Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best Frischling Quotes - Post Your Favorite!

This blog is getting hit by random Frischling quotes left as comments. So please leave them here!

These early ones are particularly outstanding:
"I am not winning awards, and don't really care to, I am not world known, globe trotting and heavily published weekly, but I do and have dodged bullets and have been chased by people with iron bars, I have had my bones broken, stiches requied to heal the wound, and have had to dispose of pannels on a bullt proof vest because it was used to protect myself. ... I was shot & beaten and chased and no one cared because it was here."
- Steven Frischling, NPPA-L 10/1/97
"Normally this would have been a photo but I noticed things were to wrong with the scene so I endedup taking control of the scene until the Fire Department arrived. They were confused that a person with a press car around his neck had on gloves, shearss, stethoscope and was climbing into the shattered window."
- Steven Frischling, NPPA-L 9/4/97
"The last movie set I shot cost me a cut over my eye from Huge Grant."
- Steven Frischling, NPPA-L 9/11/96
The last one is important - there should be Public Service Announcements warning all citizens to stay away from "Huge" Grant. He's 25 feet tall and can smell fear. Stay in your vehicles and do not approach him!


  1. too easy, it's the one right below

    FlyerTalk, 2/21/08
    "Basrah, know the brochure said the war was officially over. Apparently no one told the folks hiding out with AK-47s and RPGs. Other than that, having covered war, riots and natural disaster, I would have to say New Orleans, in the Lower 9th Ward about 8 days after Hurricane Karina when the gangs started to move back in."

  2. All from Sports Shooter

    "Was my life written for a Monty Python movie?"
    Frischling, 7/26/02

    "My resume simply lists no education on it"
    Frischling, 4/8/03

    "I did not intent to add incorrect information."
    Frischling, 3/8/03

    "When I was the Chief Photog of a small daily paper I set the tone with set up images."
    Frischling, 9/15/04

  3. "I am not shooting myself in the foot, I am learning new business tactics. (Sportsshooter Thread #197)

    "I do not think a critique should call someone's character into play." (Sportsshooter Thread 32224)

    "I hate to ask this, but do you think a news service would send someone into a known war zone with a bi-polar disorder?" (Sportsshooter Thread 21236)

    "I disagree with swearing a bible in court, or needing to swear your truth before God in court." (Sportsshooter Thread #19195)

    "I take responsibility for my sins, not someone else." Sportsshooter Thread #10188)

    "It is unethical to try and scam your clients." (Sportsshooter Thread #10309)

    "Ummm, I forget to zip up my pants fairly often. This is why I have a wife, she makes sure I am dressed when I go to work, other wise the other kids in the playground make fun of me." (Sportsshooter Thread #21751)

    "Any variation from the basic rules of these ethics is unethical." (Sportsshooter Thread #30169)

    " I shot approximately 200 fatal scenes in the course of a year at one point, 1996 "(Sportsshooter Thread #3132)

    "My resume simply lists no education on it." (Sportsshooter Thread#1612)

    "I am a photo driven geek, with no life what-so-ever" (Sportsshooter Thread #2340)

    "Is this part of the conspiracy to drive me nuts? Oh man, now I am talking to myself." (Sportsshooter Thread #3019)

    "Why is it every day I wake up I feel like there is a wrecking ball about to crush my house?" (SPortsshooter Thread #3387)

    " I am a curmudgeon at 27. I am fairly set in my ways, I have routines which drive my better-half nuts, and I have a deep core belief in photojournalism. " (Sportsshooter Thread #309)

    " If you don't appreciate the hard work, and required ethics, of journalism you're not paying attention. " (Sportsshooter Thread #4319)

    " Because the technology is so easy, inexpensive, and readily available, we need to be more vigilant, pro-active in education, and public in use the of ethics. " (Sportsshooter Thread #5397)

    " Welcome to my hell............." (Sportsshooter Thread #8883)

    " I have oddly enough been asked to lecture as colleges/universitys on the subject of photojournalism, and photojournalism ethics. I am sure most of the professors do not know that I am lacking a college degree, although I know those at one college do. I don't mention my educational background while I am speaking, even when I discuss education. " (Sportsshooter Thread #10845)

    "It is my job to know the end result and sometimes shoot with enough tolerance to allow for a total manipulation of the image. " (Sportsshooter Thread #16038)

    " You can't please all the people all the time. " (Sportsshooter Thread #26361)

    " There is a small window of grey area where not everything is as black & white as you make it ... and it is all ethical. " (Sportsshooter Thread #36154)

    "If I was a thief I'd be caught in 10 seconds flat." (Sportsshooter Thread #29590)

    "The information informs me of who this person is that is in the photo. Without that, what was the point of shooting the photo?" (Sportsshooter Thread #27374)

    "Building on skills I had little interest in have expanded my view and abilities in other unforeseen areas." (Sportsshooter Thread #25142)

    "I am sure it was all the camera that captured the moment, the light and the angle. I was simply the button pusher" (Sportsshooter Thread #22174)

    "I miss daily news, I miss hard news, on the other hand I like knowing I am creating a future for my kids." (Sportsshooter Thread #22211)

    " I have no formal education in photography. " (Sportsshooter Thread #15291)

  4. "I get board in one area and move onto another. Sometimes I am not board, but want to force myself to try new and different things, so I move on.

    I went from all hard news, to sports, to business, to editorial/corporate portrait work, now I am playing with weddings. I keep my hand in the pot in other areas, but I am trying to explore all the avenues my camera allows me to. Each different area has a whole new set of skills I am can transfer to the other areas.

    I guess I am lucky I have been able to make a living, and support myself and my family, while shooting these different areas of phootgraphing......."

    Sportsshooter thread #20597

  5. "When I lived in Brattleboro, VT, I was standing on the sidewalk talking a cop/friend, we both noticed a car driving irradically and I remaked "I think he's going to drive into the river."

    Normally I'd pull my camera up (not like I witness this often) , since I had two D1 bodies with a 17-35f2.8 and 80-200f2.8 on my shoulder, but instead I stood with the cop as we both watched the guy drive off the bridge taking the plunge into the river.

    I started shooting within 15 seconds of the accident, but let the actual wreck-in-motion get away."

    Sportsshooter #2511

  6. "I have flown Virgin a number of times (a dozen round trips paid out of my own pocket), everytime in Economy, and love the airline. As for First Class, Virgin paid for that flight :0) Damn, I am spoiled now, I can't go back to coach, not even on the short domestic flights :0)

    As for Megapixels.....while I love the D1x, and I prefer it to the D1h, I have shot a photo used on a Billboard with the orginal Nikon D1 body. I have also used the older DCS520 (2.0mp)to produce glossy media guide covers (8.5x11), and the images look flawless."

    Sportsshooter #1479

  7. "I had an old Nikkor 300f2.8 Ai-S which had no aperture blades, a partially bent barrel and some glass missing. It sat in my closet for the longest time, and two seasons ago I decided to have fun with a University SID who said "I didn't have enough school spirit."

    After the football team lost I went to press box and acted all up set, then announced to this person that I could not handle the stress of having my equipment witness thier brutal defeat...and proceded to drop the lens down a flight of concrete stairs.

    I wish I had another camera on me to shoot his expression ;0)

    I later told him the lens was trash anyway"

    Sportsshooter #3376