason?

    Is that something like someone who can't decide what side they're on, or like not knowing that you need a jacket?

  21. you guys, pretty sure the idiot posting nonsensical rants here is not Frischling but Andrew Fielding (who should be shooting for his fat camp's newsletter).

    Fishfuck's public behavior online with teens is creepy enough, so think what he tells them privately and what kind of photos he's sending them?

  22. I am in college with Fielding. The pretentious prick walks around campus wearing his pass credentials like a prize fighter.

    The rumor around here is he paid $200 to Frischling for mentoring and advise on profile strategy.

    The Prodigy Son of Frischling. It's sick.

  23. I moved the treason and pier comments into its own post: http://fishfraud.blogspot.com/2011/09/frischling-threatened-with-treason-held.html

  24. 10.03

    I want to here more Fielding stories. That guy is clearly a douchebag. I bet he has some ridiculous stories, especially if he idolizes fishfuck.

  25. Here's one lesson Frischling obviously didn't teach his online client: "Don't be a total douchebag prick online because it will come back to haunt you personally and professionally."

  26. ^ sorry that should say "ONLY client"

  27. Hey Andrew Fielding: If you go on Sportsshooter today and start a thread denouncing your association with Steven Frischling and post your PayPal email address, I'll pay you back the $200.00 he swindled from you.

    Honest offer man.

    You're at the start of your career and you're destroying any chance of getting into the business because of your association with Steven; he's toxic to your career kid. Loyalty is great, but it just makes you look like you're cut from the same cloth.

    Also, to get the $200.00 refunded that he swiped from you, you also have to redo your ridiculous bio and change it to reality.

    My PayPal email address doesn't contain my name or clues to my identity so I can stay anonymous. You post a thread admitting your mistakes in associating with Frischling & change your bio to something nonfiction and I'll deposit $200.00 today into your PayPal account. Why am I willing to do this? Because I hate to see a career end before it even has a chance to start. I have kids your age too and I hate to think of what your parents are paying for an education that will be useless because right now, your name is spreading, in a bad way, throughout the industry like wildfire.

    Deal? It's an honest offer.

    -A picture editor in NY