Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Just In.... Steven Frischling Was Shot!

You can't make this stuff up! (Actually, he can.)

More from the treasure trove of Frischling FishTales! This time he discusses his fantastic combat skills and mentions he's been shot (we suspect in the head) and beaten (again we suspect around the head).

We're also quite concerned about his repeated use of the word "homocide." Just because people have a different lifestyle does not mean they deserve to be a victim of homocide!

bit.listserv.nppa-l: best shots come from little guy
Steven Frischling 10/1/97 
>So please remember, as the bullets fly around you and people are chasing
>you with iron bars, you have to be able to distill the situation in your
>mind and react fast enough to take the photos.
>It is a matter of skill and knowledge. 
Who's been shot more: Fiddy or Fishy?
Just a thought, these images happen right here in the U.S. of A., as well about 10 blocks from my house.  Although I have done some work overseas, the I.R.A. & Skinheads, I do my work here in my backyard and in other areas of the U.S. , I am not winning awards, and don't really care to, I am not world known, globe trotting and heavily published weekly, but  I do and have dodged bullets and have been chased by people with iron bars, I have had my bones broken, stiches requied to heal the wound, and have had to dispose of pannels on a bullt proof vest because it was used to protect myself. 
I have a number of images of gun play upclose & personal, have a few photos of guns being aimed at me, photos of riot situations from inside the riot & so on, I do not need to travel to find the wars, they are here.   I spend a lot of time when I can in the inner cities and in heavy drug & homocide areas , from parts of NYC to East Palo Alto (the homocide capitol of the US for 2 years). 
I had done a long story on a ravaged project, one with many homocides, and kidnapings , rapes & anything else you could find, an agency I had dealt with was totally unable to sell the images because it was from here in the U.S., so no US, Canadian or UK market was interested, it was suggested that I take my combat skills, and ideas for showing the story to somewhere like Israel's Gaza Strip or West Bank or Croatia.  The story is 100% different there, the images are dfferent , I shot this because it where I live, and I was shot & beaten and chased and no one cared because it was here.   That bothers me, but I still do it because I believe in the story being at home, I believe in the story being where you live, because that is where you should make a difference first. 
Please do not think dangers on exist overseas, sometimes they happen just over the highway. 
Steven E. Frischling
Freelance Photojournalist
New York City
-No One Gets Out Alive, It's Only Life After All
By the way, where can we see these amazing photos he describes? Where are his photos of covering the IRA, or having a gun aimed at him or being inside a riot? Exactly when did this occur? Why aren't these surely incredible photos on his website?

Happy Lying!


  1. Thing is if he got shot in the head there would be no damage.

  2. Rambo ain't got nothin on da Fish

  3. homocide! I can't stop laughing!

  4. How about a new term "fishocide"? Definition - the act of self destruction of Steven Frischling.

    So if you do a "fishocide" it means you deliberately destroy your career using social media.

  5. Man, miss a day, miss a lot on this site. Great stuff. What a total joke. I can picture this guy sitting at his PC all day, re-tweeting day and night. I can't imaging he actually travels anywhere...never see anything posted showing any destinations. I noticed those airline program cards he included in some advertisement, from a time when he said he was flying 15K miles per week (yea sure), he was only a general member in most programs, only Premier Exec in United. At 15K per week, even spread across multiple programs, you'd be Global Services in United and the equivalent at other airlines.
    Again, I bet this never sees the inside of a plane. If he does, he should prove it.

  6. That is what is so amusing. It seems he only flew twice in the past 12 months, which makes him quite the infrequent flier. One was his recent trip to Denver for no reason except that he had a voucher that was likely about to expire. He flew there and flew right back, claiming he had to meet a client "in transit" for 30 minutes. That's believable. He Tweeted nonstop about it for a week, then Tweeted every minuscule detail complete with photos to prove he was truly going to ride on a big airplane! It was like a child with a Twitter account who went to Disneyland. He is quite the fanboy.

  7. You need to do a timeline of the Fish "Days of Danger" or "Its Only Life After All" that chronicles all of the danger, mayhem and physical abuse that the brave Fish his suffered in pursuit of the perfect picture. Truly one of the most heroic photographers of all time.

  8. "dangerfish! no one gets out alive" I see a movie and a sequel....