Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frischling Asks if the TSA Has a Truth Problem!

You've got to be kidding. Why does he give insist on providing content for this very blog on a daily basis?

"Travel blogger" Steven Frischling, who's been fully exposed as a fraud, a thief and a pathological liar, has just posted a blog asking if the Transportation Security Administration has a "truth problem" because they won't give him the answer he wants on his inane questions about union meetings.
Does the TSA simply have a problem being honest [sic] transparent, even regarding the most minor detail, because it is a spiraling agency unable to control its own image?
First off, the TSA needs to stop replying to him at all. Steven Frischling aka flyingwithfish is not a legitimate journalist in any sense. He's an unemployed douche who blogs on a site that has no standards whatsoever for its members. Apparently all you need is an email address and a desire to type your thoughts about airplanes and Randy Petersen will let you have a blog on BoardingTalk (this according to Randy).

Let's summarize on what we've revealed so far on this site (scroll back through the blog). Steven Frischling:
  • has been dragged in and out of court for fraud
  • has been sued for breach of contract
  • has been sued for not paying his bills, such as his cell phone or day care providers
  • lied about being a sponsored snowboarder, an EMT and a firefighter
  • claimed that while working as an EMT he was issued a gun for his safety
  • claimed to have been sexually molested but provided details that cast suspicions on his story
  • claimed he was threatened with treason charges and arrest on multiple occasions
  • claimed he's had guns pulled on him by the police while taking photos
  • fabricated work references from non-existent people and companies
  • fabricated a work reference from a real person, and misspelled the guy's name
  • fabricated disgusting quotes from TSA agents (and possibly other "anonymous sources") in his blog
  • claimed to be in contact with professional airport thieves who shared with him how they operated
  • created a forged sticker with the Homeland Security seal to try to get his items past TSA agents
  • made up a story on Facebook about a client refusing to pay him because it run out of money because they spent their money at casinos, when in reality he was fired because he had not done the work promised
  • possibly ripped off a story from a fellow blogger and claimed he was sent the same info
  • brags he carries hidden knives on planes
  • has nothing beyond a high school education, and lacks basic skills in punctuation, spelling and grammar yet asks no one to proofread his posts
  • spends all day on Twitter because he apparently has no real job
In contrast, the TSA:
  • is a government agency full of people who actually have jobs and are willing to do work
  • while not perfect, the agency seems to be legitimately trying to do its job: make travel safer

Today's whine comes after his rant about the TSA ignoring his constant requests for info:
Despite my balanced coverage of the TSA, the Office of Strategic Communications has recently taken to refusing to answer my question. For the past ten days there have been no answers from the Transportation Security Administration. Not one answer to my 45+ phone calls and emails seeking statements from the Office of Strategic Communications.
Boo. Hoo.

Someone left a comment on this post calling him out as a phony, and he approved the comment, but it was likely only so he could respond and promote himself:

First he does not "regularly break stories" about anything, since most of his content comes from press releases or other people's blogs. Second, he's not frequently quoted by "other" media, not since his history of fraud and fabrication has come to light. Third, his blog was not singled out for syndication by USA Today. All of's content is syndicated on, but you have to go out of your way to search for it. (And again, has no standards whatsoever. Congrats, Randy.)

So we call on the TSA again to stop returning Steven Frischling's calls, period. The end. Finito. He is not a journalist nor even a half-assed blogger. Give your attention to the honest individuals out there who have earned some credibility and legitimacy.


  1. Uggggghg . . . the worst is that condescending and idiot "Happy Flying!" he posts after every idiotic post/comment.

    This blog is pure genius. A masterpiece.

  2. Amazing work. I wonder how many other frauds are being called out like this. Your work is groudbreaking. It should be a news feature.