Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Just In... Steven Frischling Exposed to Anthrax!!

In addition to being shot; being struck by flying debris and burned on 9/11; being assaulted by police, actor Hugh Grant and a college basketball player; being held at gunpoint numerous times; being sickened by airborne pathogens after Hurricane Katrina; being hit directly by a teargas canister during a riot; losing a kidney in a professional snowboard race, being burned in fires; being threatened with arrest for treason; having hurricanes rip the roof off a building he was in and surviving cancer.... unlucky/extremely lucky photographer-turned-blogger Steven Frischling was exposed to anthrax!

Isn't it amazing what our hero will go through to bring home the photos nobody ever gets to see?

Sports Shooter, 09/11/03
"By the way TD, I also stood on Ground Zero on Sept 11, was hit by flying debris when 7 World Trade Centeer collapsed, and was in the Hart Senate Building the day they found Anthrax in a senators I know what it is like to be good and scared by acts of terrorism.....but my freedom is what makes me,and every American, different than the rest of the world"
Since he was exposed, he obviously needed to be given massive antibiotics:

Sports Shooter, 02/25/03
"My D1 has survied fast moving concrete as 7 World Trade Center collapsed 1.5 blocks from me on Sept 11 in NYC, a direct hit from a tear gas canister being fired from riot cops in my direction, other random riot action, being run over by Ricky Williams (Miami Dolphins) in Dec, me being put on Cirpo (it did not need the Cipro) after Anthrax was found in the Hart Senate Building, many hours and photos following politicians, trials, executives, The Olympics, etc etc etc."
Happy Lying!


  1. He's totally the Chuck Norris of the travel/photography world...

  2. I hope he "survied" after being treated with the "Cirpo"...

  3. Wasn't Cirpo the sixth Marx Brother?

  4. the Adventures of FishMan are never ending!

  5. This blog amazes me. Every time I think you have peaked with frischling lies, you top yourself with more amazing frischling b.s. bravo!

  6. "Wasn't Cirpo the sixth Marx Brother?"


  7. "This blog amazes me. Every time I think you have peaked with frischling lies, you top yourself with more amazing frischling b.s. bravo!"

    FishFraud Blogmeister: We need a poll for the best FishFraud post. It would be a hard decision because of the rich variety of content. The phone sex post was the best "LOL factor" but the most impact must be the twitter account suspend.

  8. Steven Frischling rocks. He is more than a modern Rambo. Can't you see it?

  9. 12:20, this is a good idea. We need a short list though. Please nominate your favorites below.

  10. C'mon guys - this is too easy.

    In the same 9/11/03 linked above, you can find the following in a post by SF at 8:52 pm

    "I came and went from the scene to dump images into my laptop, and when #7 came down a chunk of debris took a camera off my shoulder, with a 17-35f2.8 with it. I never found the camera, but was glad I had an NC2000c in the car as a spare."

    He repeats this in this thread on 1/23/04:
    " extreme example would be having been near #7 World Trade Center when it collapsed on Sept 11, 2001, my gear was the last thing on my mind. I lost a camera body that day and didn't even go back and look for it."

    Yet in the 2/25/03 post linked above, his "D1 has survied fast moving concrete as 7 World Trade Center collapsed 1.5 blocks from me on Sept 11 in NYC".

    Now, let's go back to 9/16/01, when SF made this post on ProPhoto:
    "Changing lenses was very difficult covering the attack on the World Trade Center. I had a very hard time cleaning my D1s CCD after nearly 24 hours of non-stop shooting. The camera seems to be OK after the dust was cleaned off.

    Hope NPS has some folks still on Long Island as my D1 and a few lenses are headed thier way. The dust was incredible, once covered in it by fast moved clouds as 7 World Trade Center went down dust ended up in my 80-200f2.8 AF-S and 300f2.8 AF-I, for some reason the Sigma 17-35 came away clean inside."

    So, lets recap.

    9/16/01. His D1 and the 17-35 survive and the D1 is on its way to Nikon.

    2/25/03. The D1 is still a survivor.

    9/11/03. The camera and the 17-35 are MIA.

    1/23/04. Camera is MIA.

  11. Best ever is one telling him he's a fucking mess (truer words never spoken).

  12. I think the operators of this site should go search the sportsshooter message boards to locate the thread(s) in which the Fishman claimed to have sold a camera to another member and sent him a damaged POS but with Fish claiming that the recipient damaged it. Similarly he used to post about how he has registered his images with the US Copyright Office but searching the records reveals nothing filed under his name, but again I did not search under Fishbag and the like.

  13. Found it. Operators, go please read the following thread on that details how Fish tried ot bag a fellow ss member. Given waht we know now of him as exposed by you guys, its actually funny to read all his posts on Go to:

  14. ^We saw that. We did part 1 of Frischling Stiffs Fellow Photographer and that is coming up in part 2.

    What a swell guy.

  15. I love this frischling quote from the camera sale gone bad thread on sports shooter after someone called him out on his bullshit. maybe he should take his own advice when he fabricates stories while operating under the guise of a journalist.

    "You should remember you are a journalist and get the facts before trying to inflame a situation with blatant exaggerations of the situation. "

  16. I love the person who defended fishFucker over his camera scandal is Rick Burnham...

    It turns out that Burnham, from Enfield, Conn. was arrested on "To Catch a Predator." Burnham was arrested and sentenced to 180 days in jail along with probation and registration as a sex offender.

    fishFucker had worked with this pedo.
    "I had known Rick. I had shot with Rick. This is horrible. I cannot believe he would do something like this."

  17. Good news from fishFucker's twitter:

    "I'll be back to my usual donut, Cherry Coke, pastrami..."

    heart attack, here we come!

  18. This is a quote from a Sportsshooter member, a real pro with a well earned national reputation btw, in response to Fishbabble:
    "But then again, if reading this message board for years has taught me anything, it's that there are plenty of people out there who are experts in the art of photographic bullshit (and the comments attempting to justify your actions you in this thread, not to mention the reason for it in the first place, do nothing to disabuse me of that notion) . And there are, unfortunately, too many more out there who can't see when they're having a heap of it dumped on them. So here's my suggestion: Let's leave the teaching to those who can do what they say they can do..."

    It is so true but of course went unheeded by our self-absorbed guy.

  19. isn't it funny how just about everything they accuse you of, they are the ones doing? I don't see that much hate on this site, just deliberate mocking of someone who has it coming.

    but talk about hate...

    "Just goes to show all what hate can permeate from that fucking site. May you rot in hell for that bullshit post you fuckin' asshole!

    Yeah, repost this maggots!"

  20. By now, you could repost an entire name calling contest - "You're an ass." No, you're the ass!" "Oh, yeah? Got a thing for asses?" "Oh, getting kinky now?" "No, but you're an ass!" all written by them.

  21. assuming that the "expose the bullies" site is actually frischling and his "wife" and not someone just trying to stir the pot, when are they ever going to post anything but comments? the dimwits couldn't even figure out how to post a proper blog post. whoever is behind it has the I.Q. of a brick.

  22. Most of the hateful rhetoric, language, exchanges etc, dies down when they don't post here. Most of the hate is directed toward this site (and from only one source that I can tell) , not from it.