Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fish Brags About Being On A List He's Not On

In a typical self-congratulatory measure, idiot Steven Frischling bragged to everyone today that he was No. 7 on the list of "The 50 Most Influential Travel Related Companies Online"

Tweets he:
He posted a blog devoted entirely to thanking all the little people who made such a thing possible. Even his few remaining supporters must find this self-serving and smug.

He touchingly writes, "I feel a little bad for being ahead of Southwest, JetBlue and United. I know the folks who handle their social media ... and I know they have budgets for social media while I am just a one-man shop with a MacBook Pro and iPhone and no budget at all."

So what is this list?

This list uses the algorithm that mathematically measures "influence," like responses and mentions on Twitter. It's an unbiased yet extremely flawed measure when you take into account someone like Frischling, who literally spends ALL day on Twitter because he has no job. He's sent out more than 38,000 Tweets, the majority of which are direct replies to other people (thus likely to get a response). The Travel Channel has sent out fewer than 4,000. Why? Because the Travel Channel is a legitimate business and uses Twitter to further its communication and reach, not because it's pathetic and needs to try to impress strangers to feel good about itself.

Well, here's a little bit news, idiot. Take a look at the rankings, you'll see you're not No. 7, nor No 9, nor No. 27. You're not on the list at all!

Check it out - here's a link to the actual list, which he omitted from his story.

Why is he gone? He's been removed from this list because was alerted that he's a proven fraud. Not only that, he's NOT a travel company, but a stupid blogger! He even admits this in his own post! How deep are the levels of his idiocy? It truly boggles the mind.

PS Congratulations to the Travel Channel, which moved up a notch to lucky No. 7. I wonder if the Travel Channel will be sending out a press release announcing it "feels a little bad" for being ahead of Southwest, JetBlue and United...


  1. Great work! His timing was very suspicious too. His self-praise seems to have happened after he knew was removed from the list.

  2. Yes. Interesting he linked all over the place in that article but never linked to the actual list.... he probably knew he was off it so had to rely on the screenshot.

  3. I love how you delete negative comments on this blog just like you accuse flyingwithfish. Keep your hate to yourself, and go get an actual life.

  4. Clearly your information is wrong and you're unable to read.

    Flying With Fish ranks at #8 today

  5. Look at that! He is #8 and way higher than all the "big budget" airlines and everything. No doubt the self serving news will be on his blog shortly...with explanations of course.

  6. Let's see how long he stays on this list... Klout is making a joke of itself.

    Susannah, how is deleting negative comments "just like" accusing flyingwithfish? People have been asking if Fish is retarded, but what about you?

    Here is Susannah's comment by the way:
    "this is a disgusting website. how sad is your life that you spend so much time researching and writing about another persons entire family. This is borderline psychotic and I hope when the police get involved you realize what a fat loser you are. You make me sick."

    Shouldn't you be busy calling 911 about this blog? We've committed nothing resembling a crime. How did you spend all the money you got from the people Fish defrauded? Considering there are outstanding judgments against him in multiple states, we HIGHLY recommend you call the police. You two make all of us sick.

  7. I can't stand that guy, I gave up reading his blog because it was so full of himself or stuff he stole from other people. I don't understand how osmeone can spend all day on twitter. Obviously he has no job or life.

  8. looks like he got himself re-instated! Klout is such a joke - he's not a "company" just somebody with an iphone and laptop (by his own admission)

  9. You need as many people as possible to send an email to to protest their reinstatement on the Travel Related Companies list. A blogger should not be compared to a real company!

  10. Hmm, he is on the list. Now #9 but he is still on the list.

  11. He's off the list again! It must have been from his recent hiatus from sending out useless tweets. Either than or Klout wised up to the guy.