Monday, March 21, 2011

Frischling Lies About Flying with Coast Guard!

The U.S. Coast Guard HU-25 does not allow for inflight refueling. Giggle. 
Isn't Steven Frischling supposed to be an aviation expert? Isn't that what he sells himself as?

On the FlyerTalk message board, Frischling claimed that while on assignment covering the U.S. Coast Guard,  he flew for 24 hours straight and says that the plane was refueled in flight.

Big problem: The Coast Guard does not have any aircraft in their fleet that can be refueled in flight. A most excellent FishFraud contributor called the Public Affairs office at Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod to confirm that the HU-25 cannot be refueled in flight.

And about there being no bathroom... do you think the Coast Guard would really fly for 24 hours straight if there wasn't a bathroom on board?

"What was your longest flight on a narrow body plane?"
FlyerTalk, 4/11/06

"The worst was flying (as a journalist) with a US Coast Guard unit on a HU-25 Guardian (small, very small, no bathroom, almost no seats) from Maine to Florida 3 times non-stop (inflight refueling) . Wheels up to Wheels down was 24hrs."
Steven Frischling, how can you have flown for 24 hours on a plane that is not capable of inflight refueling? And where can we see the photos from this 24-hour assignment?

Happy Lying!

PS We think the odds are pretty good that after it was refueled inflight with Frischling on board, the HU-25 then flew an inverted dive over a Soviet fighter jet, and he flipped the bird:

Is that Frischling communicating with the enemy?


  1. You forgot about how after they flipped the bird, there was engine trouble. Maverick, Goose and Frischling all ejected. Frischling and Goose were injured but Frischling performed CPR while underwater and fighting off sharks who smelled the blood in the water. Goose was saved and Frischling received the Superheroes Medal from the Coast Guard President.

  2. Here is another one:

    "Last year, in a 3-½-day span, I photographed jobs in Philadelphia, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Incheon -- departing from and returning to Providence," he says. "There was no online booking engine that would allow this itinerary."

    Exactly how do you do jobs in these four cities in 72 hours? Just the travel time is at least half that - not counting logistics.

  3. "I handed over my passport and landing card and was met the the usual "you were away on business? what do you do?" I answered that I am a photographer and I was in Hong Kong photographing a wedding. She then asked if I worked in the US, I said yes,. She asked if I was connecting to another flight and I told her my kids were waiting outside and I was headed to the beach to see my folks before heading home. The next question threw me for a total loop, she asked "do you have a visa to work here in the US?" I informed the agent that she was looking at my US Passport and that as a US Citizen I need no papers to work in the US. The agent looked up at me like I had pissed her off and demanded to know if I had a visa or a permit that would allow me to work in the United States. "

  4. 2:11, haven't you heard? Frischling is The Flash.

    2:55, yes, he actually did an entire blog post related to this ludicrous story that he clearly made up. First off, anyone who travels internationally knows there are two entry queues: one for U.S. citizens/Green Card holders and another for non-citizens. An agent who is working in the citizen queue (and not high on drugs and/or suffering from massive head wounds) is not going to be asking anyone coming her way about work visas.

    But Frischling never lets a thing like truth get in the way of a good story.

  5. whats amazing is how long he has been spewing out this kind of crap. Now is see he is relatively new to the travel industry, but the pattern in exactly the same. From some of the previous banter I've seen on the photo boards, this has been going on for a long time and he has obviously a huge network of anti-fans. He seems determined to replicate this in the travel industry.

  6. Frischling is on his third incarnation that I know of. First he was a photojournalist/EMT, then he was a wedding photographer, and now he is a travel blogger/social media wiz.

    Next he should be a french fry maker.

  7. After looking thru his posts- I've come to the conclusion he suffers fr Munchausen's Syndrome.

    From WikiPedia: Münchausen syndrome is a term for psychiatric disorders known as factitious disorders wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves. It is also sometimes known as hospital addiction syndrome or hospital hopper syndrome. Nurses sometimes refer to them as frequent flyers, because they return to the hospital just like frequent flyers return to the airport. However, there is discussion to reclassify them as somatoform disorder in the DSM-5 as it is unclear whether or not people are conscious of drawing attention to themselves!

  8. ^Münchausen syndrome might explain his claims of excessive injury and illness, but what about his wild stories of bravado, impossible travels and situations, run ins with famous people, etc?

  9. I LOVE this SS thread:

    Started by one of the industry greats Vincent Laforet.

  10. Since many ppl afflicted by mental illnesses end up being diagnosed with multiple conditions- it may have started as Munchausen's.... and has morphed into something slightly more 'complicated' as the "Spineless One" spins damage control electronically. Let's face it... mental illness does not go away- it gets worse... and worse... ad nauseum. Like any good addict, jellyFish is incapable of admitting his problem- and lashes back at his peers like family members- during a episode of Intervention!
    What I've been a little dissappointed in over the years of watching his stupid ass-- Is how many members of the media (especially SOME of our esteemed colleagues at sportsShooter) have actually covered for him AND continue to be apologists for HIM! Please stop circling the wagons to cover him... exorcise the demon in your midst... his actions affect us all.
    As previouys posters have noted. jellyFISH is losing his mind- who knows where he lases out next...

  11. 7:19 awesome post!

    This is interesting...

    "How much do you think one makes off a book aimed specifically at photographers who travel? Maybe an advance that covers two months rent?"

    Is he indicating he got an advance for the book that never came out??? What are the odds Rocky Nook got their money back?

  12. One thing I found interesting in 7:19's referenced thread is a line from Frischling's last post:

    "For those of you who like sending the anonymous 'me to' emails, be an adult and use your real name and e-mail. I'm sure it is only 3 or 4 people sending them over and over again. "

    Hmmm... People who dislike Frischling are cowards for hiding beyond anonymity. A firm belief that there are only a couple of people repeating themselves over and over again. Haven't I seen those same criticisms levied against FishFraud somewhere else recently?

    One of these days Steven Frischling is going to realize that yes, there are indeed many, many people who not only dislike him and his tactics, but who see straight through his bullshit and have marked him for the fraud that he is. But if he wants to be delusional about the nature and scope of his critics in the meantime, so be it. Apparently that's the way he's been rationalizing things for years.

  13. the coast guard hu-25 is a modified version of the dassault falcon 20, which in the diagram that I found shows that it has a bathroom. plus, what would a coast guard jet that has a primary mission of search and rescue be doing flying back and forth from mass. to florida non-stop for 24 hours? that is absurd.

  14. frischling also claims that while on the coast guard flight one of his cameras was damaged by a wayward metal rod.

    "I was shooting on a Coast Guard jet the other day when we hit some turbulance and a piece of metal (which should have been secured) slid off a rack straight into the back of my EOS 1D's LCD."

  15. Do the unbelievable stories never end?

    What would he be doing if there were no Internet? Making up stories to the mailman?

  16. @719am

    Vincent Laforet's work is flat out amazing. Remember his video that he shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, singlehandedly making photographers all over the world lust after it? He's got a body of work that's admirable, not fish.

  17. aviation expert frischling also doesn't know how to spell a frequently used word in the aviation industry. he prefers to spell turbulence with an "a"

    "...when we hit some turbulance"

  18. ^That's good for him. He also frequently spells it "turblance."

    He's an aviation AND aerospace expert by the way.

  19. more from Wikipedia:

    "The syndrome name derives from Baron Münchhausen (Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, 1720–1797) who purportedly told many fantastic and impossible adventures about himself, which Rudolf Raspe later published as The Surprising Adventures of Baron Münchhausen.

    In 1951, Richard Asher was the first to describe a pattern of self-harm, where individuals fabricated histories, signs, and symptoms of illness. Remembering Baron Münchhausen, Asher named this condition Münchausen's Syndrome in his article in The Lancet in February 1951."

    From earlier in this blog: Frouchebag Von Munchausen.

  20. Frischling has an amazing body of work - without it there could be no blog like this! Too bad that body of work is uniformly garbage.

    But it is very funny garbage. Thanks to all the people finding and sharing. This blog is a monument to Fishfool.

    And a splendid example of social media power at work. Crowd sourcing like never before. Love it.

  21. "Steven Frischling is an editorial and corporate photographer whose assignments have spanned the globe, sometimes in as little as under 4 days. Working with a variety of clients, Steven has undertaken projects that have required him to work in four countries and on three continents in 3.5 days and circle the world 1.5-times in 4 days."

    gawd he is so infatuated with the whirlwind trips. I wonder if anyone singed up for this course?

  22. I just re-read:

    I would love to know how many of the fish defenders from that post are now on here. Many people were going after Laforet and he is one of the best photogs in the country. Should I mention that Laforet was DEAD-ON accurate. Meanwhile they were giving jellyfish a pass.

    Miho had the BEST response to Steve and his minions:

    "->> we interrupt this message thread for an important health warning...
    over the years, vince has developed a simple case of hyperfishalitis or too much fish.

    for those of you who have been members here for 2 or 3 years, you are safe for the time being. you haven't been exposed to fish enough. you have not been exposed to the overpopulation of fish that was present here just a few years ago. the incessant self-promotion of the fish stank up the forums. there was fish everywhere! at its peak, it appeared that it infected every thread with fish tales.

    i don't know, maybe i have become immune to hyperfishalitisish or maybe i learned to cut fish out of my diet, either way, it seems that over the past few years, there have been fewer fish sightings and fewer fish tales. maybe i've learned to avoid fish or perhaps just the smell of fish turns me away and causes me to pass over fish. but to me, it seems that the overabundance of fish has gone away.

    however, the lingering effects of overexposure to fish can lie dormant for years, and it appears that hyperfishalitis can be aggravated by lack of sleep, chinese food and extended periods of time on the road shooting sporting events. it's not common, and only happens once in a lifetime.

    added to that, after going weeks without fish, a sudden influx of fish into one's diet can be a shock to one's system causing headaches, nightmares and in rare cases forum rage.

    there is no known cure for hyperfishalitis. unless the fish population becomes extinct, which it doesn't appear it will anytime soon, latent effects of hyperfishalitis could linger for years.

    the CDC recommends avoiding fish as much as possible.

    we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming."

  23. Steven plays a con game that only works if he keeps moving.

  24. Steven Frischlng wrote, "You are correct I had a lovely encpounter with a flying metal projective
    (twice in me, 7 times in a vest...all at once) while in the projects, another another time elsewhere. I knew my risks, which is why I own a
    bullet vest and a kevlar helmet, but that does not detract from the fears PJs have, dangers PJs face and risks we as a profession often put
    ourselves in. Take me out of the equalsion , because there are many more photogs that get injured more than I do..."

    WTF is a "a flying metal projective" ? Is that a Fish euphemisim for a bullet and is he implying "(twice in me, 7 times in a vest...all at once)" that he was wounded in a shooting incident?
    Can anyone translate this gobbledygouck? Bueller?

  25. ^Holy hell. That deserves its own post. What a find!

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