Thursday, February 17, 2011

Comment turned into post...

In response to these comments:

Everything on this blog is well within the law. We're simply compiling public records and other online information on Steven Frischling. We are not publishing things like his address, credit report or details on his poor children. In fact, the majority of the content is written by him in the first place! He claims to be a very important and famous blogger who "reports" on important information such as TSA actions, so it is within the public's right to call his integrity into question. We simply make fun of him for saying such stupid things: this is called freedom of speech. He certainly considers himself a significant individual, bragging constantly of his importance and influence. He voluntarily broadcasts intimate life details (albeit most are lies) in very public forums on the Internet, seeking out notoriety and attention from as many strangers as he can reach. He cannot claim he wants his privacy.

Additionally, he cannot successfully sue us for libel because we are telling the truth, an absolute defense against libel. I don't know where he would find a decent lawyer willing to take such a dumb case, given the evidence available and the cases already filed against him. Even if he were to get the necessary international subpoenas to track us down (as we use a proxy server through a non-U.S. company for everything related to this site) and then sue us in court, we would gladly step up. This would hopefully attract keen media attention, with all his stupid stories under fire. We would go point by point, and he would be the world's biggest punch line. Imagine exposing a blogger, much less a self-styled "social media consultant," to be a total fraud using only social media! Utterly historic! We have been called by some fans "The Wikileaks of Travel Bloggers" and it's flattering.

So yes, we also strongly suggest he choose option No. 4: Settle all debts and contracts. If he were to really repent and try to make up for what he's done, and pay back the people he's taken money from, things could be different. Instead he continues to lie and attack his victims who have done nothing wrong but make the mistake of doing business with him. We don't feel sorry for him. Do you?


  1. Feel sorry for him? You got to be kidding. I am confident he won't stop (he's not smart enough to understand). Since he won't, you won't.

    So your site is visit #1 every day! Thanks!

    Wikileaks of travel bloggers indeed

  2. the @yuckystalkers thing would be funny if it were not so pathetic - trying to fight fire with fire

  3. The @yuckystalkers tweets are hysterical! A pathetic attempt at creepy, menacing, "counter-stalking", which clearly appears to be penned by susannah. Equally as amusing are steve's tweets championing his defender. This is riveting theater...

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