Monday, August 24, 2015

The FishFraud Fan's Essential Pocket Guide

Guess what everyone! We just inked a deal with a major international company to author a book, a 135-page guide to the great adventures of Steven Frischling! This deal was inked after months and months of negotiating, ironing out details, and thumb wrestling. This was not a book we wrote and pitched, but were approached by said international company, therefore, they are at the mercy of our busy schedule doing nothing. The first draft of the first chapter is due January 2050.

The book will be called The FishFraud Fan's Essential Pocket Guide and all content will be essential and pocketable. We need help putting it together of course as it's impossible to write 135 pages without help, we'll keep this article pinned to the top of the blog as it expands. We'll divide it into sections and sort by theme.

Frischling adventures

Frischling photos: MIA

Part of the book will be placeholders of course, blank pages representing some of his most dramatic adventures that he has no photos of, for some bizarre reason.

What is your "favourite" Frischling tale?

Happy Lying, folks!


  1. There needs to be a separate section on all his flying shenanigans - his "million miles", his flying in first class all the time, etc.

    1. Don't forget his impossible number of aborted takeoffs that there is no record of.

    2. I like how he tries to impress his clueless Twitter followers alleging that he anonymously donated (ie; can't verify it ever happened) 400,000 frequent flier miles in December of 2014 even though he hasn't really flown much (other than some corporate gigs that probably wouldn't yield FF miles) since he gout ousted at CRN and crashed and burned his wedding business.

      in 2007 he says he burned through over a million miles going to visit "clients" all over the world

      "I also busted my butt burning almost 1,000,000 frequent flyer miles from my accounts to go have face to face meetings with these same contacts. I didn't want to be a random voice on the phone or an e-mail they could skip. In December in a four day span I went and met marketing people in Hong Kong, Incheon, Nagoya, Honolulu and Los Angles. I am set to go do it again, possibly back to Hong Kong and Auckland. When the people know you will fly 28hrs to meet them for an hour you catch their attention (they have no idea I had a stash of frequent flyer miles that was in the seven digit numbers). "

    3. Loser lived in my condo during this trip. He claimed to have taken it in September 2014. Not December. Of course, he was late as usual with rent. And on top of that, when I called him to advise that I had to enter the premises to check on contractor work in the basement, he replied that there were motion sensor cameras that time stamped photos within the residence. Low and behold there wasn't furniture, nevertheless any cameras, 2 months into his taking residence. The only thing found was his mattress lying on the floor, food wrappers and laundry strewn all about the room, an 'illegal cat', and damage throughout the property from his animals, I mean kids. When he got back and I confronted him about the condition of the premises and the cat, he replied, "You stole my cameras!" Nothing like the furtherance of a blatant lie both parties are aware of to try and deflect the subject from your filthy, disgusting, lying presence. Oh, by the way, never even a police report filed. What a piece of shit this guy is. He should hang himself in the basement and do his family and the world a favor. Such a piece of shit.

  2. Frischling tries to flex his photo knowledge on Twitter and totally gets the facts wrong - shocking!!

    A New York Times photographer was NOT nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. The essay he is referencing was shot by Damon Winter and it took third place in World Press for feature picture story.

  3. Sorry, forgot link.

  4. Again, if Fish is the sort of guy who collects "trophies", wouldn't boarding passes be one of them? I can show you my boarding passes from trips to Kuwait or Whore Island or whatever. Can Fish?

  5. Just found this nugget (sorry if it's been posted before): our hero was a designer of the J-Series Domke bags.!topic/bit.listserv.nppa-l/4dSShgBQJvI

    "I just happen to beat the living crap out
    of my Domke bags, and was involved in the process
    of desiging the J-series bags (was a bag abuser
    and pay, just a trip to sunny
    Rochester and a few free bags to beat on and wear
    out as a tester. The only thing that managed to
    wreck the J-1 demo bag was having it accidently
    dropped in a mix of liquid sulfer on a commercial

  6. Just got a court judgment against loser. CV16-0032262-S (CT courts). $4830.51 going to the credit reporting agency against him. Steven Frischling is the sorriest, most pathetic loser alive. Please, please feel free to send bags or boxes of shit to his new address (3 Ocean Ave. Niantic CT 06357)

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