Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Best of FishFraud!

We're playing around with Blogger pages and want to do a "Best of FishFraud" for newcomers. We want to link to the top content that has appeared on this blog in the past. Please leave a comment with your nominees for:

Funniest FishTale:

Most Offensive FishTale:

Favorite FishFraud Post: 

Favorite Frischling Idea to Counter FishFraud:


  1. My vote for the top three posts is him being a "deadbeat loser" on a phone sex hotline.

  2. Nice, but It should read:

    Favourite FishFraud Post:
    Favourite Frischling Idea to Counter FishFraud:

  3. I went to my favorite Mexican joint last night and ordered the Tacos al "tendinitos" and they were muy bueno...

  4. I love tendinitos with sour cream and cheese. My favourite!

  5. @7:25
    Did you get a free rotator cup for your fountain drink with you order of Tacos al Tendinitos?

  6. This is one of my favorite comments:

    "STEVEN - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP POSTING HERE YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!! I just cannot believe how fucking stupid you are. Your have absolutely NO PR SKILLS at all. Your damage control is pouring gasoline on a working fire. What the hell are you thinking? Just STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE, and deal with the issues that created this blog in the first place.

    You are the talk of the photo industry now, and this blog has become must-read status. Your rants posted here are being emailed to people left and right. S T O P !!!

    If you don't believe me, why don't you contact people that you know in the photo community and ask them if they've been here. If my phone rings, I'll give it to you straight - and you have my number.

    This is NOT just a few people - this blog has a very large audience now."

    It sounds like this person knows (knew) Frischling - begs him to stop, asks him to stop blaming everyone around him, offers to help him - and look what it got this person, nothing. Nada. The is the way Frischling treats his friends and people trying to help him, by throwing crap in their faces.

  7. @fish fraud, I know steven frischling, be nice, your really hurting his kids to, because of you, he may not have as many job opportunitys, thought of that? HE HAS KIDS YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! And what loser sits on the computer all fuckin day trash talkn the guy? NOT ME!!!!!! god, think, he needs to buy food for his kids, have you thought about that? NO!!!! CAUSE YOUR A WORLD CLASS MOTHER OF FUCKEN BITCH!!!!!! You know, i can reprot you fot harrasment, i know his kids, and there sweet, so, IF YOUR A FISH FRAUD FAN, THINK ABOUT HIS KIDS!!!

  8. Think about the families of those he stole from, the brides without their photos, the people he lied to and hurt. Steven Frischling is the lowest form of scum!

  9. Steven has never had a bride of his own, so he has NO concept of just how important the wedding day is to a bride. He is below scum.

  10. I've worked with steve for a while and he has always been quite helpful and honest. Sorry, I wish I could share your anger, but, wait....hmmm...nope. Steve is OK