Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something Stinks at the Fish Household!

Happy New Year! It seems 2011 did not start off well at the Fish House between Steven Frischling and his "partner in crime" aka his baby mama Susannah Seefeldt. How do we know this? Because the idiot told the whole universe on Twitter and Facebook, being the social media genius that he is. Awwww, too bad so sad.

We're not surprised they did not have Happy Holidays after he lost the old folks home as a "client," in part because of his ineptitude and in part because of his Facebook rant against them. (Did we mention he's a social media genius? GENIUS!) We imagine that she is continually hounding him to get an actual job so they can get their poor children off food stamps.

After incessant end-of-days blabbing on Twitter, he posted this crap on Facebook that pissed her off enough that she jumped on:

We feel sad for Susannah, who has three kids with this gross man. But we can't understand 1) why she would be waiting for HIM to make decisions when she should have kicked his sorry ass to the curb a long time ago 2) why on Earth she would be upset that some stranger is hitting on him on Twitter! She should call up the woman and BEG her to take this loser off her hands!

So we sent her a Facebook message. Here is our conversation.

We still feel sorry for her. She is only 29 yet has an 11 year old with him, meaning this loser is probably the only boyfriend she's ever had. She obviously has some sense in that she never married him, but other than that appears to have no self-esteem and a very low level of education. ("Dialogue" as a verb? "...of which you know nothing of"? etc). And by the way, in case you forgot, Michael Whirllie IS absolutely a fake name that the Fish Fools themselves made up when they were creating fake references on Yelp.

We were surprised she would "dialogue" with us at all, but you can see how intent she is on finding out our identity (probably to curry favor with him, sickeningly enough). Then when she realized we weren't going to give a real name, she said how it's so obvious who we are anyway ("hahahaha").

Doesn't she look like a wonderfully happy person? It's interesting she brags that she works in the mental health field. We wonder what advice she would give to a desperate woman who called her hotline saying she was living in a rented house with the children she had by a deadbeat 1) who would not provide for them by legal means so resorted to fraud 2) who had been dragged in and out of court 3) who could not hold a job so spent literally all day making up stories on Twitter trying to impress strangers 4) who had never finished college or accomplished anything of substance 5) who had alienated his entire family 6) who had no money to pay for her tuition but yet had the latest tech gadgets for himself, etc.

I wonder if Susannah would tell that caller, "You should definitely wait for him to make some decisions so you can move on with your life either way!"


PS Immediately after our conversation with her, she got into his Facebook, deleted everything going back to December and then deactivated his account. Can you imagine what life is like at their house?


  1. ewww she's as retarded as Fish. What a pair of selfish idiots. Their children have no future.

  2. OMG. You make an interesting point with "partner in crime". If she knows of his various extralegal activities, does this not make her an accessory? Oh happy day.

  3. between the 2 of them their kids sure aren't going to win any beauty contests

  4. she is absolutely an accessory. she was his "business manager" and i have correspondence from her personal e-mail account discussing contractual obligations that were never fulfulled.

  5. what a freakshow. Its real life Jerry Springer.

  6. I felt sorry for her until I read she was his "business manager" and took part in all that... She knows what he did to people and she knows what a liar he is. What is wrong with her? Is she stupid? Obviously uneducated but maybe actually suffers from a low IQ. I feel sorry for their children though. No future.

  7. It seems they are both uneducated in not only an academic sense, but in terms of basic manners. What can they be teaching their kids?

    Did Daddy steal to get dinner? How come Daddy has all these toys and has no job?

    Don't worry kids, Daddy has has no fear of the law. Why he's even defied the TSA. He's a regular superhero. He's the Walter Mitty of travel and social media, dontcha know?

  8. What decisions does she want him to make? I would love to know.

  9. We all know his daily decisions are:

    Should I spend all day in bed Tweeting?
    Or should I get up, go to the couch and spend all day Tweeting?

    She wants him to decide between those two.

  10. Whats worse is that he continues to lie tweet garbage and everybody loves it. Does the internet just make people stupid?

    Thanks to FishFraud for finding the truth.

  11. You people are disgusting. Leave his children and family alone.

  12. Nobody is attacking his children. However, his "wife" is complicit in his wedding business fraud. Doesn't SHE care about the children? According to his Tweets, she's gone for days or weeks at a time. Apparently she has no problem "leaving the children alone."

  13. HAH! His family is full of ignorance, shame, embarrassment and delusion. His children are going nowhere except to the Pond House! Good thing mom works in the mental health field. It will save the family lots of money in deductibles! Losers!