Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steven Frischling's Book Flop!

A few years ago Steven Frischling bragged on the SportsShooter message board that he had secured a book deal:

He wrote this in a post titled, Woohoo! I just inked a contract to author a book!
Well this morning wasn't very eventful , but this afternoon was spent on finishing up negotiations to author a book for an international publishing firm.

After a few months of discussions with an international publishing firm I just ironed out the final details of my contract to author a book for traveling photographers!
From here I figure a few more thousand miles stuck in plane seats finishing up my research, then off to crank out 135 pages of text to fill the "The Traveling Photographer's Essential Pocket Guide"
Woo Hoo!
Not surprisingly, people found his post out of place and flagged it "Off Topic."
I think I see where with the members who flagged your lead post as "Off Topic" are coming from. I will use the message board header as a guideline for the scope of the message board. The header includes the following sentence.
"This message board system is for members to share ideas about issues of importance within our community"
I agree that this topic is of importance to you and people who follow your blog, but I am struggling to make a connection with this topic and the "importance within our community." It is quite an accomplishment to be contracted to write a book and it will be a monumental day for you when the book hits bookstores across the country.
Yes, when will that book be hitting bookstores? Frischling continued,
Deadline is 1-June-2009. I hope to have it done in half that time.
He even issued HIS OWN PRESS RELEASE for the book! (Notice he leaves out the necessary apostrophe in the book title as well as other punctuation errors.)
PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 30, 2008 – The Travel Strategist Founder, Steven Frischling is working on an exciting new project in conjunction with Rocky Nook Publishers- The Traveling Photographers Essential Pocket Guide, which will provide a one stop resource of information for photographers from pre-planning logistics through logistics of travel.
Here is the description of the book found here:
Globe trotting photographer, travel strategist, and consultant Steven Frischling has crafted a practical guide to planning and traveling for the working or enthusiast photographer. Steven shares his in-depth knowledge of business travel and photography, covering travel planning, choosing flights and itineraries, equipment choice and packing strategies, navigating airport security and immigration, and hitting the ground running at your destinations to get the photographs you are after. Learn from a veteran road warrior how to handle delays, find food in foreign lands on a tight schedule, find sleep in the air and on the ground, keep your equipment safe in airports, trains, buses, and on location, and maximize your travel budget. This essential guide breaks down travel tips and logistics into a format that can be quickly and easily referenced by photographers traveling for business or pleasure.
This actually is a very good idea for a book, provided it were written by anyone besides idiot Steven Frischling. Outside of the fact that he's a pathological liar and tends to rip off his content, he's really not a very good photographer. And he's an even worse photo instructor, judging by his brief yet hilarious series of instructional videos on YouTube.

However, the publishing company, Rocky Nook, liked the idea. They were so serious about it they even designed a cover. And Frischling "inked" a contract, so he claims.

It's now 2011. Here is a listing of all Rocky Nook's books to date. So where is the book?

The logical guess is that Frischling procrastinated repeatedly, made excuse after excuse and never turned anything in. He possibly demanded continual cash advances so he could fly around to do more "research." Or, what he turned in was such a stupid pile of crap that Rocky Nook (which specializes in photography) realized it was not fit for publication and canceled the project.

We quote Frischling in saying, "Woo hoo!"


  1. maybe the publisher saw his sports shooter post about his new deal and was so disgusted at the multitude of typos and punctuation errors that he decided to tear up the contract.

  2. Woohoo! I'm so busy tweeting I have no time to write.

  3. One wonders if he'll ever get another job given this existence of this site.

  4. He's not had a real job for years anyway - but this site pretty much ends all hope. Maybe he should change his name.

  5. As most of us have experienced with Steve, receiving the finished product after signing the contract is pretty hit and miss :0)

  6. He should have changed his name a long time ago. However, he has such an overinflated ego/is so stupid that he thinks his "name" in the industry is impressive.

  7. Here are a few pictures of the fishdouche in action