Saturday, December 11, 2010

Frischling Lies Again in Attack on Nursing Home!

This is just pathetic.

Steven Frischling has taken to bashing one of his "clients" online. For the past few days on Twitter, he has been ranting about some client who is screwing him over, saying the client claimed it ran out of money, etc. That is unprofessional enough from anyone, much less from a guy who sells himself as a "social media" consultant.

But check out what the nimrod put on Facebook today:

Not only does he accuse the CEO of lying to him and mismanaging funds, he includes a link to the site, publicly identifying the company! That's a slam-dunk case of libel.

It's not even some airline but is a local nursing home. Who knows what he was supposed to do for them, but maybe it involved some kind of web design or updating their web content.

We can guess that whatever he was supposed to do, he didn't do it, because of his prior commitment to reply to every message on Twitter. And guess what, now they don't want to pay him. Outrageous!

Not only he is bashing the client, he is lying AGAIN, spinning another preposterous tale. This is classic Steven.

Although he at first implies the company won't pay him because they ran out of money (possibly because of so many new company cars), then he claims the "real" reason is because they haven't "transferred" the domain name. He says the CEO's sister is listed as the administrative contact.

Well look what we discovered in two seconds -

The administrative contact for this site is a woman named Ingrid Krampe. Who is Ingrid Krampe? It took us another two seconds to find this article on Careco Shoreline from March:

"The Waterford-based company also announced that Ingrid S. Krampe was named its new marketing and advertising executive. Krampe is the former group editor-in-chief of Studio Photography & Design and Digital Imaging magazines. She also was senior editor of Professional Photography magazine and has extensive experience in the digital-imaging field."

Not only is Ingrid Krampe in charge of marketing for Careco Shoreline, she used to work at photography magazines! She, most likely, is Frischling's longtime contact who got him the job.

We're no longer surprised at Frischling's lies, but we do continue to be shocked at his publicly plastering the Internet with these fabrications to gain sympathy for himself. He is so arrogant/idiotic he does not believe anyone will bother to check what he says.

Possibly the most disgusting part of all is that he is trying to gain public sympathy by saying these people at Careco "stole the holiday spirit" from his poor children! (We wouldn't be shocked if this was thrown in as a ploy to get people to send him money.)

We don't know what else to say except that if anyone out there is a web specialist with some free time, we know of a company that needs professional help, stat.


  1. wow. how funny. i know a photographer who is out of control and just can't face up to it! small world. I am also so f%$king pissed off. (as are dozens of other couples who never received their wedding photos)
    Talk about stealing the "holiday spirit"!!!!!

  2. That is so freaking irresponsible