Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Did Steven Frischling Try to Blackmail African Airline?

Frischling finally came out of his Twitter silence to respond to a Tweep called @FlyEU. Check out the exchange:

Then FlightAfrica left the following comment here:
We were victims of his fraudulent activities some two years back; he sent us some unsolicited emails on social media and then went on claim to that he was "consulting" for us. Then the airline went through another month of blackmails and threats that he would sue us for $1 million for using "his ideas".

He gloated on Twitter and created a fake Twitter account where he posted fake tweets to confuse our tweeting passengers. He even wrote a blog post about the whole episode http://boardingarea.com/blogs/flyingwithfish/2009/11/19/airline-executives-social-media-e-mail-reply-all-blunders/

Reading it, you can see the psychopath was thoroughly enjoying his antics. For someone who is not used to this cruel side of human beings, i was shocked beyond words at this behaviour and the embarrassment this had caused all the hardworking people with whom we had sat for hours and days and months to create a vibrant social media campaign for our airline. When I saw him take over the KLM project, i knew he would soon use these same tactics but I had seen enough of the devil, I wanted nothing to do with him. Besides, I thought the KLM people would read through his antics quick enough and discard him.

Now, if this was an anonymous poster/brand new Twitter it might be suspicious, but this appears to be a very legitimate individual! @FlyEU almost 12,000 followers and http://www.flight-africa.com/ blog looks to be well-established with content going back a year.

We can guess this is Kenyan Airlines as @FlyEU has a Kenyan Airlines plane on his page, and, Frischling claims credit for Kenyan Airlines social media plan in his LinkedIn resume!

We will post more after FlyEU puts up his blog post...


  1. OMG! SF is a global menace.

  2. Who knew his douchyness had gone to more than just the US and EU. GLOBALFISHDOUCHE