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Steven Frischling Was Shot... 9 Times!

Did this Kevlar helmet take a bullet for Frischling?
A faithful FishFraud fan just shared the following gem from the archives of the National Press Photographers Association listserv! While we had posted Steven Frischling's claim of being shot before, this goes into more exciting detail.

Not only is Frischling claiming he was shot on two separate occasions, he was apparently riddled with bullets!

It appears he is claiming he was shot with two bullets entering his body, while another time he had seven bullets enter his bullet-proof vest and Kevlar helmet! Yes, the kind of helmets soldiers wear in Iraq. He claims one shooting happened in "the projects" and another shooting "elsewhere" (possibly fantasy land).

Notably, it appears he posted this in the first place after being called out on his "I'm such a victim" attitude by a guy named Keith Morrison.

bit.listserv.nppa-l: Other Side Of The Lens/ K. Morrison 

Steven Frischling, Aug. 11, 1998
>The attitude of 'poor little me' is more than just a but disturbing to me.


I was not asking for sympathy, I called myself an idiot if you read the post (sort of eliminates the need for sympathy). I was speaking in the first person, sort of asking in the 3rd person (can one really write in the 2nd person with out writing a "choose your own adventure" ?)

I am just curious if anyone outside our profession gives a $#!+? Yes we as PhotoJs choose to be in these situations (and nice to mention EMTs/Medics , because on certain calls they have the right to try and pass the call to another unit, I know I did twice when on an ambulance), but with out images the general public usually has not a clue what happened, then again sometimes after the situation the general public does not have a clue what happened (like when a paper misses the story, even when they have photos, but no reporter) .

You are correct I had a lovely encpounter with a flying metal projective (twice in me, 7 times in a vest...all at once) while in the projects , another another time elsewhere. I knew my risks, which is why I own a bullet vest and a kevlar helmet, but that does not detract from the fears PJs have, dangers PJs face and risks we as a profession often put ourselves in. Take me out of the equalsion , because there are many more photogs that get injured more than I do, and walk into worse situations more often that I do....what about them? Do we as PJs give up our ability to be humans once we have a lens? I know we do on some level, because we choose to watch the world rather than "be in it" at times, but we are all still humans first.

I doubt any PJ got into the business for the "cool vests" , and I would like to believe that thse who got into this job because it is "cool" do not get to far, and fall back inthe pack. There are risks, some are good, some are bad. Some PJs walk away from the centre of teh storm,
and that is fine, most of te stories exist outside the centre or the storm, everyday life and death happens on the outside looking in, not in the core looking to the epi-centre.

I wonder if you missed the point Keith, not looking for "poor me" , or for "poor us", I am just curious if anyone on the outside looking in on our photos cares if we get home OK, even if just a passing thought.

Happy Hunting

Steven E. Frischling
News Photographer/News Photo Editor
In Search Of A Good Stress Managment Program
1(800)225-0256 PIN# 56865
-It's all about good and evil, life and death, so what do we do when the
demons start to win, and we slowly pray for death?

Nice signature quote.

So Steven Frischling, when and where did these shootings occur? Where are the scars that back up your claim of having had two bullets enter your body?

Quick quiz class! Exactly how many times was Steven Frischling shot by age 23?

Happy Lying!


  1. I don't even know how to grapple with this one...


  2. Steven Frischling wrote"...I have had my bones broken, stiches requied to heal the wound, and have had to dispose of pannels on a bullt proof vest because it was used to protect myself."

    "...I was shot & beaten and chased and no one
    cared because it was here. That bothers me, but I still do it because I believe in the story being at home, I believe in the story being where
    you live, because that is where you should make a difference first. "


  3. Steven Frischling "esspecially" giving out more kevlar goodness:
    "Check my web site, there are 2 photos on there that show the reason I always have one, and there are others I have that show close proximity
    to "foul play" where a vest is prudent to my safety. I know there are others in the NYC area that do as I do, and have done, a numb er more
    than I. Never know when the $#!+ hits the fan, esspecially in a major metro area, and ever know when a vest might be handy."


  4. ^^Thanks, but we commented on both of those outstanding stories before. The "I was shot & beaten and chased" was the basis for our first blog post on this ridiculous claim of being shot.

  5. Steven Frischling on the importance of kevlar vests for pj's:
    "Not to sound like an ass (which I am sure a number of you think I sound
    like often), sometimes close & scared is the only way to get the photo. I admit, as I have before, most of my firefight/gun fight photos were
    taken in NYC, Boston, D.C., Redwood City/East Palo Alto (CA) and other places in the U.S., but gun fight is a gun fight. Most of my gun drawn
    and aimed photos are on rooftops, in project stairways and backyards, most of the time 18mm-85mm because it is the only way ( I really suggestowning threat level 3 bullet-vest for this). I know it is very
    different from Nicaragua, but not far off. I know that I have been shot at to many times, and have bee thankul for wearing the Kevlar because I
    prefer a broken rib to a hole in me..."


  6. Sorry for any redundancies but you have to enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping.

  7. ^No problem. They never lose their punch but in fact become more hilarious each time you read them.


    NINE.... TIMES....

  9. "-It's all about good and evil, life and death, so what do we do when the demons start to win, and we slowly pray for death?"

    What the fuck?

    does Steven Frischling hear voices?

  10. 4:16 I googled that because I thought it was maybe from some Metallica song. Nope. Looks like Frischling wrote it himself.

    methinks it's all part of his fake "wah I've seen so much death and destruction, scenes of war, hell on earth" image he wants people to believe.

  11. He needs protection from the black helicopters flying over his place. You know he needs to be watching out for "them", the people coming after him. He is such an idiot.

    In the history of the world does a bigger idiot exist? Certainly no more public an idiot!

  12. Steven Frischling wrote: "Wish I was smiling in the photo, but I'm not, then again the photo was
    taken of me durring a gun fight if I was smiling I'd have problems :0) "

    This guy is in more shootings than Wyatt Earp!


  13. I don't know Steven Frischling but judging by this story on its own, he has a severe personality disorder plus mental issues. Severe. On top of that he appears to be totally stupid.

    He is describing life-or-death situations that he has never been in and are all but unbelievable, AND on top of that, he is feeling sorry for himself and projecting disgust at society that he is not getting sympathy for these situations that never occurred in the first place.

    And this was 13 years ago. These people only get worse.

  14. 5:00 a photo taken during a gun fight that appeared in a brochure? Does anyone remember seeing anything like that?

    If there are bullets flying, who the hell is taking pictures of the photographers on the sidelines? Or maybe he was the one doing the shooting? OK Corral indeed

  15. Steven Frischling wrote in Septemebr of 1997, "She saw a long story I had done in the Red Hook Housing Projects in Brooklyn, where I went everywhere with the police, and stayed a few nights, days and so on with people who lived in the Projects. Needless to say this was not wedding photography, it got me shot, got me lots of photos of abuse, gang violence, drug abuse, fires homocides, etc, etc.

    Now he identifies the projects where he was shot as the Red Hook Houses.


  16. 5:05 and he has three children. If that isn't disturbing I don't know what is! Question: do the kids get punished for lying at the Frischling household? Or rewarded?

  17. He was shot through the head so that's why there was no damage. Bullets just rattled around in there.

  18. Steven Frischling wrote in August 1996 about his riot coverage, "NYPD Housing busts a suspected rapist in the Gawanis houses while there was
    tension growing between a gang from west Red Hook and Gawanis, it exploded around the cops, about 500 people involved, in early june."

    I searched the NYT srchive for June 1996 and Gowanus (the correct spelling) and came up with two stories niether of which describe this. But hey how can the NYT compete with "(just looking through notes files of months in my hard drrive.)"


  19. I like how this one guy responds to his claim of being involved in multiple "riots"
    "Steven E. Frischling writes:
    >>I have yet to be ina riot, did about 4 in Brooklyn and 3 in Queens last

    OK, I'm not sure what you mean, but the only 'riot' that I remember in NYC last year was one that lasted about 10 minutes when people returning from a parade got out of hand. The cops sort of maced the crowd down & it started to rain, causing the crowd to disperse rather quickly.
    Frischling responds with
    "Bike cop shot in the Jackson Hts Houses, around 200 peole forced the NYPD
    out of the projects
    Cops tried to arrest a minister in L.I. City in late July, 2 streets became a
    a hispanic wall of violence, I know of about 50 people transported for
    injuries, and 4 ESU units and Corrections ESU was needed to enforce the zone, in mid-july.
    A block party in Brooklyn, a guy was showing off his gun to a friend and shot a little girl in the head about 2,000 people in a giant street brawl.
    A black on hispanice fight of about 400 in the Marlboro Houses in early june."

    my favorite line is "a hispanic wall of violence" HOT!

  20. Obviously he's photography's version of 50 Cent.

  21. this blog rules.

  22. it is ironic that frischling talks a lot about riots because he himself is a riot - something or someone hilariously funny.

  23. He has a lot of posts on other boards as FishFotoJr. FF I I am just letting everyone else know.

    From FishFotoJr on alt.journalism.newspapers:


    I have good resean to move to the Bay Area sometime early this summer and
    would like to find out if any of you know of any photo job opportunites in
    that area. I would not mind working at a local newspaper group, as I feel
    I am getting burnt out on hard breaking news. I am also interested in
    flipping back into wedding/celebration photography if I can find work with
    a studio or through another wedding photographer.

    I will consider any photo related work, preferably not lab, but it is not
    out of my mind. If you happen to know the phone numers of the local
    papers daily, or weekly in the Bay Area please forward me that

    If anyone has anywork, my resume is listed at the bottom of this post.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

    Steven E. Frischling

    Personal History:

    Born in Queens County New York, 18-June 1975

    Permenent Residence is in Valley Stream, New York

    Lived in Brookline, MA June 1993-May 1994

    Attended The New School for Social Research, New York part-time, 1994

    Attended Tufts University/The School Museum of Fine Arts, Boston part-time

    Attended Richmond College, Richmond, Surrey(London) part-time 1992

    Valley Stream South High School, Class of 1993

    Career Highlights:

    Freelanced in Europe, covering the IRA in 1992

    I was the only non-affiliated freelance photographer allowed into the Pool
    at the Laying in State of Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neil at the Massachussettes
    State House in Boston Mass, in January of 1994

    Documentary photo story on the New York City Police Department in the Red
    Hook Housing Projects , in Brooklyn New York, supported by and edited by
    the photo editors of New York Newsday."

    Continued in next post.

  24. Career Goals:

    To be a part of the White House Press Corps as staff

    To win Pulitzer Prize for documentary work, and spot news

    To do documentary in a combat zone

    Work History By Year:

    Freelance for The Valley Stream Observer, New York
    Freelance sold to Richner Publications, New York

    Freelance sold to The Associated Press, London
    Freelance sold to The Evening Standard, London
    Freelance for Richner Publications, New York
    Freelance for Observer Publications, New York
    Freelance sold to The Valley Stream Mail Leader, New York

    Stringer for The Associated Press, Boston
    Freelance for Harvard University's Sports Info Dept, Boston
    Freelance for The Improper Bostonian, Boston
    Contract Staff for Gazer Press Images, Boston
    Event Photographer for Photographs Forever, New York
    Freelance for The Valley Stream Observer, New York
    Freelance sold to The Boston Globe, Boston
    Freelance sold to Boston Herald, Boston

    Stringer for The Associated Press, Boston
    Freelance for Harvard University's Sports Info Dept, Boston
    Freelance for The Improper Bostonian, Boston
    Contract Staff for Gazer Press Images, Boston & New York
    Freelance for REX U.S.A./REX Features London Ltd, New York
    Freelance for Richner Publications, New York
    Advertising Photographer for Lipo Chemicals Inc,Paterson NJ
    Freelance sold to The Boston Globe, Boston
    Freelance sold to Boston Herald, Boston
    Freelance sold to New York Post, New York
    Freelance sold to New York Newsday, New York

    Freelance for The Associated Press, New York
    Freelance for New York Newsday, New York
    Freelance for The Galveston County(TX)Daily News, New York
    Freelance for Richner Publications, New York
    Freelance for REX U.S.A./REX Features London Ltd, New York
    Freelance for The New York Times, New York
    Advertising Photographer for Lipo Chemicals Inc, Paterson NJ
    Freelance sold to New York Post, New York
    Freelance sold to New York Daily News, New York
    Freelance sold to Newsday(Long Island), New York
    Freelance sold to The New York Times, New York

    Freelance for The Associated Press, New York
    Freelance for Richner Publications, New York
    Steven E. Frischling
    Freelance News Photographer
    NYPD Working Press #0067

    Too young to be respected; Too old to not be taken seriously; INVINCIBLE!;
    Fear was just a word in the dictionary; Life was a right, not a gift;
    Death was only a concept; STRENGTH!--Nikon F4s ad 1992 "

  25. I have seen Fish every few years dating back to the beginning of his photojournalism career. I have NEVER seen him showing signs of injury. With all of these major catastrophes, you would think that at one point he would be bandaged, limping, or in a wheel chair.

  26. Another gem from Steve:

    "In the United States you can drop out of school at 16 without parental
    consent. Many do not choose this, at least not folks with half a brain,
    although the U.S. has an incredibly low education rate, compared to the
    resources available to us.

    I took photo classes in the U.K. and was happy (Richmond College), and
    while I make my living as a news photographer in possibly the nastiest
    city of them all (New York City) and I do fine without a college degree
    but would like to get one for myself, not for work. On the other hand,
    was in college part time while shooting for a living and failed "basic
    black and white" and "understanding composition", it was the same
    instructor and he kept telling what was wrong with the style I had, the
    same style that gets my foot in the door because it is different.

    If and when I go back to school I will major in journalism so I get better
    at doing work for word-side, I know I will not get much from photo
    because shooting is a personal thing, and a vision and drive must come
    from within, nt from instruction.

    Just my opinion

    Steven E. Frischling
    Freelance News Photographer
    NYPD Working Press #0067

    Too young to be respected; Too old to not be taken seriously; INVINCIBLE!;
    Fear was just a word in the dictionary; Life was a right, not a gift;
    Death was only a concept; STRENGTH!--Nikon F4s ad 1992"

  27. I call foul:

    "It is not the "news" image I want, it is the image. I do not go into
    these situations without basic nd some more advanced training, like hose 1
    and 2, forcable entry, basic extrication, and SCBA (self contained
    breathing apparatus). I can e-mail you a few shots if you like. Fore
    companies use my photos because no one else seems to have the shot, of say
    a firefighter battling for his life on a 3rd alarm room, taken from that
    roof with his back filling the frame with an 18mm. These firefighters do
    a very dangerous job, esspecially in major cities like NYC, and in order
    to fully show them and what they do, all aspects of it, you must be like
    "one of them" It is mor than a flame shot. I have a really nice shot of
    a firefightr popping up through a roof, he ran out of air and cut a hole
    from the inside of the roof out, the look on his face can not be captured
    anywhere else.

    When I have gotten into a pin-job, it is from the backside, the victims
    face is not always my main-thrust, I want the photos of the rescuers.
    These people usually have no idea I am there because of them paying
    attention els where and I am wearing the same gear as the firefighters. I
    do show the reaction, I spent six months in the Red Hook Housing Projects,
    worlds largst project in size, in Brooklyn, NYC, it is a crack-head
    heaven, I got plenty of reaction. I shoot for newspapers and wire
    services mostly, so I know what shots I "have" to get to make the sale, or
    make my editor happy , but I also knw the shots that others miss, and that
    I can use.

    Much of my photos do end up with manufaturers, some go to training books
    and slide shows where they need these photos, some go to FD P.R.
    departments, and alot went toward the book I am working on "Race Against
    The Clock" Race Against The Clock is meant to be a documentary on how
    risky and emotionally hard it is to be a rescuer.

    I know what news is, I know the impact of an image, I know my limits, and
    I know how to do my job well. At a homocide, the body will still be
    there, I get the family member, althogh I have been in the middle of a
    number of shoot outs, then you get the shooter on film, then the victim
    (have some of this on disk if you want.

    Just my $0.02

    Steven E. Frischling
    Freelance News Photographer
    NYPD Working Press #0067

    Too young to be respected; Too old to not be taken seriously; INVINCIBLE!;
    Fear was just a word in the dictionary; Life was a right, not a gift;
    Death was only a concept; STRENGTH!--Nikon F4s ad 1992"

  28. Maybe he(fishfotojr) should take his own advice:

    "You might want to consider seeking out a local medical facility and
    entering yourself with psycological services, or contact a local crisis
    intervention centre

    Steven E. Frischling
    Freelance News Photographer
    NYPD Working Press #0067

    Too young to be respected; Too old to not be taken seriously; INVINCIBLE!; Fear was just a word in the dictionary; Life was a right, not a gift; Death was only a concept; STRENGTH!--Nikon F4s ad 1992

  29. I have checked apimages and do NOT see any of the photos Steven Frischling is talking about:


    Do you mean first published, or first published that you are proud of?

    The first published photo I had was when I was 15 in my local paper of an
    Irish Activist talking to a high school class. This shot was the
    MailLeader in Valley Stream, NY.

    The first I am proud of I shot when I was 16 (10-12th published photo) was
    on the A.P. wire in London U.K., it was a photo of a police bust on IRA
    Terrorists being chased into the Underground in London.

    Steven E. Frischling
    Freelance News Photographer
    NYPD Working Press #0067

    Too young to be respected; Too old to not be taken seriously; INVINCIBLE!;
    Fear was just a word in the dictionary; Life was a right, not a gift;
    Death was only a concept; STRENGTH!--Nikon F4s ad 1992 "

  30. I'm calling shenanigans!
    Steven Frischling wrote in August of 1996, "There area few like me, no many, who shoot from the fire building. I knowI have a habit of being on the roof or the 3rd alarm building, or on the
    fire floor with the firefighters fighting the fire (PBI/Nomex gear andDomke bag). I have a few shots of extrications (Hurst Tool/Jaws of Life)
    from inside the car with the "pin victim". Shooting this work is a whole different breed of photographer, different that combat photography, which I have done a little of abroad,and alot of in the hallways of New York City's Housing Projects, but shooting in the belly of the beast is a whole different scare, you do not just end up in the right place , it is not luck that gets you on the roof, it is a decision you make while putting on your rubber boots and Nomex coat and climbing the stairs."

    I think I can hear the theme from "Backdraft".


  31. I am surprised there are claims of PTSD.

  32. I find it interesting in his résumé, that was posted above, he lists all of the schools he attended, but doesn't mention Eagle Hill School, in Hardwick, Mass., where he was supposedly abused.


  33. On June 21, 1997 Steven Frischling wrote, "Shooting with a conscience is a good topic, but one with many sides, views,grey areas and lateral directions. Sometimes the photo is worth it,
    sometimes you shoot it and choose not to submit it, sometimes the photo "no one wants to see" is the photo "everyone wants to see". Yesterday I was at a multiple drowning in the Atlantic Ocean, it involved 4 kids, 1 girl who was uninjured, a boy in critical condition, a girl who died
    at the hospital, and a girl that the NYCPD and USCG are still searching for to recovery the body. When I called the desk and explained the whole situation the answer was "did you get the body?"......"No"......"wait for it"

    No June 20, 1997 fatal pediatric drowning in the NYT archive or anywhere else that I can find.


  34. Working for the man...
    Steven Frischling wrote, "I usually go to a bomb call if I hear of it on the radio, or on my pager.
    While shooting the bomb squad or Emerg Serv. I usually shoot the crowd,as those photos are used at times in papers if the bomb turns out to be a live bomb. When I am done with my film at the news outlet I usually make up a few prints of the faces in the crowd and send them to emergency services detectives. By sending the detectives a copy or two and keeping my name or face somewhat fresh in their mind when they see me at a scene I am better able to ask for favours or "help" in getting my photo. "

    Now I hear the "Law & Order" theme.


  35. "I'd kill for the job of photog or photo editor at LIFE magazine, but there is an opportunity I'll never have, just have to keep my ideas close to my vest and wonder where myself and others of my generation are headed with magazines closing out photo departments, photo departments
    being lead by graphics and design, and newspapers and wires thinking of the new breed of news photogs as dime a dozen hacks."

    Hello Pot? Kettle calling...


  36. ^is that ethical for photojournalists to send their photos to the police?

  37. Maybe not working for the man after all.
    Steven Frischling wrote: "I have given law enforcement photographs that may or may not help them with an investigation, but I do not directly give the photos to the police department or fire marshals."

    Even though he said earlier that, "I usually make up a few prints of the faces in the crowd and send them to emergency services detectives."

    He clears this all up in the rest of the post: http://groups.google.com/group/bit.listserv.nppa-l/browse_thread/thread/599854cedeafbf33/b8c6b237634aaba3?lnk=gst&q=frischling+conflict#b8c6b237634aaba3

  38. He even spelled "Four" wrong, unless he was sending photos to golf publications.


  39. ^He probably thinks "four" is the British spelling of "for."

  40. Krazy technical skilz!

    April 2, 1996 - "The process for developing EktaPress films in the field (I have done it in
    bathrooms, including the one on a plane, I changed the film in a darkbag) is not as exact in time or temperture as regular colour negative films..."

    Aug. 6, 1996 - "...it has been a while since I had to process C-41 film in the serenity of a bathroom, if anyone has a guide to this, or information on souping their own C-41 please e-mail it to me. "

  41. On March 1, 1996 Steven Frischling wrote:
    "Today in Manhattan, NYC, there was a 7+ alarm fire and do my the gear I have, ie: bunker gear (fire protective clothing), and that I know a bunch of guys in the fire department wh let me on the roof with them as they fought the fire, not the burning roof mind you, the roof of the building about 2.5 feet away and about a story higher. The shots I got are from inside the hose line (man on nozzel, one backing him up, me taking the shots, and tw behind me controling the hose).

    Oh, I see!

    You need only go here:


    to imagine the photos you would get even if you were on an adjoining rooftop.


  42. ^Can someone translate "and do my the gear I have" to English?

  43. "I am also realy good at being rude, snidem, obnixious, running off and my mouth so
    much I screw myself out of jobs." - Steven Frischling March 28, 1996.

  44. Steven Frsichling wrote: "I just deal with my life and push the pain way down. I spent about 6
    months in the Red Hook Housing Projects in B'klyn, NY and was around mothers whos sons were busted for drug dealing and were going away for 50 years, and durring and after homocides, I was in the hallway durring shootouts and had to keep sane while the bulltes were flying in the stairways while making images of the pain."
    "Stay sane y'all, I am loosing mine I fear:-)"


  45. I can't get enough of his use of "homocide"

  46. I can't get enough of FishFraud. Is there any precedent for this blog?

  47. Steven Frischling wrote: "I have been asked few times why I do no use B&H, but tell folks they are great, here it is.

    When I was 18, and looked 12, like I still do, I went into B&H to buy an F4e and 300f2.8 AI-S, used, I called they had it. With me was my Domke bag, and on my shoulder was my F4s with 80-200f2.8AF Nikkor,and my F3hp with MD-4 and a 20-35f2.8 AF-D (it just came out, and was on loan to me frm a friend who borrowed it from NPS). I had the cash to buy this , I know B&H prefers cash, and when it was my turn the person behind the counter, I asked for the items, and he told me to bring my fathers equiptment home and come back with him. With that I pulled out my Master Card Gold Card (which was mine not my parents) and said,"Damn and I wanted the gear now". He said he was sorry, and I said you should be you just lost a customer. Before that I had bought 6 or 7 bodies at B&H about a
    dozen lenses and almost all of my film since I was 14 (bear in mind I have been a full time photographer, 40 hours a week is full time, since I was 15). I was deeply insulted by his comments, so I chose to give my business to
    another store."


  48. More bullets! Steven Frischling wrote: "I currently use the Nikon FA and F3 as my main bodies, plus an N8008s because it is smaller and the real reason besides it's size it is has
    better flash capablities than the F3 or FA.
    Anyway, the N90s w/MB-10 is great and very light. The prisim is aluminum wrapped, but not die cast like the F4. My attraction to the F4 is the older speed dial, and that familiar feel of manual rewind and such. As for durable, I have had an F4e take a bullet and dent the prism and that was it. I replaced the prisim, but all worked well. My F4s had taken two hockey puck hits, but was fine except for a few scratches.
    If you wonder why I don't use them any longer it is because my F4s, F4e, N8008s, F801 and N90 were stolen :-( "


  49. ^10:21 at BH. Perhaps his reputation preceded him.

  50. the B&H story is a big pile of shit.

  51. Steven Frischling wrote: "Someone mentioned stopping bullets with a Nikon, ha funny you should say

    I had my Nikon F4e, when I was shooting drug dens photo, these kids used a wall as a firing practice, one time left mt F4e on the table and walk around to shoot, a stray on "pinged" off the F4e, it was fine, cool dent, but fine.

    My F3hp with MD-4 and (not mine) 300f2.8 AF fell from the top of the score board at the US Olympic Arean in Lake Placid, N.Y. The 300f2.8 was
    destroyed, but the F3hp and MD4 were fine, I needed a new prisim on the F3, but I still use this camera today , 3 years after than incident.

    The fall was just over 100ft onto ice, it landed on the fron t element of the lens.

    Many of my photos are taken in or on structural fires,and or wildland fires, the Nikon Manual bodies, like the Nikomat and FM are the only ones
    to take the abuse. I do use a Canon F1 with 15f2.8 Fisheye at times as well,and it is great, but the AF bodies and the EOS all would be dead. I melted a Canon A2E to my Nomex glove last year in a wildland fire, but my FM was fine, even with the MD-12 motordrive!."

    Just incredible.


  52. Steven Frischling wrote: "........my F2 has and entrance and exit bullet hole, and a sewed up nife
    hole, my F3 save my back from a "Rambo Knife". "


  53. NY Times photogs v. Steven Frischling's camera equipment! Steven Frischling wrote: "At certain events, a single news gathering organization will at times request the privilage of having a stand to themselves. At the trip of the Pope the NY Times and A.P. had there own stands. I put a lens down on the stand to change a lens, and the Times photog kicked it off the platform, I was pissed off!"


    "The Times'r was a she, and I was very pissed because durring th Glenn Harris Christina Rosado (the teacher who ran off and tried to marry his
    student) events here in NYC a Times'r said to me, and I quote: "When she comes out, what are you gong to do?" I said "Stand here and get
    my photos" He replied, "No, You are going to step aside and let me get my shots! I am from the Times!" I was using an 18f3.5 to shoot against the car and an 85f1.8 to shoot her coming out, he had an 80-200 and 300 rather than getting up. He then got anf in in the press mess grabbed mty SB-24 and dropped it into a puddle, it was fried!"


  54. Ten rolls of film for four usable frames! Talk about spray and pray.
    Steven Frischling wrote: "As for rolls, it is now 6:02 in the A.M. and I just walked in from a 3 hr
    fire where I only shot three rolls, but I shot four rolls earlier (5pm yesterday) of a high rise fire, and intend to use 3 more in a few hours at
    a Police Officers funeral so I use alot of film, but in all those rolls a few will be good shots but I see no more that 4 frames being used at most. Of the high rise fire'f four rolls I used 1 frame in total, but that is the news business for ya."

    Funny, that was never my news business.


  55. "I used to be an amature, butr now that I need film to eat and pay rent..."

  56. Is this a technical thing or a precursor to that "self-portrait" he sent to the NPPA-L?

    "After learning how to expose with out the benifit of technology I now prefer to manuly exposer, although most of the time I do use a light


  57. In a thread entitled "Anyone got stories about angry pedestrians" Steven Frischling wrote: "I dunno if this stuff counts, I did extended work in the Red Hook Housing Projects in Brooklyn, NYC,and a few other "really nice" housing projects in NYC, Jersey City and Newark, NJ, and have been chased, shot it and had stuff tossed at.......but on a whole I have one good one I was shooting a story on subway over-crowding in NYC,and was standing at the end of one car on the 6-Train when some guy starts screaming at me and yelling he is going to shove my camera , well you know where, and starts
    charging at me. He goes to throw a punch as I duck, he ends up in the conductors cabin, where he wacked the conductor. Iam still shooting the
    whole thing, he gets and angirer, and I then head to th next car where two Transit Cops are walking up to see the conductor. They see him throw a punch at me while I am shooting,and they nabbed him........great shots, turns out he was wanted on numerous warants for narcorics trafficing, so I got me at exclusive!"

    Note in the 1st para. he wrote he was "shot it [at]" but apparently not actually hit with a bullet.


  58. How come Kodak didn't hire him as a Tech Rep?
    StevenFrischling wrote:
    "The Kodak EktaPress films are intended for working news photographers who at times, do not check there exposers, and work in rapidly changing light so the film has a high exposer latitude, plus it is the best C-41 film on
    the market to be pushed, I have pushed 400 to 1600 and 1600 to 6400 a few times with faily nice results (figuring I pushed a high speed film to a
    higher speed, but I needed it for work in crack dens)."

    Crack is whack!

  59. "As for me, I have no formaal education in photography, in fact I fail my fine arts photo class, because I had "no vision", that is true in ine art, "

  60. Technical expertise and the ability to clearly communicate are the keys to photo forum cred.

    Steven Frischling wrote:
    "If you to not know technical photography you MUST learn, what you are shooting with back lit objects, lower light and "odd mixtue" lighting requires alot of technical knowledge if you are to be properly exposing for it, and if you move into flash, or mulitiple strobed photos, which you probobly will if yo stay with this, you must have the technical down."


  61. Here's why he is so respected on Sportsshooter.com.

    Steven Frischling wrote:
    "Hmmm........I know at the World Cup (soccer, or football depending on where you are)in 1994 I shot about 25-30 rolls of film per game in three bodies and I guess I had 2-4 usable photos per-game."


  62. I bet all these bullets he took were to the head - since its empty there was no damage - no limping, etc.

  63. ^11:35 AM, incredible that he couldn't get better photos considering his equipment list as of Aug. 1995. Steven Frischling wrote:

    "Bearing in mind I am a news shooter and generallu travel to shoot politics
    and sports thsi is what I carry:
    1-Domke F2
    1-Canon Photo Back Pack
    2-Domke Long lens Bags
    1-Nikon FA w/MD-15
    2-Nikon F3 (1 is hp) w/MD-4
    1-Canon EOS-1n
    1-Nikkor 18f3.5
    1-Nikkor 28f1.4
    1-Nikkor 35f2
    1-Nikkor 50f1.8 (or 1.4)
    1-Nikkor 85f1.8
    1-Tokina 80-200f2.8
    1-Nikkor 80-20f2.8
    2-Tokina 28-70f2.8
    1-EOS 500f4.5 with Nikon Mount
    1-EOS 200f1.8
    1-Tamron 1.4X
    1-Vivitar 2X Macro
    1-EOS 1.4X
    1-EOS 2X
    1-Nikon SB-24
    2-Vivitar 283
    2-Set of Quantum Radio Slave 4s
    4-Quantum Battery 1 and 1+s
    40Rolls- Kodak EktaPress 400
    40Rolls- Kodak EktaPress 1600
    40Rolls- Fuji Press 800
    2-Bogen Mono-Pods
    1-Titan Mini-Pod
    2-Mini-Mag Maglights"

    The following items were stolen from him at Fenway:

    "Nikon F4s
    Nikon F4e
    Nikon N8008s X2
    Nikon N90
    Nikkor 200f2
    Nikkor 300f2.8
    Nikkor 400f3.5
    Sigma 500f4.5
    Sigma 800f5.6
    Nikkor 80-200f2.8
    Nikkor 20-35f2.8
    Nikon SB-24
    Nikon SB-25
    Quantum Turbo X2
    Quantum Radio Slave 4 (two sets)"

    If it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all. :-P


  64. "Hmmm........I know at the World Cup (soccer, or football depending on where you are)in 1994 I shot about 25-30 rolls of film per game in three bodies and I guess I had 2-4 usable photos per-game."

    ^This needs to go on FuckYeahSportsShooter!

    Maybe this "explains" why he has no photos of hurricanes, war zones, gang fights, etc. None of the photos were "usable."

  65. In 1995 Steven Frischling wrote:
    "I have only been robbed once and that cost me $22,000 (approx) that was in
    the parking lot of Fenway Park in Boston, a few blocks from my home :(."


    But then in 2003 on Sportsshooter Steven Frischling wrote:
    "I never had my gear stolen..."


  66. @12:27PM

    Because it was determined to be sabotage!! I am sure some other photog wanted his spot, so technically it wasn't stolen.


    This stuff is gold!

  67. how on earth can anyone (even respected journalists) defend this guy? all of the people the bow to him on twitter have to be smoking crack not question everything that he says or writes on his travel blog. there is even a hartford courant reporter that follows him and maintains public dialogue with him.

  68. "He goes to throw a punch as I duck, he ends up in the conductors cabin, where he wacked the conductor. Iam still shooting the
    whole thing, he gets and angirer, and I then head to th next car where two Transit Cops are walking up to see the conductor. They see him throw a punch at me while I am shooting,and they nabbed him........great shots, turns out he was wanted on numerous warants for narcorics trafficing, so I got me at exclusive!"

    HA, what? Is this a script from Hill Street Blues or something? I like he proclaims "great shots" Unfortunately, great shots and Frischling is sort of an oxymoron.

  69. 10:21

    That story is AWESOME. He had a gold card at 15? HAHAHA.

  70. How is this for some irony. The Urban Dictionary definition of a "Lying Fish" is what I accidentally stumbled upon when I forgot the "with" in a Google search for "Lying with Fish."

    Here is a link to the Urban Dictionary definition:


  71. "Where an educated consumer..." See how much changed from 10:21 B&H post from 12/21/95 to this.

    Steven Frischling wrote 9/5/95:

    "I have had problems with B&H myself, but that is more of a personal conflict,and a $13,000 screw up (if you count my order not showing up before I had to leave the country on assignment)."


  72. "I never trust the law of probobility, because they are rarely proboble in the field."

    Hey Fish, Yogi Berra called; he wants his quote back!

  73. 12:08 You forgot this part:

    "I was putting it in the back of the truck and the next thing I new I was face down with a huge bump on my head and all the gear was gone! Boom like that. Yes I was pissed off."


  74. I am so addicted to this blog. It's better/worse* than daytime tv.

    *Delete as appropriate....

  75. 1:06 how funny!

    May we ask why you were Googling "Lying with Fish" in the first place? We wonder why so many people are googling Fish Fraud and Lying with Fish if they know about the blog already.... (all the keywords people use to find the blog show up in our stats).

  76. By the way, keywords for today only (the top five essentially never change):

    Search Keywords
    fish fraud
    lying with fish
    steven frischling compulsive liar
    steven frischling fraud
    steven frischling time magazine
    coast guard hu-25
    frischling abused boarding school
    susannah seefeldt
    frischling shot

  77. ha ha ha people are searching for Susannah Seefeldt? There can't be too many of those

  78. For SEO purposes: if you google "Steven Frischling" and then find the link to Fish Fraud, Google remembers (because Google knows all.) The more times the link to Fish Fraud is clicked from the google search Steven Frischling, Google assumes this is the correct link for Steven Frischling and it will promote the blog. So don't click the link in your favorites, google the fucktard's name and click on FishFraud. That way this will eventually show up at the top of google searches for him.

  79. ^ Thank you for the great suggestion!

  80. Obviously Fish has been living within the proverbial Matrix of the Internet so long that his earthly body (mangled fr years of being shot at, blown up, kicked, punched, maced, fondled, teabagged, and mugged) has finally failed. Can we rebuild him? Can we get Lee Majors or Val Kilmer to play him in a movie?
    If he were a zoo animal- we'd be talking about putting the poor creature down for it's own good due to a brain mole... for the Love of God (any God/gods.. I don't care which) why is this fruitloop still in our midst?
    It seems like the keepers of the Matrix have absoulutely uncovered a douche. Meeting him confirms that he IS a douche. He has zero credibility outside of the Matrix. I'm just gonna start calling him Neo.... cause obviously none of us have the Jedi power HE does!

  81. "I would like to post a retraction to something I said happened at the
    Christina Rosado/Glenn Harris press mess, after speaking to someone at the
    NY Times I found out that the person who said that they were for the NY
    Times fits no description of anyone, staff, freelance, contract to the NY
    Times. With so many freelancers and contract news shooters in NYC I
    assumed that he was who he said he was, I should have verified if he was
    indeed an NY Times photographer.
    I am sorry if this caused problems with anyone from the New York Times.
    My sincerest apologies for stating something that was not checked out.
    Steven E. Frischling
    Freelance News Photographer
    NYPD Working Press #0067
    Too young to be respected; Too old to not be taken seriously; INVINCIBLE!;
    Fear was just a word in the dictionary; Life was a right, not a gift;
    Death was only a concept; STRENGTH!--Nikon F4s ad 1992 "


  82. I Googled it because I do not have it bookmarked and I forgot the URL. That, and lying with fish sort of rolls off the fingers when typing as opposed to tripping over "Steven Frischling" on the keyboard which is a pain in the ass.

  83. "frischling abused boarding school"

    HaHa, that was me. I was trying to find the story about how he was abused in boarding school, and see at what school he claimed it happened. It turns out that the school he said it happened at didn't show up in his resume that was listed in the comments above.

  84. ^Yeah he left it off, though he did go to Eagle Hill for one year. But that doesn't mean he was sexually molested as claimed. We told his "wife" (Susannah Seefeldt) that we would be willing to remove the sexual molestation post if she could explain the gross factual errors in his story. She could not.

  85. This blog is so much fun! Imagine ANYONE hiring him and then finding out about this site? If you come across a "client" of his, post it here so we can do the right public service notice thing.

    Got to protect people from Fish. It's the right thing to do.

  86. I have a sad story to tell you,
    It may hurt your feelings a bit,
    Last night when I read Flying with Fish,
    I stepped in a pile of shhhh...shaving cream,
    Be nice and clean,
    Shave ev'ry day and you'll always look keen.