Friday, March 18, 2011

Insurance Claim: Yet Another Outright Contradiction

We imagine Frischling wishes he had a "Delete all" button to erase his 15+ years of Internet posts. Here is yet another black-and-white contradiction.

This Sports Shooter post from 2003 shows Frischling offering advice on how to deal with a claim on broken camera equipment with Hays, the insurance carrier for the National Press Photographers Association. Apparently it's a snap! He had no problem after yet another incident of destroying his gear.

"I never had my gear stolen, but I did fry a camera, lens, flash (N90s + grip, 80-200f2.8 AF-D, SB-26) while shooting in a blizzard. The moister got to be to much to fast, and when the body went it totaled the lens and flash as well. I contacted Hayes Insurance, I had the check for a new body, new grip, flash and lens in about 7 days. No questioned asked, they didn't
ask I send in the gear either, which I found odd. I contacted my repair guy who wrote up all the stuff as totaled due to water and that was it."

However... in 2007, Frischling is suddenly seeking advice from Sports Shooter members on how the claims process works when dealing with Hays. He says he "has not had any claims on gear!"

"Has anyone here ever filed a claim with the NPPA/Hays Group for damaged equipment? What is the process? Do you ship the gear to the repair center, have it marked DOA and the ship it to them? I have not had any claims on gear but am curious about the process if for some reason (knock on wood) I have a Chevy Chase moment and fall down a set of stairs with my gear on my shoulders."
So Steven, how do you explain these two contradictory stories? You claim you had several thousand dollars of equipment destroyed by the "moister" in a blizzard that was promptly taken care of by Hays, "no questioned asked."

Yet a few years later, all this never happened, you have never had any claims, and have no idea how the process works.

Which is it?

Happy Lying!


  1. Have I told you that you guys are Effing brilliant?

    Another great find.

    Actually, if I were Addison, I think I would take credit for this blog because it is so good.

    And by the way Steven, why so silent now on SportsShooter? Is it because you can't hide behind anonymous posts?

  2. ^Thank you. And there is even more coming.

    Additionally, we deny ONCE AGAIN that this site is run by Addison or associated with him in any way. And here we are proving ONCE AGAIN that Steven Frischling lied when he said FishFraud "goes silent" from sundown Friday to sunset Saturday (which he lied about to get support for his claim that Addison, an orthodox Jew, is behind the site). That he lies about things that everyone can check out for themselves shows how arrogant he is.

  3. in a post from last month on sports shooter, he tells a tale about an assignment from years ago of that same N90s film camera being "obliterated" at a political event but he chose to send it to nikon for repair instead of having insurance (which he probably never had) take care of it.

    "I obliterated a Nikon N90 (N90s maybe?) this way. I was at a political event at 1 Police Plaza in NYC and had just finished putting cream cheese on my bagel. With that, the politician swoops in and I started to juggle two cameras and a bagel ... I went to stop the bagel from falling to the floor instead of the camera. NPS said something about 'not covered under warranty' and 'impact damage.' Whoops!"

  4. Good stuff. I cannot wait to learn more about his three big projects. Bet whoever is on the receiving end of his top notch travel consultancy and social media expertise just cannot wait for his work. Must have been a tough decision picking these three projects among all the requests.

  5. Yet here he is on the Sportsshooter messabe board 06/23/2010 offering, "The NPPA's Insurance will cover you for international travel & also pay out the current replacement value, not the depreciated value should you have a loss."
    Why would anyone ever trust his advice on this?

  6. yet another post on sports shooter talking about insurance claims he has had with his broken cameras.

    12/24/03 -

    "My old AP-NC2000c ended up being insured for the value of a D1h, as it was the next closest item currently in production at the time (although this thread just reminded me that my insurance was up on the 14th...ack!!!!!!). I had to fight to have my Nikkor 180f2.8 Ai-S insured the cost of a new 180f2.8 Ai-S ($700) instead of the 180f2.8 AF-D ($300)"

  7. "You mean dropping a D1x in 3" of water covering a deep mud puddle is bad at a football game? The D1x dried out after 2 days and had worked perfectly ever since." Sportsshooter 01.16.03


  9. From '03 - "I have my insurance through AAA, which is Commerce in Mass. I have riders on my insurance (again, in Mass) which covers my gear if damaged in the car, also coverage for anyone who is work related traveling in my car, while obviously engaged in some sort of work related issue."

  10. In a thread from 02/25/04 he wrote, "I know my insurance goes up on these assignments, and I do notify my insurance before heading into these assignments, that is a cost of doing business, as is the risk of losing or damaging your equipment, and of course the risk of possible long ter, injury or death. These are all factors which are costs of doing business, and all factors which raise the assignments fees."

  11. "You mean dropping a D1x in 3" of water covering a deep mud puddle is bad at a football game? The D1x dried out after 2 days and had worked perfectly ever since."

    Steven Frischling's photography career has been hard on both is body and his gear.

  12. "Stuations in Japan, the #MidEast & North #Africa have seriously reduced my writing motivation, I must snap out of it and write !"

    I wonder if its really the news or is it FishFraud that is reducing his motivation?

  13. "flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    While @AfriqiyahAirway's online booking is down, #Libyan Arab Airlines' is up. You can book flights for tomorrow online! #travel #libya
    4 hours ago"

    Its great to have a "travel strategist" spending all his time reporting on Libya. This is really great information for anybody thinking of going there.

  14. “@flyingwithfish: I'm trying to confirm if #Libya's @AfriqiyahAirway was able to keep most of its fleet outside of Libya, particularly the A332/342. #travel”

    Why? dumb mother fucker! Go play with your kids and shut the fuck up!

  15. 6:42, FishFraud has had more blog posts in 2011 than Flying with Fish - 50 to 46! Blogging is his only occupation (unless you count harassing people on Twitter)! Meanwhile, this blog is not the only thing occupying FishFraud, trust.

    More FishFraudy goodness coming up.

  16. yeaaaaah FishFraud! what do you wanna bet he will put out 6 blog posts tomorrow?!

    and nothing new on the "expose ourselves" blog...

  17. like getting a job to take care of his family?

    Flying With Fish
    With everything in the Mid East, North Africa & Japan, everything else...even the TSA situation...seems so insignificant.

  18. "More FishFraudy goodness coming up"

    Woo Hoo! Keep us coming back for more.

  19. Sportsshooter thread 728 - "If an insurance settlement from a car accident is being split 5% on a car, and 80% on equipment....does that qualify?"

  20. Sportsshooter thread 923 - "my D1 has been in for back focus repair ELEVEN time since I got in Sept 2000."

  21. Sportsshooter thread 1252 - "My D1 has about a dozen four colour magazine covers, newspaper double truck images, countless full page colour magazine spreads "

  22. Also fro 1252 - "My D1 has survied fast moving concrete as 7 World Trade Center collapsed 1.5 blocks from me on Sept 11 in NYC, a direct hit from a tear gas canister being fired from riot cops in my direction, other random riot action, being run over by Ricky Williams (Miami Dolphins) in Dec...My D1 has about 190,000 frames on it."

  23. Still @ 1252 - "On a side note, the DCS520 has a number of Time, Newsweek, US News, Sports Illustrated, People, Paris Match, Stern, Boston Globe Sunday Magazine cover photos to it's credit (as does the D1)"

  24. "My D1 has survied fast moving concrete as 7 World Trade Center collapsed 1.5 blocks from me on Sept 11 in NYC, a direct hit from a tear gas canister being fired from riot cops in my direction, other random riot action, being run over by Ricky Williams (Miami Dolphins) in Dec...My D1 has about 190,000 frames on it."

    this freaking D1 should be encased in crystal and put in a museum

  25. Sportsshooetr thread 2291 - "My D1x had some minor water issued and my shutter release failed, but the camera functioned perfectly once it dried out."

  26. Sportsshooter thread 2465 - "I usually leave the house, even for a run to day care, with a body on my shoulder w/28-70f2.8, or a body with my waist pack (17-35f2.8 and 70-200f2.8 , 1.4x, 550ex, in addition to the body and 28-70f2.8).I hate missing news."

    2511 - "Normally I'd pull my camera up (not like I witness this often) , since I had two D1 bodies with a 17-35f2.8 and 80-200f2.8 on my shoulder, but instead I stood with the cop as we both watched the guy drive off the bridge taking the plunge into the river.

    I started shooting within 15 seconds of the accident, but let the actual wreck-in-motion get away."

    Which is it? A 70-200 or an 80-200...just askin'?

  27. Sportsshooter thread 2995 - (This is not really relevant but has too much Fish goodness to be ignored)
    "I never look down on part-time photogs. If I look down on someone it is more for how they act. For the last three days at the GHO there was a guy with a Nikon FM-10, a 35-80f4-5.6 and Vivitar $20 flash walking around with credentials. I didn't think about it until I noticed in his credential holder he had two "press" credentials, but his affiliation on the media photo credential was "NYPD."

    I don't like people using their non-photo job, ie: being a cop, sponsor, wife of guy who is friends with Mister X, to get on the course then act unprofessional. The first hint was him aiming his flash up like he was going to bounce the light, but he was on the golf course....that did not bother me, but him crossing the yellow line for photogs a few times and stepping in front of a few photogs who were on the line bothered me.

    You can't have press credentials and a badge out at the same time. If you have a non-photo job you need to do one job at one time and another job at a different time.

    Why am I rambling about this? Because that is why I look down at some people. I know plenty of part-time photogs who are professional, who know their business, and do a good job.

    I know some full-timers who shoot for teams that should be paying, but do it because it is fun. One photog snaked my contract by shoot two UMass sports this year at no charge (including no charge for the film and processing) and gave it to the SID. The photos are not so good(he is a fulltime wedding shooter), he can't follow action, but by doing this he cut nearly $2,500 from my contract. I can't compete with free. At least charge for the film and processing. I can't compete with someoone who turns in all the negs with unlimited rights included at no charge.

    I also look down on some fulltime pros who always show up sloppy and have no respect for others when working.

    So, in short (then I'll get off my rambling rant), I look down on people on a case-by-case base. Fulltime or parttime status are not relevent."

  28. Sortsshooter 3171 - "The main reason I switched was because of the total unreliablity of the Nikon D1 bodies and Nikons repair service. My D1x was OK for the most part, some quirks, but the D1 was plauged, still is. The final straw was when my 80-200f2.8 AF-S stopped auto focusing in the middle of a shoot, the motor just died (I was doing a portrait of a climber in an inside facility).

    After 11 visits to Nikon my D1 still has back focus issues. I sent my 80-200f2.8 AF-S into Nikon for repair, it came back as "OK" , still does not auto focus. Nikon always blames the photog, and rarely if ever takes responsibility for the problems."

    What's that old blues expression? "if it wren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all?"

  29. 3100 - "My D1x does not back focus, however my D1 went to Nikon 11 (ELEVEN) times in two years for back focus related issues.

    Nikon first blamed my lens, so I had that checked with the body, later they blamed my lens again, when I informed them it was a problem with a 400f2.8 Ai-S, 85f2 Ai-S, 24f2 Ai-S, 35f1.4 Ai-S, 18f3.5, Ai-S they asked if I wore glasses (litereally). I informed them all the lenses were sharp with my D1x, a borrowed D1h, F100, F3hp, FM2 and FA.....and it went off for repair.

    Anyway, 11 times in two years, including being fixed on site by NPS three times at events.

    3171 - "I have all the slips from Nikon. First it was a "glitch", then they claimed impact, then it was something else. Twice under warranty it was by NPS at events, which Nikon does not warranty, or garuntee, so they don't take that into consideration. Around repair #5 it was out of warranty , so not subject to replacement."

    @ NPS events - was it two or three times for the repair. I "garuntee" I have no freaking idea!

  30. Well that camera system switch sure paid off
    Sportsshooter 3387 - "What the f%$k!

    I was up searching the web until 3:30AM for Err 99 and reset information (I still can't find full reset for the 1D which a user can do....any suggestion?). The camera just would not work. I got up at 7:AM. and the f&%king thing won't work.

    Well at 11:55AM (10 minutes ago) my 3 year older daughter pops the battery in, sticks a 28-70f2.8 on and she is giggling away while photographing the dog. How in the heck did the camera come back from the dead in the hands of a 3 year old (who was chasing the dog).

    Should I wait and see what happens again or take a gamble that it won't go dead for 18hrs again? I am (tentatively) shooting in 10 cities over 4 days at the start of the next week and will need two bodies



  31. Sportsshooter thread 597 - "The original D1 bodies are prone to sucking batteries dead. Nikon can correct the problem, for a price, and a 2-4 week trip to Nikon service for repair."

    Sportsshooter thread 3907 - "I have never had battery life and chimping be an issue for me, even with the crappy Nikon EN-4 batteries."

  32. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. Sportsshooter thread 4614 - "I'd look nice next to my Nikon D1, which has almost no paint on it :0)"

    Must have gotten beat up during the 22 shipments between our guy and NPS.

  34. Sportsshooter thread 4646 - "One of my two 1D bodies is at Canon for repair (other one has to go now, the locking pin which holds the lens on is jammed in the open position.....ahhhhhhh!!!!)"

  35. Sportsshooter thread 4768 - "If it makes you feel any better CPS has my 1D in their shop for $522 for "water damage." My camera is always in a plastic bag in the rain, and my non-weather resistant Nikon D1 bodies have been through much worse, and never had any water issues, ever."

  36. Still in 4768 - "My 70-200f2.8 L is starting to "wobble" in the middle"

  37. Sportsshooter thread 1130 - "I had that happen to my D1 a while back. It happened to every third image. The camera went to Nikon and it was fixed.

    I'd need to find the repair slip for this problem, but it cost about US$400 to get it repaired. I think it was a main board problem."

  38. Sportshhooter thread 2185 - "I knew my Nikon D1 had a backfocus problem when I had 45% of my Curling photos out of focus (shot with an 80-200f2.8 AF-S and 300f2.8 AF-I)

    ....OK, back on the chopper for me (killing downtime on the ground during an assignment, isn't SportsShooter with wireless internet great?)"

  39. Sportsshooter thread 5145 - "To solve battery problems, a while ago I bought one battery every two months, and kept it on the shelf until one died (they seeme dto die often).

    Refresh the battery 3 times right before you use it. Every battery was labeled for the month/year it was bought, and the month/year it was refreshed 3x.

    I found new batteries in my D1/D1x (and D1h when I used them) solved pretty much every single problem I encountered (other fixes were format the CF card, and in the case ofthe D1 "classic" send it to Nikon to correct the f$#king backfocusing issues :0) )

    I'd offer you a battery, but I only have four left, and two of them are pretty much dead."

  40. Sportsshooter thread 6033 - "In the world or digital photography we must be aware of the weather, as water can very easily fry your digital camera (just as one of my 1D bodies, which had a $522 repair....that's with the CPS discount)."

  41. So, other than 8:46 which actually shows a contradiction, what's the purpose of all of quotes about his gear needing servicing.

    @ 8:15 70-200 or 80-200? It's both. The former being a Canon, the latter a Nikon.

    Cluttering up this blog with random comments that don't focus on the issue at hand - clear demonstrations of conflicting statements, or major unsubstantiated claims which should be able to be easily verified with links to images etc. is really reducing the value of this effort.

  42. Sportsshooter thread 8696 - "My Nikon D1 spent a bit of time inside house fires as I shot a story on on rural firefighters. Never really had any problems, although I always tried to keep my battery as cool as possible."

  43. @ 9:19 How can someone run a photography business if their gear is always seemingly in the shop?

  44. Remember when quoting him to add his name Steven Frischling. Its great for the SEO and Google drives up the site association with the media maven.

  45. " I do however aspire to win a Pulitzer one of these days? Why? Probably so I can make my Mom & Pop proud since they always ask when I am going to choose a real career."

    Steven Frischling, 9/29/97

  46. "Remember when quoting him to add his name Steven Frischling. Its great for the SEO and Google drives up the site association with the media maven."

    I still don't know why when I type Steven Frischling it does not show up on the first page of google. With all these references it should be near the top of the first page. FishFraud blogmeister needs to check his SEO settings.

  47. "I have been mugged twice........both times my middle class teenagers in Suburban Long Island. Once was getting off the train coming home when I lived in New York. The other time two idiots slammed me to the ground and grabbed my camera bag.........while I was standing in front of a police station waiting to photograph a "perp walk" These two were caught in a matter of seconds by three plain clothes cops who witnessed the assault."

    Steven Frischling, 2/18/08

  48. This is absolutely amazing.

    On one hand Steven Frischling says that his camera "has a number of Time, Newsweek, US News, Sports Illustrated, People, Paris Match, Stern, Boston Globe Sunday Magazine cover photos to it's credit."

    On the other, he says that he quit photography because he wasn't good enough.

    The only thing I can figure is that he bought the camera from a real professional and (since the CAMERA had done all these things) he thought that he would imply that he had shot all these covers. Otherwise he is completely full of shit, but that is par for the course.

  49. On 12/25/03 Steven E. Frischling wrote:

    "I never had my gear stolen..."

    Yet on 11/29/97 he wrote:

    "The stupidis mistake I ever made was
    replacing all my gear in one day after it was stolen (OK , 2nd stupidest
    move, the first stupidest was not having my gear insured)."