Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frischling Claims He Doesn't Owe Anyone Wedding Photos!

Steven Frischling finally seems willing to give people the photos they've paid for... only.... he claims he doesn't owe anyone photos! Check out these emails:
Considering only one couple does not have a DVD with their complete rawwedding images, and that person says they are not you, I need moreinformation.  Whose wedding do you want the photos from and where do youwant them sent.
As people move, I need an physical address for UPS and a wedding.
We respond by saying he should just check his records and ask why WE should do the legwork of tracking down their addresses, and he comes back with...
Because you're full of shit and only one couple never received a DVD oftheir complete wedding, however they have a full edit of their highresolution files.
So either you're lying about having been a wedding client or you are who Ithink you are.
So he claims only one couple doesn't have the photos they paid for, BUT then says they have a full edit of their high resolution files? What does that even mean?

We've heard from multiple people who say they've never received their photos, so this is just more lies.

But we enjoyed his "you are who I think you are." Wonder how long it took him to narrow down the list of people who hate him to the top 1,000?


  1. OMG - you're flushing him out. Wonderful!

  2. Wowza-I guess messing with you is more important than some other things that he should have been "attending" to this weekend.

  3. My husband and I never received our DVD nor our album. Our wedding was over 3 years ago.