Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Steven Frischling: The World's Most Accident-Prone Blogger

In addition to his multiple injuries, accidents, celebrity/police assaults and escaping natural disasters, lying TSA blogger Steven Frischling bragged on Twitter today that he had experienced FOUR rejected takeoffs (RTO). Naturally, FishFraud fans called bullshit on this immediately.

What is a rejected takeoff? That is when your plane bails out of taking off because of some technical problem or distraction. This is not some boarding delay, but where the pilots begin their ascent down the runway and end up aborting the takeoff due to emergency.

Our SMART readers, who are real experts in aviation, point out:

5:30, 49 CFR Part 830 deals with NTSB notifications. Specifically, 830.5 (a)(12) (ii) states that NTSB notification is required for "Any event in which an aircraft operated by an air carrier...experiences a runway incursion that requires the operator or the crew of another aircraft or vehicle to take immediate corrective action to avoid a collision."

An RTO, or Rejected Take Off, would be immediate corrective action and it would be reported to the NTSB. Yet a search of the NTSB database for accidents and incidents at HVN turns up no such event.

@DWiermans Dash-8s are really loud in the cabin, but everyone heard "Watch that G-d damn fire truck!" from the cockpit

Really?!?! The Dash 8 is an FAR 121 aircraft requiring a closed cockpit door. Furthermore, it has a built in intercom and the pilots typically wear the heavy David Clark type headsets. Interior noise and vibration are at their worst during take off.

Sitting behind the pilots backs, behind a closed cockpit door, between the engines and propellers at take off power it is very doubtful you heard much of anything except your own imagination. Why don't you stick to BSing us with 5th Freedom Rights instead.


@DWiermans @flightblogger I've had four RTOs, first was an @USAirways Fokker F100 a BUF. I recall the sharp left turn onto the grass.
Searching the FAA's Accident/Incident Database System (covering the period from 1978 to the present) there are 9 reports at BUF involving Fokker aircraft operated by USAir. Only one of these was an aborted take off. It happened on Jan. 7, 1990, the aircraft was a Fokker F28, and "NR2 ENGINE VIBRATION. ABORTED. RETURNED TO GATE. SECOND ROW COMPRESSOR BLADE FAILED AND WENT THROUGH ENGINE."

As for the RTO at HVN on USAir, it doesn't appear in the database.

Click on first link, FAA Accident/Incident Data System

According to the FAA's "Pilot Guide to Takeoff Safety," RTOs occur only once in every 3,000 flights. Statistically that means, odds are, Frischling would have had to been part of 12,000 takeoffs.

So, let's say these four RTOs occurred since he was 18 years old. That would work out to more more than 700 takeoffs a year. That's nearly two takeoffs PER DAY.

That's pretty hard to believe, especially since the evidence shows Frischling, the great airline blogger, has taken two trips over the past 10 months.

The odds of experiencing a 1:3000 event four times is about 1:81,000,000,000,000.

That's 1 in 81 Trillion.

Don't you think the PR people at Tweed New Haven Regional Airport (HVN) would be interested in knowing that local blogger Steven Frischling is fabricating airline emergencies at their airport, where passengers can hear pilots screaming from the cockpit?

Maribel Lota
(203) 466-8833 ext. 100

Lori Hoffman
(203) 466-8833 ext. 102


  1. What is driving this guy to do this? I saw this twitter thread and I was not position to research his facts. but 4 RTO's was a real eyebrow raiser. Thanks for x-checking it with the faa database.

  2. that's the question of the day. why does he lie about things that are so easy to check up on?

  3. http://pathologicalliar.org/#42

    Habitual pathological lying is, as the name suggest, habitual. Habitual liar lies so frequently, that it becomes a habit, as a result, he/she puts very little effort in giving a thought about what the output is going to be, nor does he/she care much to process whether it’s a lie or not, it’s simply a reflex & very often can be completely unnecessary or even opposite to his/her own needs. If he/she stops & thinks about it, he/she knows clearly it’s a lie.

    Habitual liars lie for a variety of reasons, which include, but are not limited to:

    Take advantage of the situation or misguide a rival
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    Cover up lack of knowledge
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    Receive unearned praise or avoid disappointment or disproval
    For no reason whatsoever
    Habitual liars gives very few if any psychical or vocal signs of lying, due to the effortless nature of lying. That said, since he/she gives a very little thought to his/her lies, they are usually inconsistent & obvious.

    Fear is a major contributor in developing habitual lying in a child & further advancement into adulthood, more so in conditions when the child finds truth telling results in more frequent or more severe punishment. Lack of appreciating and likelihood of unwanted consequences of telling the truth may result in frequent opting out for lying, which often involves less punishment & therefore becomes more desirable.

  4. So, I've never been to his Flying with Fish site until today and I have to say I was AMAZED at how much better the grammar is on SELECT posts on his blog as compared to his Tweets and his years of insane Sportsshooter message board posts (as well as his posts here).

    I was curious as to why he appears to have ZERO grasp on spelling and simple grammatical rules (like his CONSTANT misuse of "your" and you're", and "its" and "it's") when he's being a message board troll, but miraculously can manage to write certain blog posts containing few spelling errors and correctly using subtle punctuation like ellipses and semicolons.

    I assumed maybe he had the foul-mouthed, chunky Volvo troll (yes, Honey, we know you read this and you really are an ugly little creature) check his grammar but then I ran it through some plagiarism checking software and got my answer: his content originality is essentially ZERO. His "work" is almost 92% cut-and-pasted from real sources.

    Steven, this is what your life had become? Are you proud of your accomplishments? Do you think you're a good father? You're a hack Steven.

  5. Oh, and if we can find a local photojournalist willing to go and shoot and cover Fish-Fuck's next court appearance I will gladly contribute money toward his/her day rate. Let's do it. Let's hire someone to cover these appearances.

    There are enough of us who come here and enjoy this site that even if we all just throw in $10.00 each we can come up with a nice day rate for a local shooter. Wouldn't you guys LOVE to have some nice frames of Steven standing up in front of the courtroom being bitched out by a judge and to get some color commentary and quotes from someone who was in the room? I'd pay for that!

  6. Set up a paypal account I'll contribute. Who knows you might get all three of us

  7. Count me in too. FF please setup a PayPal account so we can add to a stash for this - no doubt there are photogs in area who dislike this creature as much as we do.

  8. Have the shooter shoot video too.

  9. video would be the way to go, then we could hear his stupid lispy voice.

  10. I don't think a photog would want to be identified. Who knows what crazy thing Steven Frischling will do if he finds somebody connected with FF.

  11. I wonder what Randy thinks of plagiarism.

  12. Randy's fine with plagiarism. After all, how else do you think he became an "expert" on mileage programs other than taking the information from Flyertalk posters?

  13. @flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    Question of the evening : Anyone know any agencies seeking #socialmedia strategists or consultants? Don't be shy, speak up :0) #SM #smtravel

    Aww...does little Stevie need a job???

    What a loser!

  14. oh geez. frischling, you're retard. you don't have the qualifications to be a social media strategist. you can't spell and the only thing you know how to do with social media is retweet other people's tweets. here is a link to a place where you would qualify for a job.


  15. I'm sure Starbucks has plenty of social media strategists and consultants working for them. As baristas.

  16. it's actually pretty difficult to get a job at Starbucks these days, considering they offer full health benefits for part time employees I believe. There are college grads working there.

  17. flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    Hmmmm been up just about 42 hours and trying to finish this blog post on Air India and Sky Team. I'm not sure it makes sense right now.

    what do you think is keeping Fish awake? that his felony case hasn't really been dismissed? hmmmm

  18. hmmm. I must tell people how busy I am about being so busy doing busy things. Oh, I forgot to tweet just now. I'll excuse myself from being too busy to get things done by tweeting about how I'm too busy to get things done.

  19. "Writing Flying With Fish is very much a labour of love. I put in a lot of time researching stories that cover a broad spectrum of topics."

    Love the British spelling on labor...and research?

    Every time I hear broad spectrum I'm thinking antibiotic...

    Another optical delusion...

  20. Seriously. If you've lived the US your whole life and you use British spellings, you're a bloody fool. Give me a break.

    Please buy my stickers. I have 101, er, 103 left and I work so hard and I really need the money.

  21. ^ 3:17. From SS (10/8/03):

    "I had a Canadian English teacher in the 9th grade. He had a habit of correcting everyone's spelling, and adding a "u" to many words, it just stuck with me since then. He was on a 1year exchange, so he never had to learn the American spellings."

    and SS (6/3/04):

    "I had two Canadian English teachers during Jr. High / High School. Having these two teachers (I know it is "two," not too or to) I ended up spelling with "ou" when writing certain words."

  22. Need to add my favourite Frischling spelling here -- couriours. As in, "It is not the airlines that hire the couriours it is the courious services. ... As I said I have friends who have done this, my brothers roomate has been to Australia a number of times as an air couriour."

    nppa-l, low budget travel for photographers, 10/14/97