Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frischling Thought He Could Outwit TSA with Fake Homeland Security Stickers!

DHS to Frischling: Feel Free to Use This Seal 
What a total idiot. And he tries to sell himself as an expert on travel.

Huge thanks to a faithful reader/Frischling hater who directed us to a hilarious thread on SportsShooter about the TSA's decision to ban some lithium batteries back in 2007. Apparently there was some fear they could explode or be used as detonation devices or something.

Frischling's brilliant solution? Create some forged stickers with legit government logos to get his batteries past the TSA checkpoint!
I am switching from the 1D series bodies to the 5D series bodies. As I do this will be removing all the OEM stickes from my BP-511A batteries. In the place of the OEM stickers I will be placing on a label that reads this "NiMH - FAA Compliant."

I have a feeling this will go unchallenged from my extensive experiences dealing with the TSA Agent-Screeners.
To which someone responded,
"Have screeners given you grief about the batteries? If so, was it good enough to just show them the label on the battery?

Not that I'm suggesting that someone print up "NiMH" stickers that would fit on a lithium battery or anything. But if someone DID do that, I would HOPE the TSA's screening process would be thorough enough to detect it."
But according to Frischling the Fool,
The TSA has no way to check batteries on-site aside from labels
He then designed and posted a sticker that included seals from the Department of Transportation and the Homeland Security! Yes he did!
I have created labels that should be a viable solution to labeling batteries that meet the exempt guidelines as set forth by the US DOT and enforced by the US DHS (TSA). With the only verification system the TSA can effectively have in place is to have TSA Agent Screeners read battery labels this should speed up the process of having your bags processed
People essentially replied that he was an absolute idiot. Yet Frischling didn't seem to understand the larger issue of creating these stickers, saying the government seals are in the public domain!

People fired back,
"The fact that the logos are public domain wasn't my issue. It was the fact that you seem to be planning on using the stickers with logos to mis-label lithium-ion batteries as NiMH."

"you are treading on dangerous ground by creating what appears to be an 'official' label in an effort to convince agents of the U.S. government that someone with the authority of the symbol you are using has deemed the batteries compliant."
To which Frischling responded with this outright lie:
This is why I have already e-mail the PIOs at the DHS.

One I am friendly with sent me back a reply saying that if people can legally sell FBI, ATF, NYPD t-shirts and wind breakers that let pretend to be law enforcement they can't see the harm in labels being created to only identify batteries that are exempt from the Lithium restrictions.
Really!? A Department of Homeland Security official told him he couldn't see any harm in creating fake stickers with government seals to get banned items past airport security! Really!?

Sadly the original sticker with the logos is gone, as he apparently decided to "redesign" it, but like every other project he's ever started, never completed it:

Unfortunately we can't crawl into Frischling's tiny brain, but here are some other great ideas using government logos he may possibly have thought of:

Department of Transportation: Print out this "Certified Sober" label to put on your forehead to get out of drunk driving charges!
Department of the Treasury: Print out these "This Is Really Real Money" labels to go on anything you like! Have a flier on your windshield? Turn it into a million dollar bill!
Department of Agriculture: Are your children hungry but you have no food for them? Print the "This Is Food" sticker and they'll eat anything it's stuck on!
Department of Homeland Security: Is your name Mohammed or are you just wonderfully tan? Print the "100% Not A Terrorist" label, stick it on your chest and you'll sail past airport security!
Department of Justice: Every citizen deserves one "Get Out of Jail Free" card. So why not make your own?
Department of Veteran Affairs: Tired of not being a veteran? You are now, buddy!
Department of Education: Does some stranger have a blog devoted to making fun of how stupid you are? Print out this official "Its obvious Im smart" sticker and plaster it on everything you own!

The funniest thing is that to this day, you know he doesn't understand what was so wrong with this idea. Is there any limit to his stupidity? 


  1. the FishFraud goodness never stops!

  2. What a great way to start the day! It gets funnier and funnier.

  3. I just hope you don't run out of material, but Fish seems like he's providing an endless supply

  4. If he posted to the message boards 1/2 as much as he tweets, the supply is nearly endless.

  5. Twitter is relatively new. He used to be 24/7 on all these message boards and mailing lists. He clearly has some desperate psychological need for attention from strangers.

  6. yea but I bet he gets a lot more cautious now that he knows someone is fact checking every last detail

  7. To the contrary, he's stupider than ever. It's his arrogance that drives his stupidity, and this site makes him more determined to show off how great he thinks he is.

  8. I don't know why the tsa hasn't banned him from flying at all, especially since he also brags about bringing knives on planes and all these nonsensical around the world in a day trips that he (allegedly) does.

  9. The defrauded brides, that's sad. but the fake stickers to fool the tsa, and then making them public? Bragging about bringing those little knives aboard? That's the crazy department. I've been reading sportsshooter for several years, frankly, I can't stand his posts anymore - nearly every string is a reference to himself and his websites. he uses any excuse to talk about himself or draw attention to himself. Spend some time working with the brides and people you've take money from.