Monday, January 24, 2011

"steven frischling compulsive liar"

Just took a look at this blog's stats. While we've done some basic promotion on Twitter, it's interesting that so many visitors are coming in on their own. Nearly half of the traffic comes in via Google searches.

BY FAR the most common keyword that leads to our blog is "steven frischling fraud" but it's interesting that "steven frischling compulsive liar" is a solid second! These must be people who follow him on Twitter/read his blog and think he's a ridiculous douchebag telling tall tales.

Here are the most common keyword searches that drive people to this blog:

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  1. To me, fishfraud is the one-stop-shop for all of my Frishling fraudulent activity information. Why do I need to go anywhere else?

  2. thank you for the praise. We continue to strive to be the No. 1 Anti-Steven Frischling Website! Be sure to tell your friends!