Saturday, December 04, 2010

The bullshit hospital story Frischling refuses to confirm

In addition to "reporting" on his travel blog, Frischling loves to blab bizarro stories to anyone who will listen! While nobody has time to wade through his nearly 36,000 inane Tweets (by the frequency of his tweets, he's not working or even traveling all that much), we only had to scroll back a few days to find this laughable series of updates that he claims he was sending from a hospital's "critical care unit" on Thanksgiving 2010.

As we've been informed, his bragging that he removed his own IV and left is an old story he's told many different people for years! He specifically uses the phrase, "remove my own IV and walk out," three separate times, which suggests he's fixated on that imagery. We suppose he's fascinated with the idea because he thinks it's something a George Clooney-esque action hero would pull on screen, while in real life, only a sociopath would do such a thing. (We can assume the hospital he was "stuck" in was not burning to the ground.)

Obviously this tale of intravenous bravery didn't bring him instant worldwide fame the first few times around, so he decided to rebroadcast it to get attention on Twitter during a slow day (possibly to offset the sad reality that he had nowhere to be that day).

Well, we immediately called bullshit on this pile of fish crap and asked him to tell us which hospital he was in. We informed him the whole world would be able to call and check on his condition and confirm he indeed was "treated and released." Naturally this freaked him out. He refuses to answer nor even acknowledge we've asked this question.

It's not that he's ignoring us on Twitter. For the past week he responds to us repeatedly and continues to make claims about his journalistic integrity and how he's the Scoop McGee of airline travel, etc. He insists he never made up a single quote and that all his supposed anonymous sources are real.

We're fairly surprised as we figured he would make up some kind of ridiculous excuse, like that he checked in under an alias so he could do a secret photo essay, or that the hospital was in Mali and can only communicate via the coconut telegraph, but he's too freaked out. You would think that with all the damage this blog is doing, he would take 5 seconds to discredit us in any way. The fact of the matter is he can't, because this whole thing never happened.

By the way we've also asked him to confirm where he was licensed or even trained as an Emergency Medical Technician as he's claimed, but he also refuses because, again, this is something that can be confirmed fairly easily. (Busted again).

But the hospital story is so ludicrous we felt we must capture it and post it here in all its absurdity. Keep in mind he also claimed his condition was so severe that he had to be in the "Critical Care Unit" and even intubated, yet was extremely vague about what exactly was wrong with him. Please note that we had to cut out the DOZENS of OTHER tweets he was sending out that had nothing to do with his fictional health crisis.

So Steven Frischling, please tell your audience in which hospital on which planet the following heroics happened on Nov. 26, 2010?

(Tweets cut and rearranged so they can be read in chronological order):

We're so confused. What exactly is an "ER issue?" What could be wrong that he was intubated and sent to "critical care," yet released basically immediately? Why would a rabbi have his discharge papers? Why wouldn't a nurse just take his stupid IV out so he could get dressed and ready to leave? Considering he refuses to tell anyone where this happened, what brand of idiot would ever believe this happened at all?

Argh!! I hate when I go to the hospital for a simple ER issue and they intubate me so I don't die and I have to stay all night and all the next day after two procedures and hooked up to an IV and on pain medication while the wifi kicks me out every 10 minutes, and I'm stuck there because the hospital lost my discharge papers until finally after five hours the rabbi who was searching for the foreign dignitary stumbles on my discharge papers but the doctor forgot to sign them!  Argh don't you hate that when that happens, especially on Thanksgiving?

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  1. Maybe he wants the sympathy vote? I've personally fallen for it from him once. But not twice.