Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Simpliflying (Finally) Dumps Steven Frischling aka flyingwithfish!

Shashank Nigam aka "SimpliFlying" finally got a clue and dumped Steven Frischling! Behold the hilarity:

Here was his "About" page before:


Of course this fool had plenty of warning. We've contacted him for months asking why he associated with a known liar and fraud like Steven Frischling, and he ignored us. He only dumped him after we started tweeting his followers with the news that one of his team members had been arrested for larceny and forgery! You can see they were working together recently (how long until he deletes this Tweet?)

People have said Shashank is just as slimy as Frischling and we believe it by how long he held onto him, ignoring the evidence.

Now it seems Frrischling's only professional connection remains Randy Petersen and, which brags it hand-selects its bloggers from the best of the best! So how dirty are these people?


  1. Shashank sounds exactly like Fish - totally full of shit. And as for Randy - sociopaths like him love company.

  2. Simpliflying Tweets:

    Just an announcement - the "SimpliFlying Associates" has been dissolved, as we stop working with independent consultants and hire directly!/simpliflying/status/78494316582014977

  3. too little, too late

    I hear Shashank knew EXACTLY what Steven had done and yet continued to work with him.

  4. Shashank knew what Steve had done. A lot of people knew. Shashank didn't care. And obviously Randy still doesn't care. They're both scum.

  5. @1250 If that's the case the little respect I had for Shashank has blown out the window..

  6. Shashank goes through a cycle of "partners" and positions them as employees.He does not pay them, but promises fame if he allows them to post on his oh-so-famous blog. After a while, they realize they have been used then are gone. Simpliflying is not a real company, he's just a blogger like Fish that manages to convince a company every now and them to do some tweets for them. He probably kept Fish on despite all the evidence because Fish has a lot of followers and was more willing than most to write for free to "build his brand".

  7. Ok, can anyone tell me how:

    "a global leader in providing brand strategy, customer engagement and social media consulting and training services to airlines and airports around the globe – with offices in Singapore, New York and Toronto"

    That claims to have its headquarters in Singapore:

    Somehow becomes a "global leader" in anything without ever having filed an income statement?

    Sounds a little "Fishy" to me!

  8. I think that Shashank was a student of Steven Frischling.

  9. Where are the New York Offices of Simpliflying? Nothing on Simpliflying to give an address, nothing definitive on Google for the company or the person, nothing, it appears, anywhere aside from in his own online references to a NY office.

  10. Well lookee here....

    The New York office?

  11. LOL likes its his company office

  12. I could not find any registration in Canada either

  13. I think you can locate the Toronto HQ at his parents house.

  14. Here is where the "CEO" of a company that has never filed a financial report admits he is just a blogger who likes airplanes:

  15. Want to create a great brand? First, find a catchy name to "borrow"

    Preferably from an academic

  16. @0443 birds of a feather eh! Shashank is just as bad takes people tweets and uses that info in his presentations! Some expert

  17. does Shashank really have paying clients?

  18. Its more like what Fish got on a lucky day.

    Here is one he did with another blogger where they were paid - "The World's First Tweetup on an Aircraft"

    Shanshank's partner was realistic about it:

    "Besides blogging, we used to manage marketing campaigns for brands. At slide 12, the picture shows one of the campaigns we did for Singapore Airshow in 2010. The plane wasn’t actually flying but it was still considered to be the world’s first tweetup on a plane. Our marketing gimmick received coverage from various media. Money was okay but unfortunately, we didn’t like to deal with marketing and public relation stuff. There are just too many bullshit to deal with."

    Obviously the client relationship was not all that smooth. Sounds like something from "a global leader in brand strategy" or two blogger's Tweeting?

    Anyway, since the aircraft was a Bombardier and the airline livery was Air Baltic - bingo - two clients! Can I get a referral from them?

  19. Note that here he admits that his only "airline branding" experience was to write a white paper:

    But here is where he is caught SimplyLying - his company was only registered in October, 2009, two months AFTER it supposedly broke even

    "Nigam quit his job in Boston in Dec 2008 returned to Singapore to incorporate and work on Simplifying full-time. “I had $20,000 in savings from my one and a half years working at Endeca. I told myself I had to break even before the money ran out or I’d have to return to the job pool.”

    Luckily for him, the company broke even in nine months and even better, it did so using less than $10,000."

    Of course, no financial statements have ever been filed.

  20. ^3:53PM:

    In 2010 Shashank the CEO managed to convince some very experienced and knowledgable industry veterans to join forces in a “patnership”.

    Since these guys are based in Toronto, this was the Simplifying “joint venture” Toronto office!

    It obviously did not go anywhere. Previously, they had Shashank as a team member and his company as a partner, but recently all references to Simpliflying have been removed. Only remnant is one presentation that Robert gave at a conference as a “Simpliflying Associate”

    Robert Cook and his team are still listed on the bios. Shashank proabably is leaving them up there to establish is own credibility. Maybe somebody should tell Robert?

    I guess Robert probably only realized later that Simpliflying was nothing more than a thin veneer of fancy presentations.

  21. Here he goes again:

    Does anybody fact check this guy? He can't keep his facts straight.