Monday, February 28, 2011

Steven Frischling's Twitter Account Suspended!

Steven Frischling's Twitter account has been suspended for violating Twitter's terms of service!

Hey social media genius, perhaps you should not harass and threaten innocent people on Twitter! Perhaps you should not Tweet people's names, home addresses and employers, and libel them by accusing them of conspiring against you!

We of course must send heartfelt congratulations to Lufthansa USA, who invited this lame horse along to Frankfurt solely to TWEET all about today's historic flight, the first Lufthansa A380 to land at JFK. They flew him to Frankfurt and put him up in a hotel before flying him back today - all first class.

Bravo to the wise people in Lufthansa USA's PR office, Martin Riecken, Christina Semmel, and Natalie Hartman! That is money well spent! Maybe in a few days or weeks when he gets his Twitter account back he can actually Tweet about that first flight.

We wonder what the fine folk at Lufthansa Germany think about Lufthansa USA's brilliant decision to associate itself with this particular blogger?


  1. I'm not a twitter user, so I may be doing this wrong (no Genuis I), I can see but is not loading.

  2. you must have it cached on your browser. immediately goes to an error page that has that bird with the line through it

  3. Yeah - thanks. I think you're right.

  4. @yuckystalkers is gone too

  5. all this couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

  6. Lufthansa's PR people just pissed away a quality business class seat to someone who can't earn it by miles or paying for it. Great job Lufthansa!

  7. The supposed big flyer finally can prove he made it onto a real live airplane, then promptly has his Twitter account suspended. Big day for Fish.

  8. 1. How do you know it was a ToS violation that got him suspended?
    2. If you search flyingwithfish and then click on "people" it still comes up, but without any posts.
    3. How funny is this...LEGENDARY!

  9. He just got his legs cut off. Wow.

  10. The timing is exquisite. Last night came the unpaid phone porn and now this. Life is good.

    Sucks to be a piglet. Anyone have an apple to stuff in its mouth? That's how the Germans like their roasted piglet.

  11. can you imagine being the poor soul that gets stuck sitting next to fishdick on an overseas flight? he must really pull out all of the stops on his stories then. I bet he tells people that he is a pulitzer prize winner for his combat photography and the movie "up in the air" was about him.

  12. the poor souls stuck next to him would probably try to hang themselves like in that scene from Airplane

  13. Can you help a brotha out?

  14. ^ I wonder how many he's sold? my guess is zero. And $5 for a sticker?

  15. I wonder if those stickers will get me a bypass to security control?

    Fish must be freaking out by now,

  16. That's what's bothering me about all of this. A lot of people were following him - acting on his advice (and probably buying stickers). He's popular with some people. When I started flying nationally and internationally for jobs, I needed advice on getting through airports and traveling with my camera gear. I easily found Frischling's blog and name everywhere. It didn't take long to realize that something was odd about this "blogger." He always seemed to be drawing attention to himself - every forum, blog, etc., was a chance for him to talk about himself, talk about his websites. Many of his posts are second hand information, giving himself the thinnest reasons to write a post. Then I came across the sticker and battery posting. That was a big red flag. I couldn't believe people were taking this guy seriously. Then I read the TSA agents quotes, something seemed way out of whack. It was like he was creating his own credibility issue. After those posts I decided he was an unreliable and dangerous source. Then I found this blog. It's sad. I don't like the name calling. But I'm interested to see how this plays out. It's like a train wreck you can't take your eyes away from.

  17. references: sticker and battery posting. SF suggested replacing oem stickers on batteries prior to going through tsa screenings so as to try fooling agents into thinking the batteries were not what they were, even going so far as to use government agency logos. Seriously. TSA agents: He claims to have interviewed several TSA agents and posted their comments. This blog has some entries about this. The quotes are not believable. If any of this is true, one, it's dangerous to others to lie like this, and as this blogger has pointed out, really insulting to people putting their lives on the line. Two, anyone defrauded deserves their money back or the prints of their weddings restored to them (Come on, we're talking about their wedding day). Period. No BS.

  18. I can't believe that people are running to his side on twitter. are they complete morons to not see how much of a tool frischling is?

    "juliewillfly juliewillfly
    Friends & #avgeek/s: Join me in lobbying @twitter & @support 2 get @FlyingWithFish reinstated. RT or send ur own #FREEFISH"

    "trvlinsalesgal Sales Gal
    @juliewillfly @user47 @flyingwithfish Save Fish!!"

  19. ^ Those are his groupies. Definitely not a very clever bunch

  20. Oh and the ones praising this site and attacking other are so much more clever?
    You're all a bunch of wasted air! On all fronts..

    an seems to me most of the 'anonymous ' sound like the same person attempting to sound like a multitude....


  21. seems as if anybody who is a professional has pretty much distanced themselves from Fish

  22. "Oh and the ones praising this site and attacking other are so much more clever?"


  23. I've written 3 anons. Anyone else want to count in? I disagree. It's not wasting air if someone is lying and defrauding people. Fish has been called out in forums for stretching the truth and repeating second hand knowledge for the sake of drawing attention to himself - not amongst anon people - people in the sportsshooter forum in particular - professional photographers - photographers who don't suffer fools or watching other photographers getting BS'd by one - sometimes DANGEROUS BS. Fish's strategy has been a name calling defense that doesn't add up. If it added up it would be over, this blog would go away. Now I'm at 4. There ya go.

  24. ^ They (Steven and Susannah) are in serious denial about their situation. They desperately want to believe there is only one person reading and commenting on this blog, that nobody cares, that everything we are compiling here doesn't matter, etc.

    It seems they are wrapped up in their delusion that he is some legendary, award-winning photographer and journalist, and not actually a giant joke.

  25. he's worse than a joke he's just an embarrassment

  26. I recall getting e-mails from Steven from my college days in the mid-late 90's.

    I was a young photojournalist-in-training back then but even then I felt his tales were a little too outlandish.

    I think the tipping point was a particular Nikon wide-angle lens that survived a shootout in a particularly bad section of the Bronx. Don't know if the lens died on the spot or was resuscitated by EMT SF.

    My memory is a little hazy but I will dig out the saved archive of emails from back in the day.

    I do remember that he always had a taller tale to tell than anyone who posted on the forums.

  27. the groupie #FREEFISH twitter campaign is on. If anything, it will probably drive even more traffic to the site.

  28. #Freefish is not much of a campaign. It looks like the same 5 or 6 people over and over again.

    Surprised by some of the names taking part in it - you'd think professionals like Mary would stay well away from any of this.

  29. "You're all a bunch of wasted air! On all fronts.. "

    I heartily disagree. Some of us have been dealing with this clown for near twenty years. Some of us have lent him our goodwill in trying to set him straight on many fronts, all of which have failed. Is this internet lynching healthy? Probably not. Is it deserved. Sadly so. Fish has been given many opportunities and lots of assistance to correct his bad behaviors and perhaps this community correction is the result of him being blind and not accepting the aid he was offered previously. This can be what educators call a "teachable" moment.

  30. even if the #freefish campaign is only a handful of people, it is still amazing to me that they are unwilling to really take a closer look at the person they are defending. almost everything on this site is in frischling's own words and can be found by simple searches on sports shooter and other photography related sites. don't these people realize that he makes stuff up? 90% of frischling's life is fiction, yet they see him as "legit" and an important asset to the aviation industry. I have been reading frischling's tales since 2002 when he first joined sports shooter and realized after the first few self-serving message board posts that he was an attention whore who would say anything to bring the conversation back to him. he's an uneducated, talentless wannabe who seems to know everything about everything.

    I am not affiliated with this site and I am not trying to pick a fight with the #freefish people. I am just a photographer. but after watching frischling repeatedly implode online for the past decade, constantly evolving into something new every time he screws someone over burns his bridges, I would hope that the #freefish contingency would recognize this pattern and take the time to really see who steven frischling is. you may see him as this charming and funny guy who knows so much about his current love of aviation, but I can guarantee that in a year or less, he will most likely be forced to moved on because he has burned bridges.

    you may think that this site is bullshit and the people running it are evil, but do some research on your own, see how almost all of his stories don't add up and how they change dramatically over time. there are a lot of people in the photo world that regret ever being aligned with him and giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  31. ^ Amen to that. I have been reading his BS since the early to mid '90s on the NPPA-L and onto

    He takes some small truth and BLOWS IT UP into a gigantic BS story about himself. Hell, he was like 17 or 18 back then and claimed to have all of this experience.

    UGH, so many people have tried to help that sap and it does not work.

    I can't wait to read his excuses for the twitter f-up. He will vanish for a while and then come back with a bang.

  32. he must be loving his vacation from his Twitter job. Now he has more time for phone sex and taking photographs of himself beating off

  33. The link to his travel boot camp webpage appears to be offline.

  34. Fish deserves all this for nothing else than his choices in fashion. Him being a douchebag only makes it more enjoyable.

  35. this site is oh-so cool for our 7th-grade class project isn't it? my mommy and teacher are so awesome to give us this much time to post and re-post these redundant notes.

    i just love it! it's just so rad!

  36. ^Steven and/or Susannah, it's so amusing you keep showing up here to leave your sad little comments. Obviously it's because you can't dispute the content we are posting, can you?

    Clearly, you have no way to explain why he has lied over and over and over for 15 years, no defense whatsoever that would justify why someone would make up so many outrageous stories to gain attention for himself.

    Shouldn't you be polishing all the awards he won for his photos from Iraqi war zones (that nobody has ever seen)?

  37. Imagine if the DHS had handed Fish's laptop over the FishFraud for analysis.

  38. as a sportshooter and nppa member, its clear that fish stole that tsa report from another blogger, then reposted it. its why he pussy out and showed his laptop to the feds

  39. mr. frischling speaks and is once again a victim...

  40. "The shirt, LL Bean. The jacket, Woolrich.

    My sense of one wants to claim that."

    -Steven Frischling

  41. Wow what a stinking pile of bullshit.

    Addison Schonland is not behind the blog in any way. (We certainly would know.) Frischling is libeling and defaming an innocent man and we hope he will get his ass sued very quickly because he will lose badly.

    Question: If Steven Frischling actually had all this hard evidence he claims he traced back to people who threatened his children and hacked into his computer among other crimes, why haven't they been arrested? Why hasn't he brought lawsuits? (Or, where can we find information on these arrests and lawsuits? It's all public record and he should know that.)

    Answer: Because they are all innocent and he is lying yet again. There is no such evidence against any of these people, period. He's a sad, drowning man who is losing everything and grasping at straws to stay afloat.

    (FYI, anyone can go back through the @fishfraud Twitter feed. You will see we have been quite active on Friday nights and Saturday daytime.)

  42. yup, just what we thought

    pal, you're BUSTED

  43. ^Steven and Susannah, if you're so sure this man is behind the blog, and you have all this supposed evidence of a conspiracy, why don't you put your money where your mouth is and sue him?

    Because he is not behind the blog and you have no idea who is. Plus, none of this hacking or threatening your children ever happened, so you can't even call the police.

  44. oh jeez, it the blog owner getting hot under the collar?

    swearing, oh my. what is my teacher gonna say about that? my mom is not gonna be to thrilled either :-(

  45. ^where did the blog owner swear?

  46. FshFraud said...
    << Wow what a stinking pile of bullshit.

    Addison Schonland is not behind the blog in any way. (We certainly would know.) >>

    then tell us almighty one, who is? cat got your tongue?? what are you affraid of??

  47. ^As we are not 12 years old we do not consider bullshit to be a swear word.

  48. addison, c'mon now!

  49. ^Since you have so much time on your hands without access to Twitter, why don't you answer the simple question?

    If you truly had evidence "addison" had wronged you, why aren't you discussing your lawsuit against him?

    Is it because you won't be filing any lawsuits because you have no evidence?

  50. So let me get this straight, Steve: If I'm following the email you wrote on your friend's site correctly, you're now saying this blog belongs to someone named Addison. Which is great for you, I guess. Except that you and your wife spent an entire week creating a fake Twitter account which named two women as the sources of this blog. Not just naming them, mind you--describing their backyards, tweeting their places of employment, pretty much leaving a vile paper trail of libel.

    Now that you've spun the wheel again and chosen someone else as your prime suspect, what happens to the two folks you falsely outed?

  51. Funny how he refers to Susannah as his wife yet they are not married.. So, which is it? It's definitely the least of his problems!

  52. wow! now look, he leaves in the name ADDISON after it was noted HE was removing all references

    are those walls closing in there pal??

  53. ^ Do you have any idea how hard people are laughing at you right now?

  54. Answer: A lot. really really a lot. Steve, you are a freaking moron. This from a photographer who has seen your shit for more than 10 years. This site is fantastic. Your an idiot if you think it was this addison dude. Actually, I hope it is, because your piss off a lot of people with your idiocy and finally crossed the wrong one. I saw in the comments over 1000 people A DAY visit this site. That is 1000 DIFFERENT PEOPLE (and probably more) that think you are an absolute tool. I know every photographer all across the country I talk to, LOVES this site and they all think your a fucking idiot too. God this site is so great. Everything everyone has wanted to say for years, finally spoken. God bless Al Gore and his internet.

  55. I suspect FishFraud has played Steven like a fiddle this entire time.

    notice a pattern - Steven accuses FishFraud of harassment on Twitter, yet Steven goes bananas and gets his own account suspended.

    Steven accuses FishFraud of slander, yet Steven loses it yet again and actually slanders someone. Now I bet he is going to get sued.

    I'm just sittin back and laughin my lil ass off. Steven, you are a fucking retard and all this couldn't have happened to a more deserving asshole.

  56. Steve - stay away from Addison. There is no way he has done this. Besides being an honest guy, just based on his travel and the sheer volume of his original work that he posts on multiple sources. Its amazing he even finds time to sleep. This is not just repackaging other's work. No way he has time for writing FishFraud.

  57. Wow, after all this time one would assume Addison would step up and say something... or 'whomever' is behind that closet door. Why all the secrecy?? Perhaps it is Charlie Sheen after all?

    Come out, come out whoever you are. Why are you so afraid?? What are you afraid of??

    And you 3 posters are a riot. you should really work on 'you're' generative grammar though.

  58. lol Fish you've been played like a cheap fiddle. I hope you get sued and have to sell all your cameras so we don't have to see your shitty photos anymore!

    did you see the blog keeps showing up here?

  59. Why should Addison say anything? He's done nothing wrong. Hopefully he has a team of lawyers who will do the talking for him.

    The laughing at you continues.

  60. Fish: Addison is not stupid enough to go online and get sucked into a personal battle - especially when he's not involved despite the fact that he is now the victim of libel. He has established a strong personal brand in the aviation sector and would not want to damage it engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

    You have to ask the question: how is it working out for you?

  61. << FishFraud said...
    Why should Addison say anything? He's done nothing wrong. >>

    Who pray tell has said he has done anything wrong? Feeling guilty are you??

    'Hopefully he has a team of lawyers?' Well, do you Addison? Please tell us.

    Why all the interest in these 'lame' posts from us? Since when has anything that's been said to you sparked so much interest on your end?? Feeling a little squeezed at the moment?? Tell us oh-wonderful blog-master.

    Are you now speaking for Addison? Can he not speak for himself? We are not laughing at you, we are feeling sorry for you and your sick life, a sick life that needs to constantly vomit such ill, sophomoric rhetoric.

    I think the only sick morons that find this entertaining are you and your 3 other mentally challenged posters.

    Tell us, does Addison have his hand in the back of your wooden head or do you try and not move your lips when he speaks. Psychobabble at its best. Frightening, yes!

  62. ^Susannah, you seem a bit stressed. Problems at home?

    Did you ever find out how much money you will need to pay to get your children's father's fine name off the phone sex site?

  63. Forcing references about getting stood up by sweethearts? And you're claiming you're being attacked by psychobabble? It's no use arguing with you. There's no sense in anything you're saying. You're swinging at nothing. You're arguing with journalists. Business people. Professionals. Think about what could really help right now. Steven has left a long road of fooling with the truth. It's coming back to him now. He's pissed off a lot more than 3 people.

  64. Really, is that all you have? You bitch at Fish for skirting subject matter yet you can't even answer such simplistic questions posted on your so-called 'blog.'

    All you can basically do is cut-and-paste and call it interesting? Why always reference links, you can't formulate any thoughts on your own?

    Dude, you are the one that is a joke, cause you have nothing else. I really doubt you are this guy Fish is talking bout, he must have some though-provoking writing skills, skills you obviously lack.

    Stressed, not really. Just under-impressed with your lack of intelligent so-called 'writing.'

    So tell us, who is the dummy and who tries NOT to move their lips??

    Again, why so much interest in what we say here??

  65. I feel sorry for whoever sues frischling, they won't be getting much other than a dog, some old shitty mercedes, a bunch of camera bags and a pile of completely trashed first generation and 5D canon cameras with gay pride pink tape all over them that are probably worth 40 bucks or so. the financial reward for suing frischling would be the equivalent to collecting aluminum cans for an afternoon. a lot of work/hassle for barely enough money to feed the parking meter while you're in court.

    speaking of shitty photos and grammatical errors (as pointed out by an earlier poster), has anyone seen the latest blog entry on flying with fish about his botched tweet trip to germany? there are some stunning photos on there where he once again shoots everything using the widest angle as possible, leaving me with a splitting headache and vertigo. he has some great lines in there too. I love this one.

    "Need to make some calls? Just shut the door, lean back in your leather office chair and dialing."

    lean back in your office chair and dialing? ok. how about this one?

    "Once finished with relaxing, passengers have a number of options to stay entertained, fed, quenched, relaxed or be productive."

    so, once I have finished relaxing, I can realax again? why don't I just not stop relaxing.

  66. He/she doesn't need to. You're imploding and destroying your credibility all on your own.

  67. what I really like about frischling is the fact that he cannot dispute almost all of the content on this blog, regardless of who he thinks runs the site or who actually does. the fact of the matter is, the majority of the words on here are frischling's. he said (typed) them on the internet and never really had the forethought to think that someday someone might actually take all of those little quotes and piece them together to reveal a shitload of lies.

    now, I have a question for the fishfraud non-believers out there. I know that you hold frischling in high esteem and think he is a hugh asset to the aviation word with his uncanny ability to dig deep and reveal the truth about the tsa using good old fashioned journalistic instinct. the way he was able to get in deep with airport thieves to tell their story and how he effortlessly was able to have unnamed tsa agents spill their guts to him is true investigative journalism. honest and rich with integrity. woodward and bernstein would be proud. my question is, how do you hold frischling in such high esteem and trust that what he writes is actually truthful when there are so many examples of him exaggerating and outright fabricating stories of his adventures? I know you don't believe it, but it's hard not see that it exists. here's an example.

    I was reading the post about frischling's coverage of hurricane georges in 1998. pretty remarkable story. he gets invited by fema to go with them to cover a hurricane and after a few days of delays he just decides to ditch the assignment stating that it wasn't worth it for him financially. well, I'm a photographer and when I get an assignment to go on the road, I am getting paid whether I am sitting on the tarmac or taking pictures. so, this alone leads me to believe the it wasn't an actual assignment. I know, so what, right? but wait, there's more. PLEASE SEE NEXT POST

  68. the post goes on to quote a sports shooter message board post where frischling ended up going to puerto rico ahead of the hurricane with the usaf. he says it was totally routine, 4 hours there, 4-6 hours on the ground where he traveled outside of the base and made "nice photos" in villages before coming back to find that the plane had left but somehow made it back home before the hurricane ever hit land. fair enough. to be fair, here is the link to that post so you can see it with your own eyes.

    I won't mention the other post from digital wedding forum where he said he was taking shelter in a hangar at the base in puerto rico when the roof was torn off during the hurricane because that is just absurd.

    but, what I will point out is a post that I discovered while reading through that great archive of nppa listserv that the kind folks at fishfraud turned us on to last week. the post by frischling that didn't find its way into the fishfraud hurricane post was also about his trip to puerto rico ahead of hurricane georges. but there is a twist. here is the link -

    and here is what it says. brace yourself, it's a little long winded.

    "To those who offered advice in the past week regarding my frustrations
    dealing with getting to disaster relief sites....Thank You.
    I ended up in Puerto Rico yesterday/this morning from Dover (DE) AFB and
    was then on Roosevelt Roads (PR. The day started with the Pubic Affairs
    Officer grabbing one TV crew and heading to Puerto Rico on an earlier
    transport, leaving myself and a CBS crew from Philly (myself and the CBS
    crew arrived over an hour early). The Public Affairs Officer did not
    ask if we checked in at the Main Gate, and did not come to see if we
    were in the passenger terminal on the air force base, he did not see us,
    so he left. The three of us left (anchor, TVPJ and myself) were at
    least fed, offered 9 holes of golf (we had to pass on them) and were
    taken to Puerto Rico a little bit later in the day, cutting our access
    to almost nothing.
    All in all, it is always challenging having to get your photos when over
    half your access time has been cut away and you arrive with 45 minutes
    of daylight time still available. Looking at my film, I am actually
    amazed I was able to pull off the shots I pulled off despite arrived at
    5:45PM , not 11:AM and having no time to exit the military base for the
    photos I needed.
    All in all I am a tad tired, happy with my work, wire is happy with
    thier two photos (on time....sort of). Each day as it is said is a
    learning experience, I learned I did not like driving 3.5 hrs to be put
    on hold for 7 hrs, a 4hr flight , 2 hrs off the plane, 3.5 hrs stuck on
    the plane on the ground, 4hr flight home....but hey I got to meet a
    great crew from CBS in Philly (could not have asked to be straned with
    two nice guys...if anyone is in Philly say hi to Ukee and Jim for me).
    ......OK I am babbling I should sleep now I guess......
    Happy Hunting Y'all "

    now, I've only been a journalist for close to two decades, and I haven't done nearly as much as frischling thinks he has done, but I am not blind to the fact that those two stories that are etched into the fabric of the internet forever are not the same.

    seeing that this is only one example of many similar stories, isn't it fair to say that there might be an issue with credibility here? kinda of like that saying "once you go black, you never go back" I believe that once you start a web of lies that spans over 15 years or so, you are most likely going to still be lying.

  69. 'leaving me with a splitting headache and vertigo.' then why read it? if he is such a weener, why do you feel the need to read his stuff??

    also, please check your spell-check, ok?

  70. "once you go black, you never go back"

    so now this blog takes a racist turn. WOW!! what next, ya'll gonna start burning crosses?? spewing anti-semitic rhetoric??

    real class!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

  71. "All you can basically do is cut-and-paste and call it interesting? Why always reference links, you can't formulate any thoughts on your own?"

    Wait one minute, are you an idiot too? You can't actually be THIS stupid. Did "Huge" Grant also attack you in the head with his deadly umbrella?

    For newcomers/vegetables who need a refresher course on what is happening through the glory of this blog: Steven Frischling's own lies and actions are utterly destroying himself and humiliating his family. Though his decades of lying online, he is being exposed as a fraud, a liar and possibly a mentally sick individual. Naturally everything is properly referenced.

    (Or, if that was a sorry attempt to get us to write an editorial that could be actually legally considered libelous, fail yet again.)

    Susannah, you claim to work in the mental health field. Do you think leaving these angry comments (and reading the comments making fun of your "husband") are so good for your own mental health? Incidentally, why have you never insisted your children's father get help for his pathological lying? That is a serious mystery.

  72. GortonsFishSticksMarch 1, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    My god, this is hilarious. I can't wait for the soap opera to come out!

  73. "so now this blog takes a racist turn"

    oh Susannah, do you know how much joy you are bringing to so many people right now? Open the window and you might hear the laughter.

  74. yes, real class. just as classy as making a boring story about a hurricane better by just bending the truth. it is shocking that someone could look at that and disregard it or label it as a character assassination. that is what is truly unbelievable.

    speaking of class steven, did you ever pay back the $200 dollars that borrowed from your old boss at CRN? yeah, didn't think so.

  75. ^HA! He borrowed $200? Do you think he bought 100 minutes of phone sex?

  76. dude, all the people want is for YOU to answer some questions. skirt what you may, you seem as lost as you claim fish is. get a grip charlie mccarthy! or are you edgar?

    why keep deflecting subject matter? those that seem to have so much to hide, like you claim fish does, deflect. why do you feel the need to deflect answers and turn the posts around so much?

    again, what are YOU so afraid of?

  77. "HA! He borrowed $200? Do you think he bought 100 minutes of phone sex?'

    he did, but forgot to send the money

  78. The only thing "the people" (also known as Susannah and Steven) want to know is our identity because this blog is driving them crazy (which isn't a long drive.)

    Perhaps if "Huge" Grant beats us around the head with his umbrella we might give it to them.

  79. << FishFraud said...
    "so now this blog takes a racist turn"

    oh Susannah, do you know how much joy you are bringing to so many people right now? Open the window and you might hear the laughter. >>

    so that is funny to you? you really are sick! you think a racist comment like that is FUNNY?? i'm sure tomorrow it will be even funnier.

    i'm sure BLOGGER will appreciate the thought and think this remark is real funny also.

    this 'blog' has really run its interest and usefulness when you support trash talk like that. but then again, trash you must be! good luck with the fallout. trust me, you'll probably need it.

  80. This blog isn't doing ANYTHING that Steven hasn't been doing to himself. And you just keep making it worse.

  81. Interesting, all that energy spent on shouting racism. Um, did I hear someone use the word deflection? What about the real content of this site? Care to address any of that? Why not spend some energy discussing the reason this blog exists? Hmmm? Simple. You don't have anything. You have no defense. "Oh, Look Over Here, You're a Bunch of Morons" only works for so long.

  82. The saying "once you go black, you'll never go back" is not racist.

    You are grasping at straws as you drown, yet refusing to let go of Steven as he pulls you both under the current.

    As strange as you clearly are, why you choose to keep making it worse (as suggested above) is mystifying. It would seem you are also not very bright.

  83. << FishFraud said...
    The saying "once you go black, you'll never go back" is not racist. >>

    right...... sure it's not.

    but we'll let blogger decide. pray on your end that an african-american does not adjudicate.

    dude, you are wasted, go away!

  84. Susannah, please explain how it is racist. How is it demeaning or offensive to black people?

    Step 1- Point in Susannah and Steven's direction
    Step 2- Laugh

  85. Interesting, all that energy spent on shouting racism. Um, did I hear someone use the word "deflecting?" What about the real content of this site? Care to address any of that? Why not spend some energy discussing the reason this blog exists? I'd say that a bunch of pissed off customers and people who feel betrayed by lying are somewhat justified in their outrage. "Oh, Look Over Here, You're a Bunch of Morons" only works for so long.

  86. I do feel kinda sorry for her but to see how she's in such denial, wow

  87. "Why not spend some energy discussing the reason this blog exists?"

    Yes, notice they never argue with any of the posts?

    They have absolutely no way to explain away all these lies and changing stories. The only explanation is that he is a pathological liar who needs help, and they probably can't admit that to themselves.

  88. As an African-American, the phrase "once you go black, you don't go back" is not racist. It is accurate.

    Someone married (or not?) to a fat white guy obviously wouldn't understand that.

  89. she definitely wouldn't understand that--ask any of the thousands of photographers who saw the photo of Fish holding his "little fish"!! his nickname should be "guppy"!

  90. As a Black-American, I find it extremely offensive. Especially if condoned by some cracker!

    Above must be posted by the blog's owner! But as mentioned, let Blogger and other readers decide.

  91. ^You are such a fool. Nobody uses the phrase "Black-American." Google it.

    No, we did not post the reference to your apparently tiny member, but thanks for calling attention to it again.

  92. I've enjoyed this blog but where is it all going? Where is this going to end up? all the comments (if they are written by Steve or his wife) make me uneasy.

    I see all this winding up with Steve going on a shooting spree at his local Dairy Queen. He obviously has mental issues going on. Being a liar is not illegal. He has his freedom of speech too even if he uses it to make an ass of himself.

  93. I've been addicted to this blog for quite a while, but now I'm starting to think it may be reaching an end of its cycle. I think the end game has been achieved. Steve has been hit hard - right where it hurts. Any entertainment I might have derived from watching the fight is pretty much gone now. Coming to visit just seems to be a compulsion and makes me feel bad now.

    I'm really hoping that he can learn from it, repent and take on a new way of communicating to the world.

    Maybe the blog should be shut down and everybody can move on.

    In a perfect world, Steve settles his debts and makes a public apology. I think we would all have a tremendous amount of respect for the Fish if he were to do that.

    But that is up to him. Either way, this should come to an end.

  94. "Being a liar is not illegal"

    unless you are a journalist, which mr frischling claims to be.

  95. Most reasonable people, when presented with this much negative feedback and evidence about themselves, would settle into a period of self reflection.

    They would take this time to consider the mistakes they've made. They would think of ways to get right with the world.

    However, I'm not seeing this from SF. He appears to think he's been wronged and that all things he's said are true. He appears to think he hasn't cheated people.

    Here are the steps I would advise SF to take.

    1: Liquidate all assets and pay back as many debts as possible. He should, at his expense, send photos to all brides who have them coming. This is crucial. If the photos are gone, due to poor archiving practices, admit it and stand accountable for the consequences.

    2: Admit to every mistake. Seek forgiveness where possible.

    3: Get a real job to support your family. Get into a routine of steady work and steady paycheck. Get education if possible.

    4: Turn off your internet, dump Facebook, and stop commenting on Sportsshooter or any other forum. Stop blogging and stop tweeting. Simplify your life.

    5: Find a mentor who can advise you on these matters. Listen to what they say and follow through. If you have an idea of your own, realize it's probably a bad one and seek advice from your mentor.

    6: Realize that as painful as it is for all this to happen, you are being held accountable for your past actions. You can't change the decisions you made, but you can move forward and improve your life starting now.

  96. I'm going to second (or third) the last couple of comments (5:40 a.m specifically). This blog has been all of the things it's been cracked up to be--a train wreck, a well-deserved smack down, a lesson in how an embellished life will catch up to you. (I'd mention Stephen Glass, Janet Cooke, Jack Kelley et al. but those folks at least had jobs at major journalism institutions before they self-destructed.)

    But like the previous poster, I think the cycle has run its course. Even though Mr. Frischling seems unrepentant and defiant, and even though he continues to flail away, right here in these very comments, it seems as though the point has been well made. He will face a difficult time trying to recover his Twitter feed, a difficult time dealing with any lawsuits that may arise related to his slimy outing of two apparently innocent parties, time dealing with his phone sex bills, and, most importantly, trying to repair the long paper trail that this blog will leave behind. That seems to be enough, no?

    If I were you, Steve, I'd settle up any debts with brides to the best of your ability. This guy/gal has you by the balls and you should just scream uncle and get on with your life.

    As for @FishFraud, despite what Dylan Thomas once wrote, I would go gently into that good night. You've achieved your goal, methinks, and anything further will just feel like, well, too much.

  97. There is some sense to bringing this blog to an end. However, SF is deep in denial. He's been bs'ing people for YEARS. It's his whole life. He's been told, over and over again, to curb it and offered help. He never listens. He never changes. I'm not saying it's impossible. But what will cure this?

  98. no fuckin' way is this blog gonna end until our fearless leader says it is!!

    fish is a douche bag!

  99. Oh my, are there Diary Queens in La Jolla?

  100. If this blog ends, what will I read when I'm on airplanes and in hotels? I actually travel for work (unlike fishguts) and need quality entertainment! Please keep this up!!!

  101. This reminds me of another big talker on the ss message board from a few years back. He was also a talentless photog who ended up arrested and on the tv show To Catch a Predator. Ironically another guy living Connecticut. I'm guessing Fish's fate will be similar, he will be ostracized from our community.

  102. hey, too bad addison. looks like your walls are crashing in on you. fish had his twitter account reinstated.

    so what is your next juvenile ploy??

  103. Dear Addison, why so quiet??? What, did the BLOGGER people slap your wrist for your racist remark(s)??

  104. This 'blog' is as believable as Bush's reasons for invading Iraq!

    Shut it down, close it up.

    Trust me, those that will 'miss' this will find other avenues to spew their hatred and racist remarks.

  105. ^Addison doesn't live here. If you want to get in touch with him why don't give him a call or send him an email?

    The only thing unbelievable about this blog is the direct quotes from you with your various lies. What kind of sick individual lies like this for attention?

  106. ^dunno pal, you tell me. why so quiet??

  107. No, he/she's not so quiet. This blog speaks volumes. Your "comebacks" reveal you haven't anything to say. You keep digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole. You're not saying anything to address actual issues presented here. You're your own worst problem. Spewing hatred? Get over yourself. Lots of people have serious problems with what SF has been getting away with, and we're tired of it. You can't make that go away with childlike rants - "Go Away!" Sorry, not at this stage. Do something about it - Listen for a change. Listen to what people are trying to tell you.

  108. ^Please point to one item on this site that are outright lies like your own stories of Iraq, being shot, being assaulted by police, being in the middle of a hurricane, being a firefighter and sponsored snowboarder, taking control of an accident scene from 22 state troopers, being injured by Hugh Grant, etc?

    Tell the world again why you have NO PHOTOS on your website of the war zones that you claimed to have been in? Are you such a terrible photographer that you had no usable images? Yet you claimed they won awards.

    Meanwhile, your continual harassment of "Addison" is just ridiculous. What blows everyone away is that you think you are smart. Even Susannah admitted you're not very sharp. How sad.

  109. Where are your 3 other posters? They bail on ya?

    Why not take the advice of others and disappear from here. Like vaporize, man!

    Your time here and silly-ass blog is oh-so yesterday. It may have been entertaining once but it's no longer. Grow up. Move on, move away! Do us and yourself a big favor, funnel your hatred to a better cause. Go join the military.

    And btw, who the hell died and left you in charge of the anti-Fish police department? Are you like the police commander or just a sergeant-in-charge?

    We actually have much better things to do, unlike you. So most of us REAL people are just gonna move on. Good luck with the remaining lost souls. I guess that is all you have left there 'Addison,' Charlie McCarthy or Edgar, whomever you claim to be, you friggin' clown!

    Have a swell day.

  110. ^ You won't move on. Clearly your life is "reloading" this blog.

    For those implying the blog has run its course, that could not be further from the truth. We will continue exposing Steven Frischling for as long as he claims he is a journalist and expert in travel or anything (except how to get out of paying for phone sex).

    The traffic and interest in this site continue to rise exponentially. And this is all through Google searches and a few tweets - how long until a site like Gawker or Wired picks up what is happening?

    We've only just scratched the surface as well.

  111. ^sure....

    i second the bye-bye.

  112. ^Yet still you remain. You're unable to look away, stricken with fear about what is going to come out next. You must be sweating wondering who we are talking to and what dark secrets might show up here.

    How embarrassing your poor children have your last name! Think of the humiliation your selfish actions will put them through.

  113. You don't get it do you? What SF is doing isn't harmless. People have lost photos of their wedding day - their wedding day - they don't get to do another one. Advice to put fake stickers on batteries to get through TSA - dangerous. I haven't been to Iraq to cover a war, but pretending to know stuff you don't, or passing along second had information that you're not verifying just to get attention, to someone about to go to Iraq to cover a war, is dangerous. Dangerous gd damn it! You are putting people at risk. You are putting their hard earned money at risk. Don't you get that? We're not fooling around. We're not going to put up with this. I'll do what I need to do to prevent another non-experienced photographer from getting taken in by your BS. The "blogger" you speak so well of is trying to get some brides their money back. Wake up. You're going to yell louder and louder, and it's not going to make any difference because there's no substance in your yelling, and plenty in the grievances being filed against you.

  114. So, steve got his little tweety-feed back and he feels he should do some chest thumping. I'm sure he and his airplane fanboys feel vindicated. Sadly, he still probably has no concept as to why the blog exists and will carry on. Keep on him, the juvenile responses only further prove that he's unraveling.

  115. this blog has been entertaining. i've long ago tuned out frisch on sportsshooter because he keeps talking out of his asshole (not recommended unless you're jim carrey). it fascinates me that he's talked himself in a corner time and time again. great work digging up his posts which continually contradicts himself or exposes himself as a liar. now only if you can find those famous photos of his! lol, they'll never surface because they don't exist.

    as for his followers, they're lemmings for a reason. come on! if you're so stupid you don't know how to travel on an airplane, follow all the rules that are posted on the tsa or carrier sites, comprehend simple instructions and use common sense, by all means keep following frisch. i'd rather not be in that gene pool.

  116. what I don't understand is why does he suddenly "know" this is Addison? His claim about tracking cell phone towers etc is ridiculous. He can barely type a sentence. He said before he "knew" who it was and went crazy attacking people. Both times he ended up hurting himself better than this blog ever could. I mean he lost his twitter account! That's like having a limb cut off for normal people

    if FishFraud is not Addison and he's been spoonfeeding Fish misleading info, well played my man!

  117. OMG, nothing like logging on and reading these posts. PURE HILARITY! This is better than any tv show or even a good old verbal beat-down on

    Keep it up!

    P.S. SF you will never learn will you?

  118. Just learned about this blog today. WOW. Even though most all my friends will not know who Steven Frischling is, I plan on sharing this for the personality disorder study and entertainment value!

  119. Honestly, I kind of felt sorry for Frischling for a very short while. That is really hard to do for such an obnoxious, talentless, liar. But his responses just continue to show what a clueless individual he is. He has no answers for the countless claims thrown at him, no facts to base his wild accusations on of who FishFraud really is, no kind of wit to write a post deeper than juvenile name calling, and no common sense to realize when it's best to just stop talking. The worst part is, he doesn't want this to end, this gives him exactly what he craves for in life: attention. Doesn't matter that it's negative, this is all he's got. He needs serious help, more than his mental-health field working wife is obviously able to provide. Insecurity, arrogance, no grasp of reality and an internet connection just further reveals his lifetime of failure, he's just too stupid and lonely to let it go. As much as I love this blog, it's actually gotten more sad than funny. Seriously, get help, if not for yourself, then for your kids. You've already left them one hell of a legacy, huh?

  120. Maybe she is still with him because she is working on a prize winning mental health case study!

  121. This has been pretty incredible. I've been following this blog for a while, and have been holding back some information that I have about Mr. Fish, waiting for the proper moment to share it.

    There is so much more that this blog can share, and the more people become aware of it, the more they will point FishFraud in additional directions.

    Let me tell you - there are many victims out there. What's being said on this blog is not new to me. Steven, you should just clean up your act and do the right thing. Stop trying to bullshit everyone because people ain't buyin' it.

    I am a member of the photography community and nearly everyone is reading this site now. I get several links per day from people who want to be sure that I don't miss anything. The photo industry is loving every post.

    Sadly, I think SF has deep insecurity issues, and as a result has been embellishing the facts of his life since an early age. Something tragic must have happened to him as a child to cause this kind of low confidence personality flaw.

    I just hope he can take care of his debts, see a therapist, and work out his issues.

  122. lots of people who are victims of terrible things as children don't resort to fraud and ridiculous lying for attention. At some point he needs to grow the hell up.

    He and his disgusting wife are sociopaths who have no problem defrauding people to get their hands on money they don't deserve.

    Steven is also stupid as a fly on a pile of horse shit. He doesn't even come up with believable lies and can't keep his story straight. Every step he's made has made his situation worse. And he continues to post here!! No doubt he has been jerked around by this site into going after the wrong people - like shooting fish in a barrel because of his stupidity

  123. Amazing - 123 comments so far! This has to be a clue to anybody out there.

  124. yeah, their continued posting here is not a wise PR move at all. it gives legitimacy to the entire blog. it's crazy that they don't realize that.

    it's also crazy that they don't just give that phone sex company the money they want just to get his name off of that list. if my name ended up on a list like that, even if I never called a phone sex line, I would still pay them cash just to get my name off.

    to let that sit there on the internet (and it's been there for LONG time, by the way, I knew about it way before seeing it here) getting indexed in Google is nuts, especially for a guy who has been trying to build his name up.

    i have come to the conclusion that for SF, any attention is good attention - even the bad stuff. i think, in some strange way, he's actually thriving on this FishFraud blog and loves the attention it brings. makes him feel important, i guess.

  125. ^ He is not thriving, he is suffering immensely and causing more damage to his family at every turn.

    His "wife" has admitted he is not "the sharpest knife in the drawer" but he doesn't seem to know this. He seems to feel he is very smart.

    You be the judge.

  126. Comment 1:13. Perfectly said. This reminds me of alcoholism. The alcoholic is like the last person to know the damage they're inflicting, and can't get help until they admit it to themselves.

  127. These comments are all a distraction to FishFraud who needs to focus on delivering more great SF content.

  128. It's always kind of a goof to Google yourself, to see what comes up. And, when you've killed time on Google, who hasn't looked up their parents? I feel sorry for his kids when they get the urge to see what the internets has to say about their mom and dad.

  129. yea, even if Fishfraud were to be shut down tomorrow, all of the cached pages will still exist on Google.

    You can't un-Google yourself.

  130. "So the moral is ... if you end up with the confirmed address of your cyber stalker ... don't post it on Twitter." Can you believe this shit? And he thinks this is the work of a cyberstalker.

  131. That's why your work must continue, blogger!

  132. The moral is - if you are caught lying don't lash out randomly at innocent people that you victimized in the past

  133. SF is a mess. I think we can all agree upon that. However, I do not agree that this blog has gone far enough.

    If my wife didn't receive her photos and did not have a reason (through an act of contrition) to forgive the person responsible, then I think she would be unwilling to move on. Even if she did feel the need to forgive for the single transgression, she would be less inclined to forgive if she knew that other couples had the same experience.

    I know that I don't look at my wedding photographs, but I'm a guy. However, I know I have them if I want to look at them when I am older and I want to relive the moment. SF and other photographers use this as a marketing tool. The presentation to all young couples is that you want to get the best photographer possible to preserve the fleeting moment that is the demarcation line of adulthood. It is not about the money to these people. It is about inviting a stranger into a personal moment and expecting that individual to treat the moment with the same seriousness that they have when they are pledging their life to each other. These are life-defining moments for FAMILIES.

    Maybe he doesn't see this as important because he has never been married, or maybe he became jaded to the bridezillas that he has had to deal with over the years. I'm not in his shoes. However, based upon grammar and writing style, it is readily apparent that there are many people posting on this site that have had to bear the brunt of his lying and shady business practices and there are very few people who defend his actions.

    We have all had the opportunity in life to take the easy road and lie our way out of a situation. Nearly all of us have failed this test at one point or another. However, it is rare that you find a person who nearly always chooses the easy way out irrespective of the damage incurred by others. I think the blog serves as a case study of one such individual and should run its course until completion.

  134. Fuckface Frischling is a professional bullshitter and he is able to talk his way into and out of a lot of situations because the typical honest person would never suspect someone who comes across so genuinely nice is actually a lying sack of human excrement. He usually gets away with it as long as he's talking but when he is expected to do actual quality work that's when things go south.

    of course some sharp people catch straight away that he's full of shit and stupid as hell. Shit for brains Susanna probably never will no matter what comes out next.

  135. This guy is the biggest tard on the planet. What kind of moron would make up so many unbelievable stories while claiming to be a PHOTOGRAPHER? Did he not understand he is supposed to have photos to back up all these stories? He is bat-shit insane.

  136. He did our wedding and the photographs were great and delivered on time.

  137. The man is a wicked combination; liar and thief. But since he cannot understand this combination leads to self destruction, add a pile of stupidity to the combination. A sad cocktail of humanity that provides endless entertainment as we watch his career spiral earthward. I suspect the number of people wanting to be associated with him is dwindling rapidly.

  138. can you imagine being the poor soul that gets stuck sitting next to fishdick on an overseas flight? he must really pull out all of the stops on his stories then. I bet he tells people that he is a pulitzer prize winner for his combat photography and the movie "up in the air" was about him.

  139. fish

  140. Let me try this again. My early contact with this guy was years ago to get him to correct bad information he posted online about a colleague. For reasons that escape me, boredom, whatever, I followed his bs online to try and correct him and the errors of his ways as he continually shot holes in the hull of his internet vessel, obviously to no avail. He is so dense that he thinks we're online buddies, NOT. Plus, he never showed that he took any advice to heart and better himself. We choose to stay anonymous because we are ashamed that we even bothered to help this pathetic person and now could be caught up in this mess that is his "career". That choice doesn't make our descriptions of these sad encounters with him any less credible, however.

  141. what I really like about fish is the fact that he cannot dispute almost all of the content on this blog, regardless of who he thinks runs the site or who actually does. the fact of the matter is, the majority of the words on here are frischling's. he said (typed) them on the internet and never really had the forethought to think that someday someone might actually take all of those little quotes and piece them together to reveal a shitload of lies.

  142. My experience pretty much the same as 8:21. At first, you are interested in him an follow him, try to correct him and are met with an arrogant "I know it all" response. its just not the way to operate on the net.

    Just the sheer volume of comments and popular response to this site should be a big eye opener. As for the content, could one "stalker" do all this? No, it was crowd sourced. From a pretty large and motivated crowd it seems.

  143. "He did our wedding and the photographs were great and delivered on time.

    March 2, 2011 7:08 PM"

    thank you ali winston and/or mike c. thomas and/or michael whirllie and/or seth girard and/or unnamed and unverified tsa agent. this statement brings a lot of credibility.

  144. "He did our wedding and the photographs were great and delivered on time."

    LMAO, and you discovered this blog because you happened to be Googling the guy who shot your wedding and did a great job?

    (notice there is no link to any kind of gallery to back up these "great" pictures)

  145. Seth Girard GerardMarch 2, 2011 at 9:43 PM

    Please note I legally changed the spelling of my last name to Girard from Gerard, my family's last name and the one I had used all my life. Then I went on Yelp and wrote a glowing review of working with Steven Frischling at the University of Mass athletic department. His photos were neato and he was not fired!

    Then I legally changed the spelling back to Gerard.

  146. A very credible source that circulates $3 bills overheard yet another very credible source say something to a brother of a friend that someone told him that he heard his sister say Fish and Addison were lovers in a past life on a distant planet. I hope we can dig up some interesting trash on that. Would make a great read.

    Get to work groupies, on the double!

  147. The visuals on that scenario are too weird to consider

  148. Can you believe these stupid rules for this blog!

    Impersonating others: Please don't mislead or confuse readers by pretending to be someone else or pretending to represent an organization when you don't. We're not saying you can't publish parody or satire - just avoid content that is likely to mislead readers about your true identity.

    How unfair!! Shit, just break 'um anyway!

  149. ^What about posting fake reviews to Yelp?

    How stupid do you have to be to forge a reference from a coworker and misspell his last name?

    The answer: very, very, very, very stupid.

  150. how funny, it's like they've memorized Blogger's rules in desperation to find ANYTHING they can report you for

    funny how actual laws don't seem to concern them, but oh nooooo violate Blogger's rules and they'll jump all over you

  151. Has anyone bothered to google the address where this supposed stalker lives?

    The address he posted in La Jolla is a $1.2 million house that has been for sale for while. It appears it's vacant. And by the way, the address is still cached in google when you search flyingwithfish and La Jolla.

  152. fish now lives in la jolla?? he must have won the lotto!

  153. I guess Addison did not sell too many books, he had to move? Bummer.

  154. Fish lives on a couch in Connecticut.


  155. he's selling his $1.2 million house in California? What a deadbeat.

  156. Why is anybody talking about Addison? He's a Fish victim.

  157. who apparently has a book, which already makes him more successful than Steven Frischling.

  158. "Fish lives on a couch in Connecticut."


  159. My wife and I hired fish to shoot our wedding almost three years ago. We still do not have our pictures. He has admitted to having a hardware malfunction, and yet to this day we have received nothing but excuses, lies and grief.
    The first half a year was excuse after excuse, then all of a sudden no more responses. Unfriended from facebook, apparently disappeared off the face of the earth(except for having ample time talking about his adventures through his blog).
    We were ready to just let it go as a life lesson ( never hire someone without several legitimate references), but low and behold fish contacted my wife asking for our mailing address. "Wow" we thought! Finally he's found our photos and he's going to send them to us.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    After receiving our address, he comes around and accuses us of being behind this blog!
    I'm sorry, no offense to whoever is behind this blog, but my wife and I are very busy working professionals who literally don't have the time or energy to do something like this. We were ready to just forget about it and move on.
    Anyways, it's gets much worse.
    After our contact with fish, "someone" mysteriously started the yucky stalkers Twitter account. From this account, some very disturbing messages were posted, including details of our home both inside and out ( from pictures found online as our house was recently purchased and still on the realtors site).
    He saw a picture of my wife with a young child( actually my cousins kid who lives overseas) and said that our daughter was in danger. (We don't have children).
    Then the police were "on their way" to our house.
    Then more off the wall comments about my wife losing her job, which couldn't be further from the truth.
    Then messaging one of our friends saying that he was linked to this whole mess.( we had to explain to him that we were dealing with a crazy person).
    This is scary stuff that only someone who is extremely disturbed would do.

    I messaged fish and told him that he was grasping at straws, and that we honestly had nothing to do with this blog other than sharing our story.

    I've remained quiet for all this time as we have been in contact with a lawyer who specializes in cases like this. We also have family members who are police officers( which is why the threats of police made us chuckle).

    I share this story because I feel it's important for those people who support fish know the truth. I'm not afraid of saying this because all of it is true and we have the screenshots to prove it.
    We hired him, signed a contract, and he did not fulfill the contract. He took our payment in full, and made excuse after excuse, before finally ignoring our emails.

    We have every correspondence ever made between us and fish documented along with the signed contract, so what we have against him is airtight.

    I honestly don't care what fish is doing these days with his airline stuff or whatever he may have his paws on at the moment.
    All I want is for him to fulfill his contract. 3 years now, and we still don't have our wedding photos. If they are lost like he admitted, then there is a matter of money being owed back to us for breach of contract.
    We are not holding our breath.
    I also want people know the character of the person they are dealing with when hiring Steven. I hope that no one else has to go through what we did, but unfortunately it seems like many others have experienced unsavory things to say the least.
    I actually felt sorry for fish. I felt that some of the things said might be unfair or extreme. But when the defamation of my wife, and total invasion of privacy became part of the picture, any sympathy went out the window.

    To all his followers and supporters: how does the kool-aid taste?

  160. wow! For anybody that wonders why posters want to remain anonymous this should answer that question!

  161. What does Fish do with the wedding photos? Did he not back up the photos? At the very least he should just burn a DVD and hand over the files to fulfil the contract.

  162. So, Randy, and anyone else employing or using this self serving maniac, are you finally seeing the light? This isn't harmless bullshit. This isn't a bunch of haters or a cyberstalker. This is a bunch of customers, consumers, ex friends, colleagues (for lack of a better word), etc, trying to share what they really know to an unsuspecting public and other journalists who should know better.

  163. To 1:55:

    That is just terrible. To get burned once--not getting the wedding photography you paid for--and then to get burned years later by the guy who stiffed you, via a brutally libelous internet smear campaign, is beyond terrible.

    Those of us who are responsible photographers, journalists, and wedding photographers, send our best wishes.

  164. 1:55s comment needs to be its own blog post. Simply amazing and a warning to any who hear from him out of the blue.

  165. 1:55, GREAT fiction. So you have basically "experienced" what this blog owner has done to Fish, several times over.

    Wow, you almost sound convincing. As you so conveniently put it -- "Nothing could be further from the truth."

    Try harder next time. But it sure sounded sweet!

  166. 1;55 - oh man, i almost bought the story, too. did sound kind of "fishy" though.

  167. 10:49 + 10:55 aka Susannah and Steven -

    We all saw the @yuckystalkers Twitter and Steven's own psycho attacks and these people and know it's true.

    Where is your proof that anyone did anything similar to Steven? Did we post your address? Describe your house? Claim the police were on their way?

    Steven got his Twitter suspended for a reason - true stalking.

  168. I wish it were "fiction".
    What do I have to gain by making up stories? I'm never going to get my wedding photos.
    It's sad to see someone so delusional in their own world that they would deny what is so obviously the truth.

    Firstly, Fish has openly admitted to losing our photographs. He's admitted to screwing up. Yet there have been no actions taken on his part to rectify the situation.

    Secondly, Yuckystalkers was public domain, people could see what was written. How is that "fiction"?

    Thirdly, we have everything, I mean everything documented. Anyone who dares challenge anything I've stated is basically sitting on a sinking ship.

    I don't condone anything that others have "allegedly" done to Fish. But the fact of the matter is that two wrongs do not make a right, and nothing that has happened to Fish erases the fact that Fish screwed us over. Plain and simple.

    Stop your weak attempts at defending yourself because the more you do it, the more you look like an ass-hat.

    This is beyond damage control. Too late for that.
    If you and your cronies continue to push the envelope I will publicly post a detailed account including screenshots, emails, timestamps and the works. I have NOTHING to hide cause I actually have been completely honest and have everyhing to back it up.
    You on the other hand, are living in a fantasy world where the only person that matters is yourself. You don't care who's lives you ruin and who you rip off. You actually believe your own lies.

    The thing is, even with all the evidence layed out in front of you, to which any sane, objective person would clearly see, you would find some way to try and talk yourself out of it.

    " Great fiction.. blah blah.."
    " oh man, I almost bought the story..."
    Is that your attempt at defending yourself?
    SO WEAK it's not even funny.
    Show me anything, ANYTHING that would suggest any of what I stated was made up. I DARE you.
    Anyone who has half a brain can see what's going on here. How anyone can defend you or paint YOU as the victim is beyond me.

    The more you post here, the more you legitimize what's being done here. Keep it up, smart guy.
    And yes, we are in contact with an attorney. We'll see what's fiction and what's reality.

  169. Jesus Fucking Christ: I can't believe there is anyone--Fish himself or friend--that could read 1:55's post and THEN follow up with a comment mocking him. This guy hired Fish to shooting his wedding and ended up with nothing. His wedding!!! It's not an event that can be replicated. And years later, not only does he still have nothing but he now has Fish stalking him and his wife and libeling them left and right. And THEN this guy, who has a right to be freaking off-the-chart pissed, writes a pretty heartfelt comment explaining how he feels and he is met with more comments mocking his situation. Unfuckingbelievable.

    There was a moment--a fleeting moment--that I felt bad for you, Steven. I even wrote a comment urging this blog to throw in the towel and declare victory, whatever victory means. But after this? I agree with everyone else. You are a total slimeball.

    (And even as a total slimeball, you should STILL do the right thing and fulfill your contractual responsibilities. This was their wedding. I've shot hundred more weddings that you could ever imagine and I am scratching my head thinking of a scenario in which cards weren't backed up at least twice, externally and on DVD. It's step number one, before a single picture gets worked on.)

  170. Great, yet another chapter of frivolous rants, ramblings and rhetoric. Trying to sell the story again??

    Doubt anyone will buy it, AGAIN!

    Keep it up, it's great reading -- cough, cough as poster clears throat!

  171. ^Steven Frischling 101: He never stops lying.

    Note the two back-to-back comments... He always goes with his gut reaction and never thinks even when it's obvious he will just make his situation much worse.

    He is equal parts stupid and sick.

  172. having to take one's own medicine tastes like shit, don't it.

  173. Silly me, this must be that very credible source that circulates those $3 bills that overheard yet another very credible source say something to a brother of a friend that someone told him that he heard his sister, blah, blah, blah....

    Oh soooo sorry I missed that one.

    Don't ya just hate when such BS is posted here, don't ya just hate it!

  174. I love Steven's attempts at defending himself. They are so clever, factual and poignant. He should seriously consider a career change and become a defense lawyer.
    When stating his arguments he can simply repeat gems, such as..." GREAT story..." " oh, that's believable..." and then call the judge names, questioning his credibility.
    I have NEVER in my entire life met anyone as intelligent as Steven Frischling.
    Seriously. Never. In my entire life.

  175. << I have NEVER in my entire life met anyone as intelligent as Steven Frischling.
    Seriously. Never. In my entire life. >>

    what, are you trying to kiss up to him now??

  176. This was once a funny site to read during my downtime from having a real job. Now, thanks, to Frouchebag's continual posts, it's become a meeting place for hundreds of people to try and figure out what exactly is wrong with this guy, with him present to observe and weakly flail back insults at. The sad thing is that people have offered advice, sympathy, and even excuses for this idiot and, like the kid who always lost at everything he tries, he just doesn't give up. His need for attention and lack of basic intelligence, purpose, education, personality, maturity, and class shows in every post he writes.
    This is my second anonymous post, by the way. Not that he can count that high.

  177. 12:32 aka Steven/Susannah, AGAIN, we all saw @yuckystalkers. Everyone saw what Steven put on his own Twitter. You have been exposed as the true psychos, not us.

    And again, the people you attacked on Twitter... all innocent. You know you have NO evidence against any of them, despite your lies to the contrary, only the suspicions of a not-too-sharp brain.

  178. Steven/Susannah's only defense at this point seems to be attempting to goad people into arguing with them, possibly responding with something that maybe they shouldn't. As tempting as it may be, don't buy into it.

  179. WOW, just WOW.

    sar·casm   /ˈsɑrkæzəm/ Show Spelled
    [sahr-kaz-uhm] Show IPA

    1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
    2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

    Forget paint chips, to be that dumb you must have taken a straw to a few cans when you were young.

    Just hilarious. I love this Blog.

    << I have NEVER in my entire life met anyone as intelligent as Steven Frischling.
    Seriously. Never. In my entire life. >>

    what, are you trying to kiss up to him now??

  180. "I love Steven's attempts at defending himself. They are so clever, factual and poignant. He should seriously consider a career change and become a defense lawyer."

    Haven't you see his lawsuit history? He always represents himself. Lost every time.

  181. god you guys are right, this story-line just keeps getting better and better every post.

    now it's a conspiracy! fiction at its best. please keep it up.

    tell me, when do the little spacemen and spacewomen from mars enter the story-line. don't spoil the whole story, just a tease here and there, ok?

  182. This was once a funny site to read during my downtime from having a real job. Now, thanks to Frouchebag's continual posts, it's become a legitimate meeting place for hundreds of people to try and figure out what exactly is wrong with this guy, with him present to watch and weakly flail back insults at. The sad thing is that people have offered advice, sympathy, and even excuses for him, but like the kid who always lost at everything he tries, he just doesn't give up. His need for attention and lack of basic intelligence, purpose, education, maturity, and class shows in every post he writes.
    This is my second anonymous post, by the way. Not that he can count that high.

  183. 12:57 Susannah... it's like you're in quicksand. The more you flail about and kick, the quicker you sink.

    Please continue to leave comments. You have no idea how much joy you're bringing to people who are laughing at you.

  184. We've posted over and over again, the same warnings to SF. Isn't if obvious how's he's self destructing, and every response is the same, "You're all morons!" I used to think that people were going over board telling us how stupid this guy is. Holy Crap. The poster who wrote "unfuckingbelievable" - truer words were never spoken. Do we need any more proof? This is why this blog will not go away. My question is, what do you do with a guy like this? I eventually saw through his BS years ago, but it took awhile, and not before getting taken in by some stuff. Fortunately there were enough red flags to warn me off. What happens when you're not an experienced photographer, or traveler, and get caught up in this numskull's advice?

  185. can someone find me a blog post on flying with fish that has almost 200 comments?


  187. So, let me get this straight. SF is publicly accusing someone named Addison as to being behind this blog, while at the same time, is accusing a person who didn't get their wedding photos is being behind this blog? Aren't these 2 different people?

    Is every person who has been screwed over "behind this blog" now?

    Also, is SF trying to say that 100% of his clients either received their wedding photos, or received a refund?

    Dude, for the love of God, stop posting here and making it worse for yourself. I suggest you do the following:

    1) Refund all of the people who deserve refunds. Take out a loan if needed, but just do it.

    2) Pay your phone sex bill and get your name off that list.

    3) Then, when you've "seen the light" and cleaned up your act, write some kind of public apology, stop shooting pictures, blogging about airplanes, and write a first-person perspective on how you became a normal human again. Then pitch that story to Oprah.

  188. Every time fishfuck attempts to defend himself, it is like he is leaking his own Santorum onto the internet.

  189. "can someone find me a blog post on flying with fish that has almost 200 comments?"

    he moderates his comments. wouldn't be surprised if each one got 200 comments stating "you're a douchebag" that he deletes. I know I've left a few.

  190. Hey FishFraud - I see this site is climbing up nicely in Google when searching for our hero's name. I just checked and it's high on page 2.

    If you want to get it to the first page, I suggest you include his full name in the page title.

    Keep up the great work.

  191. SF had a minor victory and got his Twitter account back but the train wreck is still about to happen

  192. ^ It doesn't really matter. It was the worst possible timing for this to happen when he was supposed to be Tweeting about the flight he was on.

    And he only had about 10-15 people even take part in the #freefish campaign. How incredibly weak for a guy with so many followers.

  193. The #freefish people were just airline fanboys and not professionals. It was pretty lame.

  194. Wanted to be #200 in comments and say well done FishFraud. I like my fish baked, fried, steamed, grilled and even raw if it is thinly sliced and served in little bits. This site provides all the options.

  195. FishFraud is worse than Angry Birds for becoming an addictive, time wasting black hole.