Friday, June 24, 2011

Just a Reminder What This Blog Is About

Recently we've had to delete some comments accusing other people of also being frauds. It's not that we think these other people are genuine. Are there a lot of frauds out there? Of course. Is Frischling associated with shady people? Naturally. Are there other know-it-all photographers or travel "strategists" who are as full of themselves as they are full of shit? Absolutely.

The purpose of this blog is still to expose blogger Steven Frischling as a dishonest individual who has no credibility whatsoever, who should never be used as a media source and whose advice should be ignored at all costs. However, on legal advice, we are not going to allow other comments that may be libelous against private individuals. After all, the comments are anonymous and there have been a few that seem... suspicious. It could be that Frischling is leaving them himself, trying to get us in trouble. We would put nothing past this guy.

To help keep this blog running, we ask you to restrict your comments to Steven Frischling and his adventures in dishonesty. The only exception is for other bloggers who may be fabricating quotes or lying about their resumes. We would be very interested in this information.

This blog has nearly 3,000 comments. If you feel you have been unfairly targeted, then email us with the link and date/time and we will consider removing it.


  1. 3,000 comments! Wow. You three guys have been really busy!

  2. I feel I have been unfairely targeted by the three of you. Do me a favour remove it.

    Yours in felony forgery and larceny,

    Steven E. Frischling


    I think its fair to assume that Fishdick was the client in this regard...

  4. Latest on Facebook :

    "Just finished proof reading and rewriting part of a corporate social media policy ... you know it'd be easier to write this stuff if one didn't have to think "what would the lawyers think?"

    Since when does he consider legal ramifications before writing anything?

  5. He's the last person on earth you'd want writing your corporate social media policy. How in the world is this guy getting through the vetting process.

  6. I guess there is a sucker born every minute

  7. Frischling has only 2300 more Twitter followers than the fish swimming in the tank on the set of TMZ...yeah some social media expert!

  8. Here is some of Frischling's latest work:,20856/

  9. For all you potogs. Latest posting on FB:

    "For Sale : Canon EOS 24f1.4L. Excellent condition (except scuff on distance scale window), flawless glass, hood and read cap. US$1,200 including ConUS USPS insured priority mail. Come on ... you know you want it. It needs a new home ASAP."