Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fish's ex officially throws him back to the sea!

Attention single ladies: There's plenty of fish in the sea, including a rotten one. Be sure to throw it back if it looks like this.

It seems Fish's ex has finally come to her senses and kicked him to the curb! Thanks to anon who posted this court record of child custody case from the last year. No information available online for family court cases but she is listed as the plaintiff and he is the defendant, so she sued his ugly ass. Hopefully she sued for get full custody of their children and checked the box for him to go fuck himself.

The amazing part is that she represented herself (no doubt FishFuck bled her dry of every penny) but he had an attorney! Wonder which family member he conned to pay for that. It appears the case was last updated on June 25. Let's hope the judge had a brain and saw his timeline of failure, fraud and pathological lying. You have to wonder what kind of fantastic fabrications in the web of lies he probably spun to beg for his kids.

None of the details of the Connecticut records are online but maybe FishFraud needs to come on down to that court and spend a day reading all the information in public records on this winner, including all his evictions, for your enjoyment.

In a show of support for the ex-Never Mrs. Frischling, Team FishFraud will scrub her real name from any of our blog posts mentioning her in the next few days.


  1. It's interesting to read the case history, or try to. I have no background in law with the exception of covering court cases (which means, oh, somewhere between jack and squat). That said, at one point she filed for emergency custody, which is usually reserved for when there is a threat of danger or bodily harm to the child. Makes one wonder if he threatened them if she took custody. And it looks like he lost on May 29, since he filed a motion for immediate hearing on June 1, which was denied. Then he petitioned to have child support modified.

    Anyway, welcome back FF!

  2. Should he really be having his 15-year-old daughter (is it his daughter? or is it another 15-year-old girl?) shoot spot news? https://instagram.com/p/6K89aED4H3/


  3. I dunno 9:50pm, he is still Twittering photos of his kids. He must have partial custody.

  4. The more I think about the woes of Fish and SunnyVolvo, I feel bad for her. I mean, obviously the guy has some bullshitting skills and took advantage of this lady who probably felt charmed by his bullshit stories and the next thing you know, she was pregnant with kid #1. Then you're kind of stuck.

    Remember the good ol' days when he was charged a crime and was on bail? Good times. It should be a mission to try to get a booking photo.

  5. This loser does have custody of his kids. Partial. His attorney was a very good and respected attorney in New London, CT. His kids are embarrassed of him. They walk through the neighborhood with their heads hung low and don't associate. He is known throughout Niantic, CT, where he resides, as a loser. Teachers, police, people throughout town all know of the Frischling family. It ust be so embarrassing for his kids. He should just walm off a cliff for the sake of his children. Give them some peace. Some hope for a future.

    1. To be the talked about family in a town has got to be embarrassing... Poor kids. Maybe they will go and stay with their mother and get wise.