Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Steven Frischling: Genius Social Media Consultant

Steven Frischling's Twitter strategy: pure gold
Someone who must have just stumbled across this site asked in a comment, "Who is Fish?"

New visitors, we introduce you to Steven Frischling aka Fish, the most brilliant social media mind of all time!

Apparently he is not happy with some things on this site that cast serious doubt on his credibility, so he has decided that the most effective strategy is to use social media to drive as many people here as possible.

In fact, last Thursday and Friday he nonstop ranted and raved with more conspiracy theories as to who is behind the site. Team Frischling then created a fake Twitter (@yuckystalkers) to harass these people.

The result? Record traffic for this site.

As requested, here are some screenshots of last week's traffic that we copied over the weekend, representing traffic over the past week and over the past month:

That giant spike you see around the first week of February occurred when the photography industry got a hold of this site. 

Clearly, Frischling should use himself as a case study to attract clients. Let's say something unpleasant has come out about an airline, such as one or more employees setting up a blog leaking information that compromises the airline's credibility in the industry. Using Frischling's own actions as a template, here are the first 12 steps the airline should do to undo any damage:

Steven Frischling's Guide to Social Media Damage Control: Adapted for Airlines
  1. Using the airline's official Twitter channel, spend several days discussing the unflattering blog with all of the airline's followers
  2. The airline should put up its own blog defending itself and its practices while addressing a small fraction of the issue at hand. Be sure to admit shoddy business practices occurred in the past.
  3. Tweet that the company has no problem having their own data/security independently verified and this is perfectly ethical.
  4. When someone asks to independently verify the data/security, the company should then change its mind and say it will not allow this because it would be unethical.
  5. Speculate wildly on Twitter as to who is behind the blog. Repeatedly refer to the employee as "our airline's stalker." The more times the airline announces it has finally discovered for certain who is behind it all, the more credibility it will reclaim.
  6. When the airline thinks it has identified two flight attendants as the people who made the site, ignore all other business and have a full meltdown on Twitter for at least 24-36 hours. Discuss the people who are challenging your credibility as much as possible. This step is the most important to the strategy because your airline wants as many people as possible to visit the unflattering blog.  
  7. Tweet your suspects' full names, cities and states they live in. Be sure to Tweet that the police will be there any minute, and that you have people breaking into their Twitter account.
  8. The airline should set up a Twitter account such as @yuckystalkers (note: this step may require hiring an 8 year old girl to come up with such a good name) to harass the employees and their husbands.
  9. Be sure to Tweet innocently that one of your airline's fans has set up the Twitter account, because this is very believable and everyone will be fooled.
  10. When you see that one of the husband's Twitter handle identifies him as a lawyer, don't let this stop your company from openly harassing him.
  11. Announce on Twitter that your airline has a contract for a lawyer, and is trying to establish how to raise donations to pay for legal expenses. Do not worry that this will expose your airline's serious financial problems and cast further doubt on its credibility. 
  12. When you find out there's no evidence against these employees, start over. Announce you've caught a new suspect, Tweet a residential address in a third state and announce that the "mastermind" behind all of this lives there.

Nothing short of brilliant. This method should be employed not just by airlines, but by anyone facing a PR crisis. Governments, oil companies, disgraced politicians, celebrity criminals - all should hire Steven Frischling, the finest social media consultant out there today, to restore their credibility.

Wouldn't you hire him?

Happy Lying!


  1. i think you may need to get involved in something healthier than this. you and this blog are sick! really, what is your problem? you seem quite obsessed with this blog and fish in general. you are the one ending up looking like an idiot. what is your point? how many times do you feel it necessary to beat this dead horse? it's getting real old very fast.

    perhaps fish is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but you are a preoccupied weirdo! is this all you have, all you can do? sicko!

  2. Quite interesting that you stopped by here before we even had time to Tweet there was a new post! So why are you so preoccupied with this site that you check in and comment so frequently? Is this all you have, all you can do?

    If you admit Fish is "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" then why does he sell himself as an expert on the TSA, the airline industry and airline security? Before you say he doesn't, he even claimed the reason for this site was because he had investigated some company's security!

    Perhaps someone who is "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" should not sell himself as a "Travel & Aerospace Focused Social Media Strategist and Executor." It appears basic social media strategy is utterly above his head.

    Perhaps someone who is "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" should find a more suitable line of work, such as stocking shelves at Walmart. That would bring a steady paycheck and perhaps even a discount to help feed your children. Industry bloggers are fair targets for public scrutiny, Walmart employees are not.

    Stop blaming this site for your financial problems and start blaming who truly caused these troubles for your family.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I for one hope that you post something every single day. It is so entertaining and I love every second of it and hope you never run out of material! What's his deal with the address anyway? He should name names!!

  5. epic blog. this guy is a retard

  6. I come to this site as objective as an observer as there is. Though I'm a professional photographer, I didn't care who Steven Frischling was until this week. I'd seen chest-thumping posts over the years on Sports Shooter by him, but there are chest-thumping posts by lots of people on SS. Similarly, I do not have the faintest idea who is behind the site I am typing on at this very second, though it appears that a client who never got their wedding pics would be a good place to start.

    Having said that, and assuming that all things were equal in the ugliness that this feud has become, I will say that this whole @yuckystalkers thing has pushed the pendulum back into the fishfraud court. Though this site may be a helluva way to get something settled, it still seems to be grounded in he old Donald Segretti school of ratfucking. (Too young? Google.)

    Yuckystalkers, on the other hand, is a really gross endeavor, what with all the posts about watching people through their windows, identifying addresses, etc. It brings a nasty internet fight into the even nastier realm of physical stalking. Like the mafia, perhaps both parties could adhere to a leave-the-families-out-of-this treaty. (And @yuckystalkers is so thinly veiled that there's not even any cleverness in it.)

    If you guys are going to fight in the gutter, so be it. But stay out of the sewer, 'cause that's not going to end well for anyone. You may believe you've found your man (or woman), Steve, but what you're doing with @yuckystalkers is kinda gross. Because if you're wrong, you're going to have a lot worse things to deal with than a bride who wants her DVD.

  7. Each and every entry posted on this blog brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. There is no person more deserving of the grief and irritation that this blog clearly causes him than Steven. Having heard most of the excuses that have been chronicled throughout this blog, Steven obviously has an m.o. in dealing with clients: sign a contract, collect the money, cut and run. What even makes it more pathetic is his seeming noncomprehension of why people won't accept his cowardly "I wasn't good at it, so I dropped it" reasoning as to why a good number of brides never received wedding photos. By all accounts it's been well over a year since Steven stopped photographing weddings, more than enough time to simply burn discs and mail them out, yet Steven chooses to play the victim and attempt to turn the tables on those he rightfully and legally owes images to. Turn off the Twitter for an hour or two and do what's right.

  8. What is a Travel Strategist and Airline Social Media consultant anyway? Does he expect airlines will pay someone who travelled for a while as a photographer and now writes a blog to advise them on their marketing and communications?

    I think the chances of that happening now are next to zero - if you can't even manage our own personal online brand, how could you manage it for someone else?

  9. fish sucks. he is a douche on sportsshooter. true story.

  10. Yup, agreed.

    The @yuckystalkers thing is disgusting and he should be ashamed of harassing people, in a physical, "I can see in your house", kind of way.

  11. he is like a cornered beast - frantically lashing about

  12. I love this blog!

  13. I read this blog every day, always hoping for more info. It's hilarious!