Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frischling Gets Court Pushed Back.... Again

Frischling is now scheduled for a third time on the docket...

Data as of the Previous Business Day
Docket Information
Docket No:K10K-CR11-0313446-SProgram:Court:Arresting Agency:Arrest Date:Bond Amount:Bond Type:
Activity:Awaiting PleaNext Court Date:7/29/2011 10:00 AM
Miscellaneous:New London GA 10CSP TROOP E6/2/2011$25,000 (This case only)Nonsurety(Released From Custody)Companion:
Defendant Information
Last, First:Birth Year:Times on the Docket:Represented By:FRISCHLING STEVEN E19753
Current Charges
StatuteDescriptionClassTypeOccOffense DatePleaVerdict Finding
53a-123LARCENY 2ND DEGCFelony11/19/2010
53a-138FORGERY 1ST DEGCFelony11/19/2010

What is going on? He still has no lawyer listed.

Of course, Frischling is happy to put a spin on it:

 Flying With Fish 


Really? If the prosecutor thought it should be a civil case, why did they bring charges in the first place? If charges will be dropped, why does he have a new court date? Why does it still say "awaiting plea?"

The lies never end with this guy. Too bad people on Twittter like @flyddw seem to fall for anything they are told and don't bother to investigate anything.


  1. I almost choked on my breakfast reading this:

    MrMediaTraining Mr Media Training
    @flyingwithfish You have a terrific blog and you're a great writer. For sake of full disclosure, do you have any financial ties to @Delta?

    I realize MrMediaTraining may not yet know who SF really is (he should be clued in), but "a great writer". Holy crap. It is beyond comprehension that anyone would suggest such a thing. Worst. "Writer". Ever.

  2. On FB - Steven Frischling finally acknowledges that FishFraud is effecting his business:

    "It's one of those days where someone else is trying as hard as they can to knock you down ... and seem to be succeeding ... where you need to suck it up and try marching forward at all costs. The short term is painful ... but long term is what is important (if I can survive the short term)."

  3. awwwww, poor frischling. he can blame his long list of woes on all the people in the world, but at the end of the day, he created all of the messes that he is in. pathological lying never ends well.

  4. It's all our fault. We should take this as a sign to quit harassing this law abiding citizen and bastion of ethics.......

  5. A recent tweet from our intrepid hero claims someone is stalking him. Now, personally, I think that stinks and should not be tolerated. Stalkers are not welcome here... on the other hand, please report all Fishdick fraudulent activities, tall stories, embellished heroics, downright lies, the misinformation to beguile the unwitting and any other bullshit that spews out of his mouth.

    29 July cannot come quick enough.

  6. Here we go again. Another MSM reporter is not doing due diligence when using sources.
    This time it is the Houston Chronicle:
    " Airline media consultant Steven Frischling, who blogs on Boarding Area, points out that even the basics of the deal are wrong..."

    Here's the url:

    This time it looks like a misinformed religion writer: News and trends from the religious realm with Kate Shellnutt!/kateshellnutt

  7. The trend of take bloggers at their word is disturbing.

  8. How pathetic. He's in serious need of a reality check. Letting him get away with this went on for way too long. He's either totally convinced he's right, or this is a clever ploy thinking he's still fooling people.

    Oh...HAHAHAHAHahahahaha. I used the word clever. That's a good one. My bad.

  9. Are you kidding me?
    From the esteemed
    "...wrote travel blogger Steven Frischling..."

    Hey, Adam Hochberg, here's a quarter, please buy a's his wiki entry:

    Shouldn't he know better?

  10. Wow. Epic fail. Blog post coming up about this and the AJC, Houston Chronicle and Poynter will all be appropriately shamed.

  11. Since we know Fishputz is such a flawed "journalist" isn't it a forgone conclusion that his vigorous defense of Delta in this whole Saudi flap is a way for him to restore some sense, albeit delusional, of "legitimacy " to his blogging efforts?

  12. He has also seriously ramped up his FB presence the past three days...looks like he might think he's out of the weeds since a couple of nitwits quoted him again....

  13. Has anyone alerted Mr. Hochberg at Poynter about the legitimacy of his source?

  14. One more day - let's see if he can delay it again or if its no longer possible to avoid the plea.

  15. @5:42 - no, its not tomorrow...the court date was moved to July 29.