Monday, January 31, 2011

Story Time with Steven Frischling!

By request, we've created an Xtranormal movie using some of the more ridiculous Steven Frischling stories, WORD FOR WORD, from his blog and Twitter. Unfortunately Xtranormal doesn't offer any Mr. Potato Head avatars, so we just picked the ugliest one available.


Update - Twit Frischling tweeted this after seeing the video:

Isn't he supposed to be a "social media" expert? So why doesn't he know you can't access someone's entire "catalog" of tweets? These are all pulled from recent tweets and from random blog entries. Idiot.

Besides, the real question is, who has the time to SEND 39,000 tweets? He joined Twitter Sept. 30, 2008. That means he's averaged nearly 50 TWEETS A DAY. Does that sound like someone who has any kind of life or a job?


  1. What an epic video. I'm so fascinated with the tales of danger and daring!

  2. This is hysterical! Too bad you can't get the voice in the whiny, nasal original .

  3. lololololololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He claims he flew SFO-LAX via JFK every month at his company's expense! This guy is a joke.

  5. you couldn't make up this stuff if you wanted to

  6. Look at his shit pictures from 145 minutes in Paris:

    "On February 28th, I had a quick job in Paris. I flew in from New York, landed, showered and hit the city. My total allotted time in Paris was 145 minutes to shoot architecture in three different sections of the city. The goal was six images, I managed to produce nine one totally unrelated non-architecture image.

    When the 145 minutes was up, I headed back to the airport, and flew off to Amsterdam for about 12 hours.

    I love the challenge of 'sprint shooting.'"

  7. you would have to be high on crack to believe that someone paid him to go to paris for that short of time to do architectural photos, that is complete and utter bullshit. If a client wanted supreme architectural photos they would A) hire a professional architectural photographer B) would give the photographer some time.

    A legit architectural photographer wouldn't use the widest lens they could find to make the building look distorted and would wait for the best light. This is just another one of his self assigned bullshit projects to make himself appear to be a sought after international photographer.

  8. Who the fuck shoots architecture with a 16-35 while looking straight up? Buy a tripod and some tilt-shift lenses, and wait for the good light, you no-talent ass clown.