Thursday, September 03, 2015

Frischling claimed he knew "unequivocally" what happened to MH370 four hours after it disappeared

In March 2014, a journalist unable to Google named Joanna Walters referred to Steven Frischling as an "aviation security expert" in an article in The Telegraph on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Even more laughable, Frischling claims his "primary source" told him "unequivocally" the pilot had hijacked the plane!

Positions on the plane! His primary source! Christ on a cracker. His primary source has always been his imagination.

And he insisted the plane had not crashed and that cargo is what they were after. Keep in mind this article was from March 18, 2014, 10 days after the plane vanished. Not a single reliable expert was saying they knew without a doubt what had happened to the plane and why; there were only theories. Yet Frischling, thanks to his super secret primary super source, claims he had been told it had been hijacked. How is that nobody found that suspicious? Did his primary source tell nobody else this information, only Frischling, four hours after it disappeared?

If you look at the timeline of MH370, anyone with a clue would be able to tell he was full of shit. "Four hours after the airplane went missing" is when? It goes missing at several points along its route. By the time the airline made the announcement, the plane had already failed to land in Beijing and had been missing for hours. So when then, did this amazing source rush to tell Steven Frischling, unemployed blogger who tweets all day, that they knew "unequivocally" the pilot had hijacked the plane and how would they possibly know that? Was his source the pilot himself? Why would they tell him this and not someone who mattered?

Great job Joanna Walters!


  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This posting is Steven Frischling expressing an opinion that he formed by talking with others. So, what's your point? Quick everyone, grab your pitchforks...someone has an opinion! Gasp! You have to love internet bullies, saving the world one cowardly blog post at a time.

    1. Everyone knows you fabricated that "source" like you fabricated the quotes from the TSA agents. It's laughable. Instead of commenting on here, why don't you go look for those Katrina photos you took that nobody has ever seen ever? The ones in the back of your closet that don't exist....

    2. yeah, sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. but, frischling calls himself a journalist and ethical journalists report facts, not opinions.

      speaking of facts, I want every frischling die hard supporter out there to do me the courtesy of just looking at these to things posted by frischling on internet forums and twitter. this is the tip of the iceberg people. the lies beyond this are extensive and any person with a little bit of time and laptop can find them.

      in april of 2006, frischling wrote on that he had been to the u.s. embassy in the green zone in iraq. FACT: the u.s. embassy is in baghdad.

      "The US Embassy in the Green Zone in Iraq is heavily fortified, I have seen that from the inside and outside. It makes the US Embassy in Kuwait and Bahrain look like cake walks."

      in may of 2013, frischling tweeted that he had never been north of basrah. FACT: baghdad is over 335 miles northwest of basrah.

      "@NZAircraftFan @petchmo I have been there a few times, never north of Basrah. Very different 10 years ago though."

      you see it? yes, a straight up, in his own words, lie. it's real and it's all over the internet. tons of stories that magically get better over time. nobody here is making this content up, steven is providing it and denying it. who are you going to believe?

  2. Or better yet, go find and deliver those, I am assuming crappy, wedding photos you were paid for.

  3. He should take a fact finding mission to Diego Garcia. *dons tin foil hat*

    1. I'm surprised he hasn't already claimed he to have been there. He was embedded with the coconut crabs.

  4. Daily therapy! I'll tell ya, this is great. Where's that pitchfork?

  5. More twisting of the words from a raging lunatic who boasts about being an aviation expert.

    On April 11, 2006, Frischling states in a message board post on Flyer Talk that he has flown non-stop for 24 hours (wheels up to wheels down) on a USCG HU-25 Guardian plane that was fueled in flight. FACT: The U.S. Coast Guard does not have any aircraft in its fleet that can be fueled in flight. None.

    "The worst was flying (as a journalist) with a US Coast Guard unit on a HU-25 Guardian (small, very small, no bathroom, almost no seats) from Maine to Florida 3 times non-stop (inflight refueling) . Wheels up to Wheels down was 24hrs."

  6. On February 21, 2008, Frischling dazzled people with tales of danger on a Flyer Talk message board by saying the scariest travel experience he has has was when he was in the Lower Ninth Ward 8 days after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans "when the gangs started to move back in." FACT: Nobody moved back into the Lower Ninth 8 days (or even 30 days) after Hurricane Katrina. It was still largely under water and completely devastated. The only people in the Lower Ninth Ward 8 days after Katrina were members of the military, law enforcement from around the country, journalists, lots of stray dogs and a handful (very few) of people who rode out the storm.

    "Other than that, having covered war, riots and natural disaster, I would have to say New Orleans, in the Lower 9th Ward about 8 days after Hurricane Karina when the gangs started to move back in."

  7. On June 2, 2011, an arrest warrant was issued for Steven Frischling who was being charged with two felonies, 2nd degree larceny and 1st degree forgery. Frischling defended himself on Twitter by telling user @Colpuck that he was not arrested or out on bond. FACT: Court documents show that Steven Frischling was arrested (processed) at CT State Police Troop E and was released on a $25,000 bond. Docket #K10K-CR11-0313446-S.

    "@colpuck I was not arrested & was released and not on a bond. Stay tuned to, I'll be posting the paperwork"

    An article in The Day newspaper outlines the details of the case and the arrest.

    Frischling was "granted accelerated rehabilitation, a diversionary program that enables first-time offenders to maintain a clean criminal record if they successfully complete a probationary period. Frischling completed the program and the state notified the court he would not be prosecuted. His attorney, Frank DiScala, then asked for a dismissal, which was granted by the court on March 9."

    So, as a first time offender he was able to keep his record clean by doing rehab which in his mind means that he was not guilty. By accepting the deal he was clearly admitting guilt.

  8. FishFraud is now on Reddit. Help push it up -

  9. Typical Fish Twitter "narrative evolution" of one story through the years:

    "‏@flyingwithfish 26 Jun 2012
    Q6 Most embarrassing or funny encounter with the "authorities" while traveling #NUTS (stopped by Police at HKG Airport, frisked for heroine)"

    "@flyingwithfish 6 Sep 2012
    A7 #TNI FYI: Explaining to the cops at HKG that your departing brother dropped you HK$1500, not heroin as you were in arrivals isn't so fun

    "@flyingwithfish 29 Nov 2012
    Q2: #Travel is has its ups & downs, best "oops moments" ? #TNI (Probably the police at HKG thinking my brother passing me money was heroin)"

    " ‏@flyingwithfish 27 Feb 2014
    A5. Talking to my brother between arrival & departures at HKG he dropped me money, Chinese police though it was heroine & tackled me. #TNI"

    "@flyingwithfish 17 Jul 2014
    Q8. Ever had an epic #travel fail? Tell us about it. #TNI (Tackled by Chinese police upon arrival at HKG due to a misunderstanding)"

    1. Yeah, sure, because the police always "tackle" people at airports when they've just been given an envelope or cash.

    2. Was this the time in Hong Kong when he shot those wedding photos that were for shit?

  10. What other major events has Frauddy lied about? Boston Marathon bombing? Sandy Hook? Please keep them coming.

  11. Steven Frischling is a profound lying piece of excrement. My friend and the source of this information first met the lying loser when he made application to rent his property in July of 2014. He came whining that he was going through a divorce and was living in a hotel with his 3 kids. He first applied stating that he had 3 kids and a service dog for his son with autism. Later it was discovered that he provided a false social security number, lied about his previous residence, provided a fake previous landlord contact to vouch for him, and that he was a clean and reliable parent.

    He was supposed to provide paperwork re. the service dog, veterinary information, and renters insurance. It came to be, within 1 month, that he actually had 2 dogs, 1 cat and his 3 kids. While work was being performed on the basement room (for his daughter to reside in) one of the beasts bit a worker. Demand was made for the papers, vaccination, and renters insurance. He failed to provide anything. Work was stopped until paperwork was provided. He did not provide the required paperwork. His daughter resided in the living room couch for the remainder of the 2 year lease. What a great dad, heh?

    During his custody battle, the GAL for the kids visited the home and reported that the children were living in squalor and pretty close to neglectful circumstances. Other reporters from the school system his kids went to stated the guy was a nightmare. His kids stunk, had major hygiene issues, and the guy was constantly arguing and blaming the school for not providing his special needs kid with adequate care / education. (More like a parent failing at home.)

    Over the course of the two years, he was served with Notices to Quit 5 times for failure to pay rent. On two occasions he went several months in arrearage due to his claimed medical condition (his brother made him drink Drano as a kid) and another bout of unemployment. The Marshall who served the papers commented that he had served the loser several times a couple years ago at an address different than the one provided in the rental application. (Caught lying again Frischling!) So this loser has quite a history of being evicted.

    In the end, he lied about making payments and then waiting on checks from vendors and the check was in the mail from April 2016 through June 2016 when he finally admitted that he was skipping out and moving. What a jackass. 3 1/2 months of thievery, and screwing out on another contract. Upon entry the property was observed to be absolutely filthy. It is amazing that a human can live in such squalor. Dog kennels are more sanitary. Speaking of which, he and his lazy kids didn't even walk the dogs. They had the dogs go to the bathroom on the back porch. It was absolutely disgusting. Neighbors subsequently commented that the family was weird. One of the boys was coming home from school and was locked out so a neighbor let the boy use his phone to call his loser dad. His dad was heard on the phone yelling expletives at the boy doubting that he was actually outside. The boy was so embarrassed. The daughter was seen to walk to and from the bus with her head down and wouldn't acknowledge the neighbors. The family walks around with their heads hung in infinite shame probably because of the terrible example Steve Frischling sets for them.

    Not only is he a terrible father, a lying loser, a thieving, filthy tenant, but he is a virus upon society.

    1. Out of curiosity, can you back any of this up with documents? I tend to believe it, but a scroll through his instagram feed of mediocracy doesn't show squalor. The snapshots are cropped pretty tightly, so you can't see much, but what you can see doesn't look bad.

      Side note/another lie. In his annual reposting of his weak ass 9/11 photos, he has one captioned "responder runs away from a fast moving cloud of debris" when it clearly shows a person walking with a non-dynamic cloud of smoke hanging in the air.

  12. If anybody wants to contact this loser directly he resides at 3 Ocean Ave. in Niantic, CT 06357.