Friday, June 03, 2011

Fish Starts a New Anti-Addison Blog!

Apologies for our absence, but we've been busy with non-Fish stinking activities.

But we've been lured back thanks to Frischling's latest dumb move: starting an anti-Addison Schonland blog! Schonland is the guy Frischling attacked earlier on Twitter (getting his own account suspended) and used outright lies to accuse him of being behind the FishFraud blog.

Well now Fishtard has a NEW blog that he tweeted about today, called "IAG Fraud," with the following description:

"Detailing the false statements made to police by Addison Schonland, Doug Abbey & Mike Ciasullo of IAG when not getting their way through civil legal channels."

The blog has NO details, which shows he's already full of crap. But the description alone opens a whole new can of worms (used to bait fish). Who are Doug Abbey and Mike Ciasullo? What did they say to the police?

Right after he tweeted about the blog, he tweeted the following to Schonland:

 Flying With Fish 

 Flying With Fish 

So again it appears he is saying that Schonland has accused him of something, and he accuses Schonland of texting his daughter! Typical Frischling - he loves to get his kids involved and say they are being threatened because he thinks it will gain him sympathy. Of course he provides no proof of this accusation (and how would anyone even get the cell phone number of a 10 year old?).

Either way something big must have gone down for Frischling to start this blog. So... what is it?

UPDATE: Fish was arrested and is awaiting trial!!!!


  1. This is hilarious -

    While SF has repeatedly referred to his companion as his "wife", he now takes exception when someone else does so:

    "The letter also refers to my wife ... I am not now, nor have I ever been, legally married."

  2. The creation of a blog by Fishfool is testimony to how threatened he is by this Fishfraud blog - he copied it after all. Despite your statements that "Addison" has nothing to do with, Fishfool is convinced that he is. As we can see form Fishfool's understanding of evidence, truth and reality don't matter too much.