Saturday, June 04, 2011

Frischling Denies Arrest ... Here's the Link to Arrest Details!

As two newspapers have reported, Frischling turned himself in on an arrest warrant Thursday and is out on bond. However, we've watched in delight all day as Frischling has denied this repeatedly on Twitter, then taken to his new blog "IAGFraud" to voluntarily share details of his case!

On Twitter, he denies he was ever arrested and he denies he is out on bond.

On his new blog he says the same:

He claims he was not arrested because he was not handcuffed and walked in voluntarily. Huh? Who do you believe - Steven Frischling or the State of Connecticut? The details are available here for anyone to see - listing the name of the arresting agency and the date of the arrest:

Happy Lying!


  1. He can't deny being charged with committing larceny and forgery.

  2. " need to check in with anyone."

    That's right, Steven, until June 15, you don't have to check in with anyone. This is just too funny.

  3. In his blog he just mentions the details of the civil case, not his criminal charges!

  4. His latest FB posting:

    "I've got news for you folks ... anyone can accuse anyone of anything. Being accused means nothing without the evidence to support the accusation."

    I'm not sure what planet this guy is living on, but after a year-long investigation leading up to the arrest warrant, I'm sure the Connecticut courts probably have some solid evidence.

  5. Has he ever heard of probably cause? It will be interesting to see if he sues for malicious prosecution - which would require HIM to produce evidence (provided the requisite laws exist in his neighborhood).

  6. sorry, probable cause. Probably cause, that's actually pretty funny.