Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Frischling Freakshow: Now With Audio and Video!

Part of what makes this blog so entertaining for us is that every new piece of info we find out about Steven Frischling is somehow more absurd than the last. Well his carnival of weird just got weirder, and it's all thanks to his very own abandoned YouTube channel!

Back when he was playing professional photographer, he thought it would be a great idea to put up video of himself "sharing" photography tips. The nonsensical tips, the poor production quality and that he has the on-camera presence of a serial killer combine for one ghastly viewing experience. It's like a trainwreck edited with iMovie. We can't look away!

We're not the only ones who are laughing. Equally funny to the videos themselves are the dozens of comments making fun of them! They're priceless. (And yes, we've downloaded all the videos and screencapped all the comments, so even if he deletes it all, mankind will be able to enjoy the stupidity forever and ever. It's the least we could do.)

So welcome to the first installment of "Pointing and Laughing at Flying with Fish Video!" In this installment, we point and laugh while Fish explains how to avoid using the tripod you paid good money for.

We have so very many favorite parts! Which do you like best? We enjoy that he's at the beach and not wearing a microphone, so you can barely hear him. We also like the creepy spot where he is breathing in while staring at the camera. The kicker is the end when he says, "That's how we shoot without a tripod with longer lenses with no tripod." It's all gold!!

Some of the funniest comments:

"this video was a waste of my 1.44 secs of life watching it.
dude get a day job for god sake.
or give us some advise we can use rather than this twaddle."

"Your a tool and this video was such a waste of time."

"I can't believe that you have made this video."

"when was the last time a girl let you touch her?"

Who knows why he didn't delete the comments and/or delete the videos entirely. It seems like this was right around the time he lost interest in/was run out of photography, and moved on to his new fantasy world of being a "travel strategist." Also note that this is right when he claimed to be suffering from/in treatment for cancer. Does he look ill to you? (Physically, not mentally.)

If you just stumbled across this blog and are looking for someone to dislike who deserves what's coming to him, I highly recommend Steven Frischling. He's the gift that keeps on giving!


  1. You're brilliant! I LOVE this site. What an asshole this guy is. Seriously, do people hire him? He couldn't even mow lawn. He has the presence of a retard.

    Please keep this stuff coming. Your site has become a daily visit. I gotta share this gold mine of humor.

  2. this is a disgusting website. how sad is your life that you spend so much time researching and writing about another persons entire family. This is borderline psychotic and I hope when the police get involved you realize what a fat loser you are. You make me sick.

  3. Is this man actually retarded? You should not make fun of him in this way if he is. Just something about him seems "off" intellectually.

  4. Really? I mean I have enjoyed reading the site, but this isn't that bad. I hate to say it, but the information is actually kind of helpful.

  5. He's not retarded. He's just an idiot. There's a difference. He's defrauded dozens of people so deserves what's coming to him.

  6. maybe not retarded but there's something not normal about him, he is GROSS

  7. if he's not retarded WTF is wrong with him?

  8. There are multiple scales to measure human intelligence. Even using the same IQ score, one may rank as "retarded" under one classification but not under another. Frischling appears too high functioning to be classified as retarded or deficient, but is probably on the low range of average human intelligence. At worst, he would be in the "dull" range which while below average intelligence is well above retardation.

    I would guess his issues are psychological/behavioral and not intellectual. He likely suffers from severe personality disorders that first surfaced during adolescence and have gone untreated ever since. I would suggest Narcissistic Personality Disorder, even though NPD was recently (and controversially) removed from the DSM. I met him only twice but even then it was striking how preoccupied he was with his own imagined importance. It is impossible to have a normal conversation with such a person without being distracted by his constant interruptions and various wild claims.

    A diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder (as suggested by this site) may also be appropriate in regards to the pathological lying, the criminal behavior and the lack of remorse for his crimes. He has no problem with what he has done and loses no sleep over it.

    Someone like this needs intensive therapy but the prognosis is extremely poor, considering his strong belief there is nothing wrong with him.

    His partner likely also has some psychological disturbance (or she would not be with him) and each enables the other in avoiding reality. Yes, there is a very high probability of those children being emotionally troubled and traumatized. I can only imagine what an unstable environment that household is.

    Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done so long as the children are not at risk for physical harm. There is no law against being a terrible example for your children.

  9. Why does he have a potato where his head should be? That is one seriously ugly mofo

  10. Steven Sucks RulesJanuary 21, 2011 at 5:03 AM

    OMG I can't stop laughing... he is Mr. Potato Head!

  11. You should call it Kancer. Since it was never the real thing.