Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Frischling claims to have been on a Coast Guard boat that capsized

In addition to his unbelievable number of airplane near disasters, giant success Steven Frischling claims he was once on a Coast Guard rigid hull inflatable boat that "flipped over" (ie capsized) .

One of our faithful FishFraud fans saw that and for some reason suspected it was bullshit, and emailed the information officer for the United States Coast Guard for the Northeastern United States. The response:
"Thank you for your inquiry. Being that this alleged incident took place within the last 10 years, we don't have any knowledge on it. If you could narrow down the date, you could possible file a FOIA request for any MISHAP reports occurring at the Station during that time frame. I will say it does sound highly doubtful that a CG Station Jones Beach asset would have flipped, but again I cannot comment either way without more background information. Coast Guard members typically transfer stations every 3-4 years, and I couldn't find anyone with knowledge of this incident."

Any such incident would result in an investigation and most likely be available online, but nothing can be found. Here is the report for a capsized USCG vessel in Alaska:
So Frischling we need more information here. Your fans are fascinated by your adventures and need more information from you. If you really were on a U.S. Coast Guard vessel that "flipped," when did this occur? Edit to add: Frischling also claims to have pissed from a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter.


  1. We know shit floats

  2. Generally when normal non-lying people tell stories, they have a photo to go with - like if I were on a USCG boat I'd have a picture of me grinning like a retard clearly indicating that I'm on a boat. Yet no photo. And for a guy who photographs the most mundane shit, none of them are actually of him.

    If someone actually did flip a RHIB, people would have gotten seriously hurt since it would be during bad weather/high rate of speed. And when you have an overturned boat you'll need a rescue. Rescues and injuries generate a fuckton of paperwork, which is one thing the Uniformed Services is good at. If someone *was* negligent (either carless or not) when they flipped a RHIB and someone got hurt, then someone's career is over. More paperwork. And an incident like that would have been run up the flagpole and been used as an example for future sailors as what not to do.

    It must be said: The US Coast Guard is filled with some of the best people around who never get recognized. If you're offshore and in deep shit, that orange helo is one of the sexiest things in the world. They're not just the people who "hang out offshore" but they do massive drug interdiction work, have served in virtually every military conflict in the last 75 years and are the world's best search and rescue team. They deserve better to have their name dragged through the mud by this fucking sociopath.

  3. What is his fascination with the Coast Guard? His most twisted tales often seem to involve some amazing adventure with them. He also said that he pissed from the open door of a Coast Guard helicopter over the Boston Harbor.


  4. Walter Mitty, I tell ya....