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Steven Frischling: Accident-Prone Superhero

Thank you to a FishFraud MVP who compiled this list of Steven Frischling's amazing injuries. Of course it would be impossible to compile all of his spectacular traumas, but we have already called bullshit on a few. (For example, the time he claims he was assaulted by actor Hugh Grant or shot nine times.)

But it's an impressive list. Of course, few of these accidents ever seem to prevent our superhero from getting his photos. Only problem: where are the photos?

For example, he claims he had not one, but TWO medical issues during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. There is no confirmation and no photos to support him being there, much less working for the Olympic Committee as he's claimed. He also claims he was assaulted by a fan while shooting Manchester United against AC Milan, which is so laughable we don't know where to start. He has no photos of this match.
Digital Wedding Forum 1/30/05
“In 2002 I had to have an emergency procedure on my throat while at the Olympics, released from the hospital at 1: AM, at work at 6: AM. I felt like death hit me with a stick, but my client could not possibly get another shooter credentialed that fast for the Olympics. I am dumb I guess, I often shoot when sick, was outside last month for 6hrs shooting a news story with a 101 fever.”

Sports Shooter
“I spent a day in Park City during the Olympics unable to shoot because my eyes were watering for three hours after I made the mistake of saying I'd like to try a half rack of the hot sauce. The pit roasted chicken is amazing!”
More tragic stories follow:
I've got a visible dent in my skull from a nasty fall skating in a 1/2 pipe when I was younger, and seem to break myself all of often


I have uttered similar words when someone has run into me; panned so fast and hard their lens hood slammed into my lens leaving me a bruise under my eye


I have unfortunately had the lovely displeasure of crutches a few times
( broken arms, broken feet, popped knees, busted thumb with a broken
tib-fib).  I started to use a waist pack, I started with the Lowe Pro
Orion AW and now use the Domke OutPack waist pack.  When shooting I
place the crutch out in front of me and use it as a sort of mono-pod.
I hung a single camera a short zoom off my right shoulder, even when I
cracked my right leg (or left leg as well) because it was easier to grab
since cameras are made for righties (I use my left hand more often) .
Use the crutches as your balance.  Cruthces ALWAYS SUCK, but they can be
used to your advantage.
A good chunk of what I do is breaking news, and crutches slow me down
alot , but i made do, I went to the 180f2.8 rather than the 28f1.4, and
300f2.8 rather than my 80-200f2.8.  I found standing on my roof with a
long lens worked OK for me.
Rule of thumb, I have cut my last few casts off after 2-3 weeks, not a
good idea.  I cut 'em off so I could go chase
news/snowboarding/surf/skateboard/climb  , not something I suggest.  I
am regretting it just a lil' bit now that I need to have a few joints
worked on.

I have had my bones broken, stiches requied to heal the wound, and have had to dispose of pannels on a bullt proof vest because it was used to protect myself.


here I sit with a minor concussion, still have a ringing
in my ear and have blurred vision in my left eye because I was covering
a "disturbance" yesterday and was smacked in the head by a low flying
beer bottle (yea one day I'll remember the simple word I learned when I
played hockey "DUCK" )


I had a lovely encpounter with a flying metal projective
(twice in me, 7 times in a vest...all at once) while in the projects ,
another another time elsewhere.


I have developed tendinitos in my right wrist from shooting verticals at
very slow speeds often.   I think every photojournalist has developed a
bad shoulder, bad lower back and favouring one eye (I have a shattered
rotator -cup in my right shoulder from a snowboard racing accident).
Someone asked about skiing accidents?  How about snowboarding?  I used
to compete in slalom & super G...am now missing my right kidney froma
whipe out at 72MPG, torn rottor-cup, busted knee , hips, lower


Presently I have a completely torn ligament on the anterior of my right ankle and a nearly completely torn ligament on the interior of the same ankle ... which is drastically changing how I shoot. My stability is significantly thrown off as is my ability to move very quickly and pivot. I have adapted how I am shooting, how I am planning my 2nd & 3rd motion as I shoot, as well as how I am using long lenses.


Last year I had a fight with a Ford Taurus (I lost) and ended up in a brace which held my right arm at a 90degree angle for nearly four months.


I broke the lower portion of right my eye socket a few years ago (concrete got tossed at me, photographing a narcs raid in California). It hurts dude!


My 400f2.8's hood was dented by what appeared to be a beer bootle yesterday at Giants Stadium.

I was on the 2nd level shooting Manchester United vs AC Milan, when Man U failed to make a goal. I made a voice note into the back of my 1D , something like "Nice shot, would be better if ball was in net." Some fan was able to hear this (no idea how over the crowd), and swung a bottle into my hood. The bottle didn't break, but my hood now has a flat spot.

I wonder how they got a glass bottle into the stadium, since they are supposed to check everyone's bag.


I think the worst was a player from Fordam's woman's basketball come off a shot and kick my camera into my face. My head hit the floor so hard I was seeing stars. The worst part was the player then stood over me swearing at me for being on the line (where I sat for nearly every home basketball game at UMass, because I shot for the University). Her coach reprimanded her and the ref tossed her from the game for unsportsman like conduct.


Last year I was kicked in the face by player on Fordham's women's basketball team when she flew out of bounds. Nice dent in my 24f2.8 lens hood. My head hit the floor so hard all the cheerleaders thought I split my head by the sound. They surrounded me so my daughter (1.5 year old at the time) who was in the stands with Momma wouldn't see me struggling to get up. Just a bruise on my eye and a massive bump on my head and I was back to shooting the game. (nice to shoot the same arena all the time, the UMass cheerleaders all knew my daughter was a big womens B-Ball fan :0) ) The Fordham player leaned over me and said "@$$hole" before heading back to the court. I could not believe it, neither could the official, UMass coach, cheerleading coach or anyone else who heard it.


I spent today waist deep in a freezing Dleware River on the New
Jersey/Penn.  boarder shooting flooded homes.  I could not feel my feet
for an hour or so, then they hurt severly and now they are just raw, but I
got good pictures, at least I think. 


My D1 has survied fast moving concrete as 7 World Trade Center collapsed 1.5 blocks from me on Sept 11 in NYC, a direct hit from a tear gas canister being fired from riot cops in my direction, other random riot action, being run over by Ricky Williams (Miami Dolphins) in Dec, me being put on Cirpo (it did not need the Cipro) after Anthrax was found in the Hart Senate Building, many hours and photos following politicians, trials, executives, The Olympics, etc etc etc.


I had my tonsils out on the 27th of October. The surgery is out patient, no overnight in the hospital. The bill was around $5,500 I think.


Last summer I got nailed in a car wreck, destroyed my shoulder. The surgery and rehab was covered by the insurance. Months later I got a serious infection in the area of the surgery, my insurance said the visit to the doctor was not required and denied my claim. I did not have the $350 to cover my expenses, because "technically" the infection won't kill me, so I can deal with it (of course it restricted movement in my shoulder.

I broke my tooth, my insurance told me that getting a cap was not required, and considered cosmetic, so I had to find $700 for the work.

When I moved from VT to MA I did not have health insurance, my daughter began getting ear infections. With no health insurance we shelled out nearly $1,900 to deal with the ear infections.

I have also been denied health insurance a few times, once by an employers insurance carrier because I am missing my right kidney due to trauma, and have an on going problem with my throat. My insurance each month is through the roof, some months I have to drop my insurance to pay rent and get my family fed.

My insurance carrier, Blue Cross, once denied my claim for an ER visit to have my throat scoped because while I was totally unable to swallow for nearly 40hrs, I was breathing. Had I lost consciousness then had someone call 911, they would have covered my claim.


I can't shoot when my shoulder has such an infection that I can barely move it 10 degrees in any direction.

It makes a bad impression to walk into a corporate photo shoot with one of your front teeth missing.

I missed a photo assignment (two actually) when I was down for my throat problem in the above mentioned siuation.


I was injured racing in the '91 US Open Super G, so I lost out on sponsor money.

In certain situation, such as violent situations, or an extreme example would be having been near #7 World Trade Center when it collapsed on Sept 11, 2001, my gear was the last thing on my mind. I lost a camera body that day and didn't even go back and look for it. In riots I protect myself, not my equipment, I make sure I can get out in one piece. A broken finger or bruised rib is not a big deal, but a busted nose, arm, wrist, leg, are not injuries I want to endure, and simply can't ensure in terms of lost income.

In terms of getting hit by a football when a receiver misses the pass I'd rather get it than have it hit my gear, but in most situations there is no time to think about saving yourself or your gear , so your instinct does what it is going to do. I try and shoot with two eyes open to avoid getting hit on the sidelines, but freak accidents happen.

As for sitting on the sidelines, like most freelancer, I go to work hurt. When I was in a metal brace, with my right arm held out at an 87 degree angle, I went to work, I shot some baseball, soccer and pro lacrosse, was awkward, hurt like hell, but I had to work to survive.


Ummmm, 1991, lost my 80% of my kidney = $42,000 (100% covered)
1991, had another part of kidney removed = $5,600 (100% covered)
1992 through 1993 , three more surgeries, around $14,00 = 100% covered

Various concusions, lost teeth, broken fingers, leg, rebuilt shoulder,11 procedures on my throat since 1999 all 100% covered, hospital stay, surgery, ER, doc, nurses, drugs, all 100% covered (except down time, excluding the shoulder, I was paid for my down time) ........my camera gear repair is a minimum of $500 out of pocket, so it is cheaper to break me than the gear :0)

OK, I don't like breaking anything, me or gear, so I try and move out of the way now.

......I am joking is NOT cheaper to break me, just have good health insurance (well not good dental any more)


The cops at UMass and Amherst Police generally carry MK III 5 &10 OC (5.5% & 10% Oleoresin Capsicum pepper). I have had the displeasure of being sprayed by the stuff at close range while shooting a demonstration by the APD on their techniques.....don't know what he was thinking.

I dunked my head in cold water on and off for 3-4 minutes and the burning in my eyes, and on my skin cleared up fairly quickly. I was told to do this in the station by the cops. My guess is his run in was with UMPD or APD, rather than the Mass State PD (not sure what they carry), so I was speaking from direct experience with what he would have come in contact.


I don't have problems with my lenses getting scratched shooting sports usually, but it is the other assignments I get where my gear can get seriously banged around. I have cracked the glass of a number of filters, I prefer a busted $50 filter to a busted front element. I have not yet replaced my filter for the 17-35f2.8, but I popped two UV filters in a month on it ,when not using the hood, The first while shooting the USCG 25ft Defender Class boats on active patrol in Boston Harbour, we hit a wave, and I went camera first into the butt of a 50cal mounted machine gun, and the other shootiing in a Black Hawk chopper when we hit some turblance and my lens was right into the back of the helment the flight crew chief was wearing.....he was fine, my filter was cracked in a spider pattern.


Yet despite all these terrible accidents, assaults and misfortune -- concussions, broken bones, being shot nine times, pepper sprayed in his eyes, broken eye socket, hit by a car, kicked in the face by a basketball player -- he then claims the worst thing that ever happened to him while he was out shooting was arriving 20 minutes after his baby mama at the hospital when she was in labor!
This is the worst that has happened to me.

I was in a cell phone dead area when my better-half's water broke! I came back into cell coverage to more than 30 messages from A Lady in Labour, my former editor, night editor, wire editor, 3 reporters, the PR person from the hospital and a medic at the EMS unit.

I think above all else that is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me while out shooting an assignment.

(No, I didn't miss the birth, I was at the hospital less than 20 minutes after her)


Happy Lying!


  1. Yeah, man. Those beer bootles are dangerous. Ya gotta watch for those.

  2. "The Fordham player leaned over me and said "@$$hole" before heading back to the court. I could not believe it, neither could the official, UMass coach, cheerleading coach or anyone else who heard it."

    They couldn't believe she didn't call him something worse.

  3. All between the ages of 15 (presumably, when he started shooting "professionally") and 35, or less.

  4. Returning home from Manhattan, 9/11, presumably,

    "I am just devastated physically (burns on the back of my neck)..."


  5. Frischling's low-flying-beer-bottle post (8/10/98) is just filled with awesome quotes:

    "Maybe I think about this now and again because
    I get to close to often, I know I want to settle down and quiet my life, but I hear a request for a riot team, SWAT team, mounted units on the
    scanner, I still grab my Nikons and go for some reason. Some people call it bravado, or bravery, for me have come to the conclusion I might just be dumber that I think I am..."

    "I am sure that we as professional PJs and editors look at certain images and think "Damn,
    that photog was a bit to close", or our friends/family have learned to look at photos and wonder if the photog was in danger. I know for me, my folks have seen me come home for visits, or when living there, come in with my face bruised, tooth loose/missing, or bandaged in some way, so they now look at photos in a new way."

    "It just annoys me at times that people see our images, and never picture us behind the lens taking the brunt of the impact at times."

    "...but what of those photogs who are alive, and walk into war zones, and get the image, those who work in cities and walk into the gun battles, and into the fires..."

    "Forget pay, forget names, glory, or recog-nition, sometimes this job is not worth it, and sometimes it is, do people who are not in our line of work care if we walk home, or come home on crutches, or if we go home OK, or with our eyes bloody and shut?"

    "I know I am probably babbling, but this has been festering for a while, and I'd rather vent here than scream at some guy at the photo lab who was only looking over my shoulder...and staring into my "one good eye" (should have 2 good eyesin a few days)"

    Can you hear the violins, too?

  6. " (I have a shattered
    rotator -cup in my right shoulder from a snowboard racing accident)"

    Well, it is a rotator CUFF and you can't shatter it. It is a group of muscles and tendons. I broke the ball part of my shoulder in February and the break wasn't' bad but the pain of straining my rotator cuff and going through PT is tremendous. He probably thinks the socket of the shoulder is called the rotator cup. Because he is a huge moron.

  7. Has this injury been noted yet?

    "This afternoon on my way to the bank I stopped to photograph an auto accident with entrapment,
    happened right in front of the bank. As I stepped out of my car, no cameras in hand or anything, a cop who I have had minor run-ins with in the past came up behind me, pushing me, which resulted in my head being slammed into the car."


  8. Here's our guy in action:


  9. @9:22 That kind of crap from him just makes me that much more angry knowing that his tales were all just lies.

  10. Happy Anniversary to us!


  11. What a coincidence!

    Steve Frisch:

    Supplied a photograph each day for the month of January, 1999, for the Discovery Channel Online's Picture of the Day web page.

    Our hero

    I used the 500f4.5 in '98 with the DCS520 when shooting for the Discovery Channel Online and fell in love with it.

  12. Here's our guy in action. (Language NSFW)


  13. http://www.visualcv.com/iuyrjfd
    Steven Frischling writes:
    "Discovery Channel Online Picture of the Day Project - Oct 1998-Dec 1998. Interactive Photography Innovation."

    Here, he writes in his bio:
    Steven’s involvement in social media dates back to working with...the Discovery Channel Online to pioneer the widespread online usage of iPix interactive photography in 1998.

    He has also written:
    In 1998, working with The Discovery Channel Online, Steven helped pioneer the iPix interactive photography technology, to develop and integrate interactive visual web technologies, years before this technology was in widespread use.

    Steve Frish (^ 10:13, who also writes his name as Stephen Frisch, but whose website doesn't appear at all related to Frischling), contributes to the Discovery Channel Picture of the Day Project for the month of January 1999 immediately following the work SF claims he did for the Discovery Channel. Anyone else find that kind of strange?

  14. The Steve Frisch coincidence and work for the Discovery Channel was brought up on April 11 - the Have No Fear post:

    NPPA-L, 10/10/98:

    "The assignment I has asked for help for yesterday in New England was assigned from The Discovery Channel Online. The Discovery Channel
    Online has a Picture Of The Day project, where one PhotoJ gets an area on the site to him/herself essentially for the month to produce a stand alone photo a day. The first week they post 8 photos to kick it off (I should get cracking on mine .....so I can have 8 photos on November 2)"

    NPPA-L, 10/27/98:

    "Come Thursday I start my month long gig for The Discovery Channel Online"

    digitapoint.com forum, 9/25/07:

    "In 1998 I was integral in converting the Discovery Channel Online to an all digital format with the creation of the DCO's Picture of the Day project."


    By 12/31/09, this month-long "picture of the day" gig had morphed into:

    "In 1998, working with The Discovery Channel Online, Steven helped pioneer the iPix interactive photography technology, to develop and integrate interactive visual web technologies, years before this technology was in widespread use."


    Also, did iPix technology have something to do with their Picture of the Day? I'm wondering if iPix was not exactly available for a Picture of the Day kind of project.

  15. Comments under the April 11 post ("Have No Fear") discuss the coincidence with Stephen Frisch and The Discovery Channel project, and questions what exactly did SF do for the Discovery Channel.

  16. To be clear, my comments above (4:23) related to questioning Steven Frischling's behavior (SF), not Stephen Frisch.

  17. This one deserves it's own entry. Many readers hear may know that Fish recently went on the "attack" - "ripping apart" the arguments of the author of the Delta/Saudi Air article, Rabbi Jason Miller. However, for those that read his blog entry - that is far from the truth. This poster on SF's blog provided a very succint, well thought out rebuttal of the notion that Fish "ripped apart" anything...... It's well worth the read.

    See comment #9

  18. The guy has been hurt so many times I'm not sure if the following injury has already been or is another one. Also, SI sent Frischling on assignment for an SI for Kids story?

    "06-30-2002, 09:02 AM

    Posts: n/a
    Re: SportsShooter.com Galleries
    I checked out Bert Hanashiro's B&W photos last night and loved his images. It is always a nice reminder of what can be done under harsh conditions (high school gym lighting).

    I think everyone should check out the work of Bill Frakes (S.I.), Dan Powers The (Appleton, WI) Post-Crescent, Paul Nisely (Sporting News), David Burnett (Contact Press Images), and of course Brad Mangin (Freelance) who hosted SportsShooter on his web site for about 2 years before the new site was launched.

    This is a great site to test your images against the "Big Boys" ;0)

    I came home from an assignment last night (ever try shooting pro lacrosse action and a portrait with three lights in a metal brace which goes from hip to finger tips? Really fun one handed!) a tad pissed, annd flipped from SportsShooter and felt better. I'm not supposed to be working, but it was for a full page in Sports Illustrated for Kids, so I figured I'd take it and have some fun. (I should add, I am not supposed to work at all until Sept 1, I hope my surgeon does not read this board)."


  19. The fucker is back on SportsShooter.

  20. Oh no! Sportsshooter has spawned a Fish clone tweeting travel! Make it stop!

    "I am a travel god, just booked two last minute tickets in biz LAX-BGO for 2,500/rt/each..,"

    "LAX SkyClub but they have no cheese! Not even the fake stuff. (If you don't know what I'm talking about you're not an FTer)"

    "I'm Andrew. I make pictures at sporting events everywhere for a huge range of clients. I'm getting a BS in CS, and really love Oxford Commas"


  21. He's got his little fishy icon back, his three web links are still there (at least one of them - to his boot camp - is still not working). He may only be there to sell his gear. He has no new posts.

  22. 3:47 - that guy is one of steve's bigger supporters on the twitter. he's nearly equally obnoxious.

  23. @3:10...and there are people supporting him on sportsshooter too


  24. it is about time that someone called him out on sports shooter. he doesn't belong on that site. he should have never renewed his membership. someone needs to post links to his forgery and larceny charges so the people on sports shooter have a better idea of how much of an ass clown steven frischling is

  25. The people behind sportshooter are well aware of his bullshit. I'm not sure why they allowed him to renew...he's just too cruddy to be considered valuable to the SS community.

    I appreciate all they do, and for the most part they allow the site to self-polic but If I ran the site I'd send him his money back and tell him that he's not welcome.

  26. Look who it is... @BillFrisch

  27. Speaking of injuries, has he ever related any stories about his obvious incontinence? Why would he post as a portrait of himslef that idiotic picture of himself immersed in water up to his belt line unless he was cleansing himself!

    Do you think Fish is actually Thomas Hawk in disguise?

  28. Says
    Doug Holleman, Photographer
    Temple | TX | USA | Posted: 1:10 AM Today
    ->> I've heard about some of the gripes about Fish. I've only met him once at a SS workshop, spent a little time with him, and he seemed like an OK enough, though slightly goofy, guy. But that's beside the point.

    Whatever he's done to get so many people to hate his guts, it's probably not any worse than some anonymous guy publishing a website solely dedicated to smearing another guy. Seems pretty low, if you ask me. If you have to bash somebody, at least do it out in the open and be a man. If he's the buffoon he is made out to be he certainly wouldn't be much of a threat to retaliate. Grow some nads.

    Really!! A faceless dickwad, you are nothing but a fuckin' ass-wipe pussy!! Grow some nads, PUSSY!!

  29. Kind of telling that all of Fish's defenders on the "shenanagans" thread on Sports Shooter are basically bottom feeder types, Neil excepted. And maybe Doug because of the extreme sense of irony he shows by his 1995-era website. Qual Ah Tee.

  30. And the picture in this post is stolen from Istockphoto. The irony!

  31. How do you know it was stolen, Fish Douche? And why won't you defend yourself on the sports shooter site?

  32. ^ 1:08 Really?

    Even with obvious watermark on the image you believe it was properly licensed? As much as I enjoy perusing this site - and providing content on occasion (e.g. 7/1 6:33am), it isn't right that the image is being used without proper license.

  33. speaking of photos, during this down time before the arraignment, what about those infamous darkroom photos of Steven Frischlilng jerkin the gerkin?

  34. What, will that turn you on you fucking pervert??

  35. ya' know, for all the lady fish fraud readers! i've seen that photo, and the dude is packin'!

  36. fishfucker has updated his ss page


  37. ^9:47 at least we know Steven Frischling is still visiting this site.

    From FB:

    "It's amazing how wound up some people are when they wrongly assume you care about what they think about you. Its like they interpret your silence as a sign you're begging for their attention. Bigger issues in the world folks ... focus on those instead."

  38. Call the Russians! They think Fish is an "aviation security expert"


  39. that was a stunning update by our hero fish ass, the faux-tographer.

  40. We need a Fish Fool update.....

  41. Fabricating stories as a journalist IS a big issue. Faking credentials IS a big issue. It's a sad day at Sportsshooter.

  42. 5:57^ Written by Rob Sachs and Jessica Jordan.

    I don't know Jessica Jordan, but is Rob Sachs this Rob Sachs?

    He should know better.

  43. Some comments here are so aggressive it's amazing. We have gotten the message! Fish too I would guess. Just caaaalm down. And no, I'm not Steven. And Yes I wrote comment: 7.37 AM.

  44. Why does this guy


    follow Frischling?

    some sad branding right there...

  45. I wonder how many other legit journos actually follow his twitters...too bad I have enough of a life that prevents me from going through his followers, hint, hint...

  46. What an SM wizard:

    " flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    @HHotelConsult I was ramping to ping you about an out of the box idea we could have have some synergy on.We can circle back to it later :0)"

  47. " Anyone can create a lapse successfully with barely any effort "

    True that...

  48. out of the box, synergy and circle back....yowza

  49. Ladies and Gentlemen: This is the big week! Are we excited?

  50. FINALLY. This week this week this week. HAHAHAHA. Yes, this is going to be interesting.

  51. Friday should be interesting, but I really don't anticipate anything exciting. He'll either ask for another continuance or use a lawyer and plead not guilty. Then we wait until trial time. All the while, Fish will sugarcoat the entire thing and claim he was wrongly accused blah blah blah and this Addison person is the one to blame and that he'll be found guilty and Fish will sue and get lots of money for defamation of character.

    Either way, this will drag on for a while.

  52. He just tweeted:
    "OK back to no distractions to stair at things on a screen"

    How can people take this guy seriously?