Monday, December 06, 2010

Frischling misspells name in forged reference

What an absolute moron. This guy's combination of stupidity and arrogance astonishes even us.

The back story: When dozens of pissed off (defrauded) brides and grooms began ripping Frischling apart on business review site Yelp, he responded by immediately spamming the site with fake, positive reviews of his own. Everyone knew he was creating them himself, but there was no proof. Even today he points to these references as valid, complaining that this blog compiles the negative reviews while "leaving out" the many good ones! (We're so mean.)

Well, we took a closer look at these and guess what? Not only did he invent fake people, he forged a review from a very real person he actually worked with.

Steven, if you are a legitimate, credible person with a solid work history, why would you need to do something so disgusting?

Check out this glowing review:

On the surface it seems legitimate, right? One very large problem. Seth's last name is Gerard, not Girard.

Seth Gerard left the University of Massachusetts in 2007 to become assistant sports information director at Georgia Tech. His email is listed in the university's directory - anyone can contact him and ask if he wrote this review and truly recommends Steven Frischling. (We are guessing he would not.)

We imagine that as soon as Gerard discovers this, he will quickly contact Yelp to get the review deleted. (To see it for yourself, click here and scroll down to "Filtered reviews," enter the CAPTCHA and then get to page 2 or 3. By the way, filtered reviews are there because most likely they are the person's first and only review and thus suspicious, although Frischling campaigned to Yelp to get dozens of legitimate reviews deleted/filtered.)

Other reviews are suspicious too. Simple Google searches tell us these people/companies don't exist.

Whirllie? This doesn't even seem like a real name. A people search reveals there are zero people named "Whirllie" in the United States. No luck with international searches either. The closest spelling we can think of would be Werle.

Another one that seems legitimate, right? Wow, an international reference! But we can't find any trace at all of a company, conglomerate, firm, etc called "OPRI." Can you?

Another one we can't locate. Perhaps "Renew Marketing" specializes in marketing Amish barn raisings and thus has no website or digital trace.

Not only are these people unverifiable, all the reviews are written in the same exact style - just like the comments from the supposed "17 TSA agents."

Steven Frischling has no problem lying and fabricating people when it suits him. And yet he feigns shock when we suggest he might be fabricating quotes from his "anonymous" sources. Steven Frischling is a person with zero creditability.

If you believe the "anonymous" quotes he compiles on his blog, we have a wonderful bridge to sell you!

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  1. Mr fantasyland! Does he have friends?