Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frischling Loses It On Twitter, Attacks Two of Our Followers!!

Someone's lost it...
Equal parts pathetic and funny, especially for a "social media consultant" to devote dozens of tweets publicizing the existence of a blog rightly exposing him as a fraud! Traffic has hit an all-time high!

Big apologies to two of our Twitter followers who blogger Steven Frischling just attacked on Twitter! Probably it's because their real names are showing on their Twitter accounts, and he's so stupid as to believe that means they are actually behind the whole thing! He tweets at the beginning of the tirade:
flyingwithfish Flying With Fish ...and it would seem that my stalkers, who have done so well at hiding, have personal Twitter feeds under their real names...
The funniest part is that he thinks he is just so very clever.

One of them is the poor bride from Canada who wrote the "Open Letter to Steven Frischling" awhile ago. She has still, after several years, never received her wedding photos she paid for. (Like untold others.) Now she's being attacked when she's done nothing but ask for what she's paid for. What amazing customer service. He's such a professional. Probably it's because she was the first one who followed us on Twitter (because she was probably the first person we told about the blog, because of her letter), and he's so stupid, he thinks that means she is involved. (Only an idiot, aka Steven Frischling, would create a fake Twitter account and then promptly follow it with his real Twitter account.) The other one is someone he tweets he has not seen in 12 years, but apparently is out to get him (he must always be a victim).

The funny thing is that he is still lying! He insists there are "paper trails" connecting them to us, which is impossible. As impossible as if he claimed the "paper trails" led to Barack Obama. And he tries to threaten the poor Canadian bride by telling her she should wait for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to arrive on her doorstep any moment! Let's hope she doesn't hold her breath.

The reason for him suddenly flipping out is that our continuous snooping into his background has unearthed some very unpleasant details. His jackoff photo, quite legendary in the photography community as multiple people recall it still, is not the worst thing. So now he is running scared as he sees his whole world collapsing. Being that he doesn't have two brain cells to rub together, he lashes out publicly so everyone can witness him having a meltdown. (We won't repost screenshots of the whole tirade out of respect for their privacy but you can check it out on his Twitter account.) He's repeating the CareCo Shoreline act all over again.

I wonder what the airline industry professionals and anyone in the media think of him now? He looks like even more of a raging lunatic. And he wonders why the TSA doesn't return his calls anymore.... perplexing.

Let us add that this shows you he still knows nothing whatsoever about social media! His never-ended tirade is sending way more people to our blog than we could hope to reach through periodic snarky tweets! And he tries to get massive consulting contracts, for five figures by the way, as a social media expert!


  1. This is amazing - and his ongoing reaction even now reflects he is in a panic!


  2. He finally lost it. Up until now, he was fairly cautious to keep it his reponses out of the public domain. Now he's lost it an flailing madly and drawing even more attention to himself. I'll be the readership on the site is spiking.

  3. If any good can come from this, perhaps it's that he'll finally go out and buy a copy of Elements of Style. I can't take his use (or lack thereof) of grammar anymore. Always be wary of people who put two spaces after a period, don't know the diff between it's and its, and write run-on sentences with nary a thought of using a comma.

  4. One would hope. But his refusal to address his very fundamental writing problems is a symptom of his sociopathy. He does not feel he should conform to the rules of society. He suffers from delusions of grandeur, also indicative of severe personality/psychological problems. He feels he is so amazing and so clever, he must share his gift with the world by blabbering nonstop.

  5. Watching his meltdown live on twitter was amazing. He even created a fake account and attacked these poor brides. Why would you direct all the people who follow you to a site that shows what an idiot you are???

  6. wow he is way paranoid. But also way stupid. Is there a possibly he is retarded or "slow"

    how can anyone be so dumb

  7. you are so annoying. You know that someone you don't know or don't care about had a bad haircut and are mad at the hair salon? Yeah... that's how much I give a shit about your spam. Fucking stop it.

  8. Fish has 3 options:

    1) Ignore it. The more more he fans the flames, the more attention it will get.
    2) Dispute the facts
    3) Take legal action (assumes that he can do #2)

  9. 4) Settle all debts and contracts.

  10. Could #7 be the lunatic responding? What is that comment supposed to be about? Cursing too?

  11. Fish has gone over the edge. Its just too much for him to loose his online persona

  12. No. #7 is a random twitterer who is really frustrated with you guys hijacking #smtravel as a way to complain about this guy. he has nothing to do with #smtravel, no one knows him, no one really cares about him, and no one cares about this at all.

    I really appreciate you guys using social media to stick it to him, but with 27 followers and following 80 some odd people you look like spam, you sound like spam (and sound and stupid and desperate as that flying with fish idiot), and so you will end up tagged as spam and spit out of twitter.

    Just stop using the #smtravel hash. It's ours. We talk stats in travel & social media. It's not a place to air dirty laundry or have a fight. At all. Please stop.

    I won't swear anymore. I am @hhotelconsult.

    Please... just please stop spamming #smtravel, but carry on nailing this guy if he is a goober like you say he is.

    Just no more #smtravel. It will make life easier for everyone. Thanks.

  13. Apologies. We always just used the same ones he does. Yes we will carry on nailing him.

  14. I am betting most, if not all of these comments are coming from the fishfraud perps. If you have an accusation or attack to make on him, put your name behind it.

  15. ^ Wow. That's quite an amusing comment to read from an anonymous commenter.

  16. I thought the #smtravel hash was a brilliant idea. What better way to reach Fish's audience? I nearly bust a gut when I saw the summaries.

  17. I'm not accusing him of anything or attacking him, so I feel no need to disclose who I am. Thankfully we now know who you are though FishFraud. As for the rest, they are probably you two also.

  18. Dear FishFraud - please show us the traffic stats, just one little pic. That should satisfy doubters to this blog's traffic. It has to be up sharply - it should prove to Fish there are more than two people enjoying the FishFry. You know he reads this blog as much as we do.

    With love from Canada.