Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frischling Threatened with Treason, Held at Gunpoint with Schoolchildren!

A comment so good it had to be turned into its own post... thank you!

Definition of treason: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family
here he says a "friend" (didn't know he had any) was threatened with treason.

"In the past few years I have had friends face changes of treason, then face the charge myself for shooting that person in the place they were facing the charges.

What was that about? The photog shot a picture of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, in Vernon, VT. The plant rises from a corn field, and is totally exposed to a river on one side. The plant had just failed US Gov't and NRC security tests, and that was a story. The photog shot a photo (of a plant I have shot inside more than 30 times over a 2 year period prior to this happening), then was arrested, and faced charges in the State of Vermont of treason. I shot a portrait of him following that, which ran in the Boston Globe, Brattleboro, VT, Reformer (the paper he worked for, I formerly worked for, and the local paper of the nukes plant), as well as other regional and national papers. I was then called and threatened with the charges."


"In my job I was facing the charge of Treason in Vermont for photographing the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Facility, in Vernon, VT. The plant rises from a corn field an cannot be missed. The year before this incident I had been inside the plant for assignments for a total of 15 days. My troubles were shooting a portrait of a photographer who was being charged with treason for shooting the plant."


but wait, there's more...

here he was held by authorities for FOUR hours...

"I was shooting a story on security outside a nukes plant in CT. I had a letter from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well I spoke to the nukes plant PR folks, and stood on a public road, in plain site, shooting the armoured vehicles outside. I was held for about 4hrs by the Connecticut State Police, and had my car searched, everything emptied. My credentials verified (although Conn does not issue any credentials). I could not use my cell phone, or leave the area of the police cruiser. When I was done, and started to leave, the Conn. Nat. Grd MPs pulled me over, and detained me for quite a while, trying to find out why the Conn. State Police had stopped me."


but here it is now SEVEN!!

"In Connecticut I was held for 7 hours for photographing people fishing behind the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant. I had a letter from the Nuclear Regulartory Commision, the answer I was given by the Conn State Police was that Millstone does not answer to the NRC (which is wrong, they very much answer to the NRC)."


here he says he was approached at gunpoint with 20 school kids on a pier...

"In New Haven, CT, I was photographing an oil storage farm for a story on a US$1bil sale of one of the companies in the harbour. I was approached by half-a-dozen cops (and a news crew!) at gun point as I stood on the public pier in a hawiian shirt with two large lenses (more than a foot in length on one of them) that are wrapped in purple and orange tape. The lead officer was screaming at me to put my cameras down, he then started to ask me why I was trying to hide (in a hawiian shirt with lenses wrapped in purple & orange tape on a public pier??). What made this worse was 20 or so elementry school students were on the pier as they came at me with guns drawn. I stayed up right, ID'd myself a few times and more than once told the cop to holster his weapon (which was not such a good idea). The New Haven Police would not recognize my NYPD credential, FDNY credentials, Mass State Police Credential, Vermont State Police, United Nations, US Senate, San Mateo County Sheriff's Dept, Santa Clara County Sheriff or the Dept. of Defense.......Connecticut has no state or municipal issued credentials."


yet here he says it wasn't at gunpoint and no mention of kids....

"I was shooting a business story on the sale of a number of fuel farm storage tanks in New Haven. These tanks are very visible from I-95 & I-91. They are open to the waterways, side roads, hotels, interstate which cut through New Haven. Prior to shooting this fuel farm I called the USCG PIO for Division 1, and the New Haven Police. I told them what I was doing, trying to head off a problem. While shooting I turned around and saw a new van pull into the parking lot, along the Long Island Sound, I was parked in. I then saw a number of NHPD, DOD Police and a Conn State Police cruiser pull into the lot. They surrounded my wife as she tried to read a book for school demanding to know if there were cameras in the car. She said no, they ordered her out of the car, she told them I had the cameras (I was holding a 300f2.8, 400f2.8, 70-200f2.8 and 17-35f2.9, and a Hawaiian shirt on the end of a public pier, not trying to hide). One officer approached me very quickly, his hand at his side and his holder unflapped, although the gun was in the holster. This cop ordered me down, I kept
walking asking him what the hell was going on. He demanded my credentials, I told him that Connecticut issues no credentials, and asked what I would do if I only worked in CT with no credentials. After some back and forth I handed him my credentials, they called and verified the credentials with the NYPD, Mass State PD and US Senate. The cops kept telling me the massive fuel farm was a target and needed to know where the photos would appear, I told them I was shooting for a news service with about 1,200 daily newspaper clients. The cop said that was fine as long as they were "legit" newspapers. He then began to tell me that I should not be so elusive when shooting (again, two long lenses, and a Hawaiian shirt). "


another variation of the fuel tank story:


now there is only six officers and their guns are in their holsters.

and yet another variation....

"How about having my car surrounded, and forced to my stomache by a New Haven Detective while shooting a photo for a business story of oil storage farms off the Long Island Sound,which can be seen from two interstates, and out the window of a popular restaurant. They said the 400f2.8 was suspicious, which it may very well be, but after he checked mu IDs, he had my wife get out of our car and he searched it for additional cameras, which made no sense."


and one more....

"A few years ago in New Haven, CT, while photographing the huge oil storage farms for a business story (a company was sold in a multi-billion dollar deal) I was out on the end of a public pier shooting. I was wearing tan board shorts, a bright Hawaiian shirt had three bodies with a 17-35f2.8, 70-200f2.8, 400f2.8, all wrapped in bright orange & purple tape.

Prior to shoot there I had called the USCG First District Public Affairs desk and the New Haven PIO. I didn't need to, but I didn't want a problem.

At some point I noticed my wife's '83 bright yellow Volvo surrounded by cops demanding to know where there camera were. She pointed to me and cops from the NHPD, State Police and DOD Police came at me. One office, an NHPD Lt., had his weapon out of the holster screaming at me demanding to know why I was trying to hide.

......now if I was hiding would I be in plain site, on a public pier, in a Hawiian shirt with a 400f2.8 wrapped in bright purpleand orange tape?

This yutz would not accept my press credentials from the US Senate Press Photogs Gallery, the United Nations, NYPD, Mass State Police or other easily verifiable organizations. He demanded my Connecticut press credentials......Conn issues no press cards and this guy didn't seem to know that."


Frischling, it isn't even a challenge to find contradictions to your stories. damn dude, you could have made it a little more difficult. a four year old or one of the 20 school kids could uncover your lies.


  1. What happened to "Breaker! Breaker! Steven Frischling Caught In Yet Another Lie" and "Steven Frischling Summed Up in One Quote"
    Great idea, when challenged, change the subject! Awesome!!

  2. ^do you not understand the concept of a blog?

    There is no change of subject. Often, blogs have new posts.

  3. "Thank goodness I can shoot photos for a living, because any other profession might require me to write things (besides two sentence captions)"

    Steven Frischling 11/6/02


  4. "Then again I covered the Patriots in '98 for the Discovery Channel Online"


    Steven Frischling writes:
    "Discovery Channel Online Picture of the Day Project - Oct 1998-Dec 1998. Interactive Photography Innovation."

  5. 10:35, what happened to them? They're still online for the world to see, like all of Fishfuck's 15 years of lying.

  6. "I think many of the photos in the sports section of my web site do not need a caption, you be the judge:



  7. I'd love to see an analysis of the stats of this blog - total words, pages, responses, unique visitors, countries, hits, time online, etc. It has to be amazing numbers for a blog devoted to a single person. FishFraud RAWKS!

  8. I'd love to see the number of hits per day this place gets.

  9. this blog is awesome. Fuck you Frischling.

  10. Steven has a new wire service "client".


  11. ^3:15 - lol..... New members receive a trilby!!

    This blog is high on entertainment level around here. Much better than David thorpes http://www.27bslash6.com/ although David is one funny practical joker that clearly doesn't give a shit, his humor is based on public awareness exposing silly beauacray, whereas our lying, cheating scumbag former colleague, is out to deceive and con people for personal gain.

    It is understood he may have even scammed off one of his prodigies....that is a new low.

  12. Hey Andrew Fielding: If you go on Sportsshooter today and start a thread denouncing your association with Steven Frischling and post your PayPal email address, I'll pay you back the $200.00 he swindled from you.

    Honest offer man.

    You're at the start of your career and you're destroying any chance of getting into the business because of your association with Steven; he's toxic to your career kid. Loyalty is great, but it just makes you look like you're cut from the same cloth.

    Also, to get the $200.00 refunded that he swiped from you, you also have to redo your ridiculous bio and change it to reality.

    My PayPal email address doesn't contain my name or clues to my identity so I can stay anonymous. You post a thread admitting your mistakes in associating with Frischling & change your bio to something nonfiction and I'll deposit $200.00 today into your PayPal account. Why am I willing to do this? Because I hate to see a career end before it even has a chance to start. I have kids your age too and I hate to think of what your parents are paying for an education that will be useless because right now, your name is spreading, in a bad way, throughout the industry like wildfire.

    Deal? It's an honest offer.

    -A picture editor in NY

  13. I'm being dragged into this so I will have to explain a bit. I am the "friend" that was held for treason for photographing the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon, Vt. I was held on a 1917 law forbidding the photography of any public utility during time of war or the threat of war. This situation was largely because the police chief in Vernon at the time was posturing and wanted to harass my newspaper for articles questioning plant security. I was released after a few hours, no charges were brought after they became the center of much media attention and attention from the ACLU and RCFP.

    Steven took a portrait of me for either AP or The Boston Globe from the Hinsdale NH side of the CT river (the best view of the plant.) He claimed he was threatened for taking this photo, I can neither confirm or deny this, I chalked it up to Steven's desire to be the center of attention. With that said, it wouldn't completely surprise me if he was contacted about this. It was an odd time and the local police up here were very "protective" of the plant and a lot of posturing was going on as they were "puffed up" with post 9/11 authority.

    So, at least part of this is actually true.

    As to friends, Steven shot our wedding in 2008. We paid him and I am still waiting for all of the photos, he will not speak to me and has promised me (via text) he will send the photos many times. At one time he must have thought I had something to do with this blog because he texted me promising my photos if I would stay off this blog (he claimed he could see my IP address in Vermont linked to the blog)

    I must say, I don't hate Steven's photography, I think he has produced some nice images. My beef with Steven is I would like the photos he promised me of our wedding ceremony. I would like him to "man up."

    Steven has always "embellished" the truth, this is actually what made him fun to be around many years ago. I just wish he did not lie when those lies hurt other people (My wife is still very upset that we have few images of our wedding ceremony.)

    This post is not in defense of Steven, I think that can not be done, he has hurt too many people, but I do hate to have my story dragged into this forum through his actions.

  14. I'm sorry for your situation. It is also sad Frischling resorts to extortion leveraging the photos of your wedding - he admits to having them, resorts to extortion, then keeps them. Very sad.

  15. I'm not speaking for you, if it was fun to be around him, that's okay. But embellishing news stories, embellishing things journalists or photographers take for facts that might be used during actual work, risking careers, integrity, etc - that is not fun.

  16. Man Steven you even screw over your friends? That's low.

    Also, Steven, how fucking hard is it to pull a folder full of wedding .jpgs onto a cheap HD and throw it in the mail?

    I'm CERTAIN that there poor brides (too many to count) would be happy to go to WalMart and buy a $59.00 250GB hard drive and mail it to you along with a postage prepaid envelope with a reprinted return address.

    All you'd have to do is DRAG THE DAMN PHOTOS to the supplies HD, place it in the envelope and walk outside and put in in our mailbox. You wouldn't even have to stop "working" (Tweeting) to do it. You can still send Tweets and cut-and-past Wikipedia info while the images are dragging over.

    Seriously man, it take SO LITTLE effort and would mean so much to these brides. It's such an important day and through your laziness you're holding their memories (ones they've all already paid for) hostage nor NO REASON.

    Do the right thing man. I swear, if you give these brides their images, or at least make them the offer to buy HDs and mail them to you with prepaid return envelopes, then I'll never post on here again.

  17. Susanna, yes, you're right, in my second sentence I hit the "r" key where I meant to hit the "s" key. I'm sure that that'll be FAR more important than the context of my post and allow you an "out" to, yet again, not answer.

    White Fucking Trash.

  18. Perhaps I should have worded that as Steven was amusing. He was, somewhat like a cartoon character, brash and loud. I never saw Steven embellish things in the course of his work, he simply loved to be the center of attention by talking about his NY experiences, which most knew were embellished. I will say, though, I saw him in a small setting, in a limited way. When you add all of the real issues up on this forum, it is scary, and it shows a pattern that is wildly different than what I saw in my limited time with Steven.

  19. ^6:41 The only image that comes back in a relevant AP archive search is your filer of the plant so clearly he didn't photograph you for the wire. A BG subscriber may want to search their archive to see if our boy shot this "assignment" for them.

  20. What's the over/under that this guy is a twitter follower of our intrepid hero?

  21. Who in their right mind would send Frischling a hard drive and postage paid envelope. He would probably have them listed on eBay before the UPS truck left the driveway.

    I think if I were a groom missing my wedding photos I'd be knocking on his door.

  22. "At one time he must have thought I had something to do with this blog because he texted me promising my photos if I would stay off this blog (he claimed he could see my IP address in Vermont linked to the blog)"

    This is a yet another lie - there's no way a visitor can capture any IP addresses associated with this blog. Have your photos arrived yet?

  23. "I think if I were a groom missing my wedding photos I'd be knocking on his door."

    You have to find the rented house of the month first.

    Of course my photos have not arrived yet. He is a thief!

  24. If those were my wedding photos, I'd be showing up at his house with a baseball bat. I mean, c'mon - that's lower than low.