Friday, August 12, 2011

Frischling Fighting (At Least) Three Legal Cases!

Total winner Steven Frischling will be back in court YET AGAIN next Friday to be arraigned on his felony forgery/larceny charges. Who knows how the slippery Fish keeps getting out of entering a plea, but obviously the charges have not been dismissed (as per his lies on Twitter).

Then he was in court today on another much more domestic issue, which we hope to post about in detail later (but you can speculate about to your heart's content).

But our hero is due back in court on yet ANOTHER case August 30! Why?

In May 2010 a New Yorker named Elizabeth Klaproth sued Frischling, whom she unfortunately hired to photograph her wedding at some point. Obviously something went wrong (could it be she never got her photos?!). In October 2010 she won her case. We guess she's never seen a penny of the judgment, so she has filed to get the judgement enforced in Connecticut!

Ms. Klaproth, by the way, is an esteemed member of the New York bar specializing in litigation. Did he expect she would simply drop the case and say "oh well!" if he refused to pay her the judgement? How dumb is he?

The lovely Ms. Klaproth is suing him for $3,026.00. Captain Continuancy has been denied one continuance and granted another, but can't seem to get out of this one. Details here:


  1. He just tweeted this regarding today's event:

    Tip Of The Day: When going up against someone in a formal meeting environment who is going berzerk…sit back & them them destroy themselves.


  2. Unless of course everyone in the room just happened to agree with the "berzerk" person. I think this guy is really sick. What is the point of tweeting something like that when you have real trouble on your hands? He seems only capable of never admitting responsibility, he just keeps saying other people are out to get him - it's always someone else being a crazy person, never him. Continued and ongoing trouble like he's having just doesn't come out of thin air (most of the time).

  3. 5:12: Which was followed by this inane comment

    Mama always said life is like a roll of duct tape. You never know who or where you're going to need to secure someone to a seat

    I wonder if he's ever considered that his behavior might be what drives someone to "leave" their seat?

  4. Yes he's just the King of Cool isn't he. Too bad for his landlord he's not the King of Paying His Rent...

  5. Fiskdick is getting evicted????

  6. For $45 you can run a check on him and you'll be amazed at how many addresses he has stayed over the past 24 months. Seems he has been a rather unpleasant tenant. His life is truly a mess. Topping it off is this blog that captures it all, and highlights his foolishness.

  7. steve frischling is the poster child for douchebaggery

  8. He just tweeted:

    @flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    Eight shirtless drunk guys next door for the week blasting music and playing the "Jersey Short Vinny Dancing Game" long week ahead for me...

    Good thing he'll be evicted soon!!!

  9. "Tip Of The Day: When going up against someone in a formal meeting environment who is going berzerk…sit back & them them destroy themselves."

    ^that's pretty insightful into Fish's psychopathy/delusion. How much you wanna bet his landlord just listed the legal reasons why he was trying to evict deadbeat tenants, while Fish probably pleaded for more time to come up with the rent money and begged for mercy for his children like a pathetic fool.

    But in Fish's insane mind, his landlord was going berserk while he was cool as a cucumber under pressure! All he had to do was sit back and let his landlord destroy himself while Fish emerges triumphant yet again!

    This guy is one sick piece of shit.

  10. So nice all these 3 unemployed DICK Tracys here have nothing better to do all day but hypothesize and theorize about others. This is a really neat investigator's club you have here. How does someone join your club, is there a secret password or something? Where is your clubhouse? Can girls join? Will your mom let us stay out late and snoop around? Can we have camp-outs and smoke cigarettes?

  11. 10:23, it's hard to believe that comments on Blogspot can even be anywhere near the top of your long list of very sad, very real problems.

  12. No theorizing. He's tweeting this all on his own. He can't keep his smug self serving promulgations to himself.

  13. this is all such a train wreck. couldn't happen to a more deserving douche.

  14. ^10:23 Since you sound like our hero let's point out the obvious. You have infected every photo community you forced your way into with all of your misrepresentations and deceits. The material recounted on this site spans 17 years which means that way more than three people have reviewed it. Think of the hundreds of people you have stroked over the years, most of whom are so sick of your garbage that they volunteered to put you into a digital pillory (how did that National Car Rental social media gig work out for you?) At the end of the day this site is like my mom's knitting for us...we spend a short time here as a diversion from our jobs just to add a few rows to the sweater we're making. And it looks like it fits pretty well, too!

  15. The photo of the kids on Susannah's Google+ page (link above) says it all: trapped in a life with this douche we have to call our dad while creditors circle us.

  16. please try to avoid linking to sites with photos of his poor children. They did not get to pick their parents.

  17. Oh my, this club has rules now??

    • Stay on topic. Please keep your comments related to Steven Frischling and his fantastic superhero adventures. 
    • Do not leave comments encouraging violence or even wishing ill will toward anyone.
    • Do not post photos or any identifying details of Frischling's children.

    Oh my, I wonder why.

    What, did the pussy get in some trouble? Seems like the three Mickey Mouse Club members here can't quite follow the rules.

  18. Fish - it has to be more than 3 people handling this site. After all you're here as much as anyone, making it at least four.

    While I have your limited attention; why don't you deal with the issues identified? Are you so ill that you cannot see these? You're a sick person needing help. Get help.

  19. That's not Fish but Nurse Ratched for sure. You would also think she would have a lot worse things to worry about!

  20. Yeah, it's not Fish. The words are spelled correctly.

  21. you can always tell it's Mrs Fish because she always tries to sound oh so clever. Like we're sitting around crying because she says we're a Mickey Mouse Club.

  22. at least our club isn't being evicted

    notice she isn't saying anything on this blog isn't true....

  23. The irony is none of these legal messes he has put them in have anything to do with this blog or the people who comment. Why don't you blame who is at fault - yourselves?

  24. @741 - yes, I admit. It's my fault in this legal drama.

  25. who else would you blame for your problems but yourself?

  26. If I had spent a decade or more making up lie upon lie and spinning things out of control, of course I'd blame people on the internet!

  27. before FishFraud, I didn't have anyone to blame for all MY arrests, lawsuits and evictions. Finally I know who is at fault. Thank you FF!

  28. The "self defense" strategy via martyrdom is not novel. Its stupid. The raison d'ĂȘtre of this blog, as I see it, is Fish Foolishness. There's plenty of that.

    Isn't it nice that both the target of the blog and its commentators are getting satisfaction from it? Different sorts of satisfaction of course.  

  29. "I hate being up when I know the alarm is going to go off in 5.5hrs. Come on sleep, let me nod off. I want to be well rested to write about Delta Air Lines, Air India, the TSA and mobile social media security concerns ... no they are not all one story."

  30. translation: "I want to live in my fantasy world where I am a respected airline blogger instead of the real world where I'm a loser who's been arrested and about to be evicted"

  31. the joy we feel seeing Frischling get fried is all "Schadenfrisch" (a new twist on Schadenfreude). A lifetime of offensive lies and fraud are catching up to him finally. You can't put this kind of shit out in the universe without expecting it to rain back down on you x10.

  32. His airline commentary is such crap that most everybody in the industry thinks he is a joke. His followers are all #avgeeks who have not worked a day inside an airline and can't sense his lack of real knowledge.

  33. Hey, with all these comments, it surely means there has to be more then 3 people?

  34. FishFraud said...
    "the joy we feel"

    How sad a fucking life you must live pussy that this is so joyful to you. Is this all you have? Probably makes you wish you had balls to get off, eh pussy? I'm sure if you had any, you would be getting them off thinking about him. Tell us, do you fantasize about the Fish at night in bed with yourself? Bet you and your butt-buddies just can't wait to see that much-sought-after photo of him all two of your Columbo's have been dreaming and talking about as well as drooling over.

    Please, you sad fuck, get a fucking life away from this site. Not that we really care, such simple loser-fucks like yourself really have nothing else in your life anyway.

    Tell me, has your mommy restricted your internet use after you got bitch-slapped for breaking your cute, little club rules?

    Love this:
    Doug Holleman, Photographer
    Temple | TX | USA | Posted: 1:10 AM Today
    "Whatever he's done to get so many people to hate his guts, it's probably not any worse than some anonymous guy publishing a website solely dedicated to smearing another guy. Seems pretty low, if you ask me. If you have to bash somebody, at least do it out in the open and be a man. If he's the buffoon he is made out to be he certainly wouldn't be much of a threat to retaliate. Grow some nads."

    Grow some nads, pussy!

  35. No Steve, that was posted more than a month ago on July 8th.

    Stop playing fast and lose with the facts, that is what's getting you in trouble.

  36. And, apparently, I'm guessing from what he's written, Doug commented without visiting FF first.

  37. 4:59, BAH HAH HAH! Do you think you sound tough? The angrier you get, the more amusing it is and the greater the schadenfrisch! Why don't you put that anger toward the people responsible for your situation ie yourselves?

    as 7:40 said, that person stated he basically had no idea who Fish is. The people who do know him are the ones enjoying this website and downfall. The kind of despicable individual who would brag about how much money he made the night Flight 800 went down, days after the crash, deserves exactly what is coming to him.

    PS Wouldn't the $25 membership fee for Sportsshooter have been better applied to your rent? You can sell your gear on other forums. You paid $25 to do nothing but rate people's comments.

  38. we don't think 4:59 sounds pissed, we believe he thinks you're a fucking pussy, like a lot of us do. who the fuck cares about the time stamp of what-ever-the-fuck info is on the ss site. we, and well as others there, think you're a pussy, an asshole with no balls. that's all. who really gives a shit about fish, you little mickey mouse club fucks really have nothing else to do, do ya. tell us all, this is your whole life, isn't it. you are a joke, it's actually quite funny and entertaining. don't change, the new school year is starting and most everyone we know laugh at how juvenile you little fucks sound, so do keep it up.

  39. "like a lot of us do"

    that's rich. Now you're claiming some army of support from SS? You're detested and mocked there. The Tumblr blog celebrated when your membership lapsed!

    Please, continue to embarrass yourself for our amusement.

  40. Did not know that this FF web site was part of the Anonymous group out of Frisco. No wonder they are a bunch of losers! Domestic terrorists, wow!
    "A flag conveying symbolism associated with Anonymous. The imagery of the "suit without a head" represents leaderless organization and anonymity."

    Leaderless for sure. More like a BALL-LESS! These guys are a bunch of little fucking terrorists.

  41. ^The best you can do is criticize the LOGO we've had up for six months?

    You have no issue apparently with the accuracy of the content? You have nothing to say about the numerous lies we've exposed? Everyone is waiting for you to own up to your own words. Why don't you defend your numerous statements and stories? Or better yet, why don't you admit you have a problem with pathological lying for attention? Why don't you take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming everyone else for your problems?

    Don't YOU have any balls?

  42. "we, and well as others there,"

    Yeah? Really? You're a bigger idiot than anyone could have imagined. Where do you get that from? Why haven't you posted there? (even if you're not Frischling, the point is the same). Why don't you impart some more of your infinite wisdom on us poor misinformed souls? I've been shooting longer than you have. I've had friends shot at in Iraq. I would really like to hear you explain where your wedding photography awards came from. Or hear one shred of proof that the TSA interviews you reported were taken from actual working TSA agents and not fabrications of your imagination. Or explain your tweets to @FlyEU. Or how is it that choosing to "leave that behind" you so there's "nothing you can do about it" (I paraphrase) abdicates you of fulfilling your responsibilities to paying wedding clients? Or how about insulting journalists who have actually been boots on the ground in conflict stressed areas risking their lives to report on places you claim to have seen but in fact have never been or you putting their own lives at risk by giving them poorly misguided advice. You've really piled it on - yourself. All FF is doing is biting back. Good for them.

  43. every day we're bombarded with news of bad things happening to good people. finally bad things are happening to bad people.

  44. Its so good to see this site come alive again - and we have a dialog with the other side too. Very nice. And yes I think we can remain anonymous because that makes it more fun.

  45. ^4:47, The most extraordinary thing about it is that the site is remaining alive thanks more than anything to Steven, his "wife," and possibly one or two immature avgeeks who either have no clue about what a fraud Frischling really is or simply refuse to see it.

    If they would stop fanning the flames with their immature vitriol and baseless accusations (only 3 of us? Really? You're dumber than I thought...), and if Steven would just get his business life in order, make amends to those he's wronged, and stop lying through his teeth about his experience as a photographer, travel "expert," and just about everything else he ever claims to have done in his life and, well, just go away, this site would probably just wind down into obscurity.

    But he refuses to do any of that. So here we are. Still. Which, by the way, is fine with me. It's nice to see a lying, scheming, fraudulent asshat like Frischling get his come-uppance after all these years.

    "Schadenfrisch." I like that.

  46. ^This blog would not have lasted into 2011 if Frischling had not behaved so ridiculously. Fanning the flames is exactly what he's done. If he had, upon all his lies being exposed, simply admitted to himself, "I have a problem with pathological lying and I cannot stop making up wild stories for attention. Perhaps being a blogger/journalist is not the best career choice for me," this site would have been DOA long ago.

    Instead he's done every boneheaded move his tiny fish brain could come up with, including openly and privately harassing innocent people, libeling his victims, come up with wild conspiracy theories/lies, creating pointless counterblogs/twitter accounts etc. It's all a smokescreen to distract from this site's content. He has NOTHING to say about the revelations on this site. Why? Because it's all true.

    The blogosphere is now waiting for him to take responsibility for his own actions and admit what is already obvious. The longer he refuses to do this, the more disgust is spewed at him on this site and others. If he would just move on from his pretend fantasy world and go get a real job, wouldn't his life be so much better?

    Why haven't you done that Frischling? Why don't you be a man and do the right thing to help your poor family? What kind of deadbeat father pays $25 for a SS membership when 1) he doesn't even shoot sports! and 2) his family is facing eviction????

  47. If you are going to defend Mr Frischling, you might consider going about this in a manner that exudes some element of grace, class, and wit.

    As it stands, your delivery is suggestive of a scraggly haired trailer park dwelling shrew of ill repute and this may not be an accurate description of you, however your own words and the tone in which they are presented make it difficult to imagine otherwise.

    If you love him, need him, and feel compelled to speak in his defense then you should avoid, in as much as you are able, making statements that lead people to make negative assumptions about you.

    His reputation, self esteem, indeed his very persona will need to be rebuilt if not reinvented when this is over, and if you are to be instrumental in this process you need to be more mindful of the image you are projecting for your own sake if not also for his.

    This concludes my nickle's worth of free unsolicited advice.

  48. "This concludes my nickle's worth of free unsolicited advice."

    Who asked for your fucking advice and who really needs it?

    Tell us more about your involvement with the urban/domestic terrorist group Anonymous:

    Just in 2011 you have been involved with:
    6.1 Attack on Fine Gael website
    6.2 Arab Spring Activities
    6.3 Attack on HBGary Federal
    6.4 Purported threat against the Westboro Baptist Church
    6.5 2011 Wisconsin protests
    6.6 2011 Bank of America document release
    6.7 Operation Sony
    6.8 Spanish Police
    6.9 Supporting 2011 Indian Anti-corruption movement in cyber space
    6.10 Operation Malaysia
    6.11 Operation Orlando
    6.12 Operation Intifada
    6.13 Operation Anti-Security
    6.14 Operation Facebook
    6.15 Operation BART

    Before you dump on Fish and his family, perhaps you should get YOUR fucking house in order!

    I bet all the NAMED posters to this shit-blog really knew what they were supporting when they decided to contribute their thoughts. I wonder if their employers, clients and families are proud (and aware) that they are members of this subculture terrorist group.

  49. 4:01: I wonder what your employers, clients and family thinks about your use of language. I wonder how Frischling's clients feel about getting stiffed by him. Or how other photographers feel about competing against someone who lies in their resume. Or how real journalists putting their lives on the line feel when they read some guy who pretends to have been there.

  50. ^4:01pm I went to your link to see where you are going with your strange subculture group comments. You are suggesting that everyone that posts here using the anonymous profile is a terrorist?

    When you go to Expose the Bullies blog you can leave a comment using the same anonymous profile that you reference above. Are you supporting terrorists and allowing them a voice on your site?

    You are truly out of this world.

  51. ^ 3:30. Apparently not. Good effort though.

  52. 6.16 Operation FishFraud

  53. ^4:01 Seriously? No, I mean, really?

    It's obvious that you're not Steven (the lack of spelling errors and the use of proper grammar give that away immediately), so I'm left to assume, then, that there's actually someone out there who is more delusional than he is. And that's pretty darned scary.

    I'm in no way involved with the creation, operation, or maintenance of this site beyond reading and leaving the occasional comment, but it's pretty obvious to me (and pretty much everyone but you, apparently) that the only thing its owner(s) are concerned about is exposing Steven Frischling for the lying, fraudulent horse's ass that he is. Nothing more. And you have to admit, they've done a pretty good job of it. Neither you, nor he, nor anyone else who wishes to come to his defense has been able (or has even tried) to refute a single point of fact that's ever been posted here, despite our constant pleas for you to do so.

    So here's some more unsolicited advice:

    Get help. Please. The both of you.

  54. Unsolicited AdvisorAugust 16, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    Perhaps I should have begun with definitions of grace, class, and wit as clearly there has been a misunderstanding. Again, you are lashing out as if either suffering from a disorder which predisposes you to angry outbursts or you are simply rather dull when it comes to matters of intellect. Despite your coarse delivery, I am disinclined to assume stupidity but I am leaning in favor of the former and in some ways more unfortunate conclusion.

    Your speculations about my identity are incorrect, but they are not unreasonable conclusions given the limited information available to you and the near continuous barrage coming from anonymous sources.

    Your conclusion is a bit paranoid, but given the disadvantage you have faced on this site I would be reluctant to make any clinical conclusions as this seems more situational than pathological.

    I am concerned, however, about your apparent inability to communicate when angry. This level of rage is not healthy, and if you do not reel it in quickly it will consume you. In all honestly, your prognosis in that regard is against rather long odds, but the sooner you begin to work on it the better you will be for it.

    As for myself, my house is in order and I am not a terrorist. Although I may reveal some of my own ignorance in saying this, I had never heard of the organization you referenced until you mentioned it. When I read the list that you posted, I have to admit that I cringed at reading the words Westboro Baptist Church. My mother's cousin was killed in Afghanistan, and the Westboro Baptist Church protested at his funeral, so I have little sympathy for THAT organization but I do not belong to any groups unless Sports Shooter counts as a group nor am I a contributor, administrator, or any other sort of office holder on this site.

    I am a only a photographer and a distributor of unsolicited advice.

  55. 4:01, Perhaps after one rejects giving advice, one then shouldn't offer some.

  56. This site has nothing to do with the Anonymous group. We are, however, admiring of their attacks on the website of the Westboro Baptist Church, a despicable organization. Hilarious!

    Once again, all you have to offer is criticism for a logo that has been up for six months. Do you realize how foolish you look? Why can't you explain away a single one of your/Frischling's lies?

  57. It would be super cool if it actually were the Anonymous Group - it would bring FishFraud into global fame!

  58. the Anonymous Group would have taken down the entire Boarding Area site!

  59. "This site has nothing to do with the Anonymous group."
    Yeah, right. And the sun sets in the East. Wow, what is with the sudden concern with any association with any given group? So surprised you would even try to defend yourselves, why would you even feel the need? Perhaps Fish was right all along there Chris.

    You against free speech, too? Suppress what YOU don't like. Kind of like removing posts that you feel are against the agenda.

    Fly the colors of Anonymous and deny any involvement, right. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

    Not just pussies now, but urban/domestic terrorists. Oh that's right, you're not part of that group, you just love their logo so much you feel the need to let it adorn your site, silly us.

    "We are, however, admiring of their attacks on the website of the Westboro Baptist Church, a despicable organization. Hilarious!"
    Hey fuck-nut, when you do learn to read, you should take a moment to read the outcome of the "Purported threat against the Westboro Baptist Church," especially the part that says "Anonymous subsequently denied the authenticity of the threat." Tell me, were you born a dumb-fuck or have you been hit in the head that many times.

    Christ, this site is really run by "a puddle of pimple-faced nerds." It's hilarious. Please keep it up.

    "Do you realize how foolish you look?" Now who looks fucking foolish. You fucking Mickey Mouse Clubbers are unbelievable, but quite funny.

  60. ^Anonymous took down WBC's website on live TV during an interview. Your research is extensive and thorough (applause).

  61. 10:21 has to be Fish. All his supposed expertise of planes comes from quickly checking Wikipedia.

    Who looks fucking foolish?

  62. "Please keep it up."

    You got that right.

  63. "Before you dump on Fish and his family"

    you're the one dumping on your family

    so... how many of your useless 50,000 tweets have put food on the table? GET A JOB YOU DEADBEAT

  64. Unsolicited AdvisorAugust 17, 2011 at 1:12 AM

    I suppose, in light of your obstinate refusal to become more charming, it is time to simply allow The Berzerk to continue its own self destructive path.

    Continue on, then, making a more dazzling spectacle of yourself with each passing post if you will.

  65. I for one appreciate that Fish is communicating here. He has an unfortunate way of communicating - he does like the the F word doesn't he?

    He reads this blog as much as anyone. He has yet to share his thoughts about black helicopters over his (rented and unpaid) house.

    Response Fish? I dare you.

  66. I think it is time for fishfraud to start posting more of frischling's lies. I know there are way more tall tales to be exposed and us fishfraud fans are going through withdrawal. more stories please!! because once you start posting more of his contradictory "look at how cool I think I am stories" he will run into hiding and these immature little fits of rage will suddenly stop.

    btw - if fishfraud was in any way associated with the group anonymous, not only would your pathetic "portfolio" website be taken down, but so would every website that you are affiliated with. because, isn't that what anonymous does? they're hackers who lash out against corporations, not bloggers who have any interest in someone as insignificant as you.

  67. ^Good idea. More Fish tall tales to come.

  68. Wow. That you, the Fish Army, still believes that this site is in any way associated with the Anonymous group is astounding. You obviously don't read the news or follow current events.

    Now, for a cup of coffee while I enjoy a little schadenfrish.

    M I C - See you real soon! K E Y - Why? Because mug shots are in the public domain! M O U S E


    Annette Funicello

  69. As clueless as Frischling and his few supporters are, they don't seriously believe FF is Anonymous. It's just their latest attempt of grasping at straws to detract from those pesky real life problems. You know, like legal issues, getting caught for over a decade of lying, being broke, facing eviction, having no friends, stuck in a bad relationship, abandoned by his family, not being able to feed his kids, too poor to pay for phone sex...the normal things.

  70. God, I hope he is crying like the little bitch he is.

  71. Crying? He only cries about the cruel world out to get him. The whole world is out to get him. Those black helicopters. Full of TSA and other govt agents.

    Which is we aficionados of this site are called terrorists. The pattern is consistent.

  72. he thinks black helicopters are flying over his house? OMG... he probably dreams he's so important the CIA has tapped his phone! Now he will have to get disposable cells to rip off phone sex companies!

  73. he/she is only making a lot of noise about Anonymous because they have nothing else to say about this post. He's now caused at least three legal messes for them.

  74. Steve is having another twitter meltdown with @colpuck right now! Hilarious!!!

    What a clown.

  75. Flying With Fish
    @flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    @colpuck Your comments on my blog are being removed. Your accusations are false, unsubstantiable & off topic to the post. Night

    @flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    @colpuck There is no evidence I have ever created a false airline twitter account or tried to extort an airline to shut down a false twitter

    @flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    @colpuck I have absolutely insulted you over twitter ... I stand by that.

    @flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    @colpuck You mean the case that's been dropped because of multiple reasons that showed I was in the clear? Again, do your homework. Goodbye


  76. He's said over and over the case has been dropped or thrown out. Yet still it sits on the CT state calendar. Awaiting plea for Steven Frischling for two counts of felony. I can see him possibly getting a plea deal to get it downgraded to a misdemeanor but dropped totally? in his lunatic dreams

  77. flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    @colpuck Your comments on my blog are being removed. Your accusations are false, unsubstantiable & off topic to the post. Night
    1 hour ago

    Any screenshots?

  78. Unsolicited AdvisorAugust 18, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    The presence of the plea date on the calendar is not, itself, necessarily an indication that a case is ongoing. I am not sure about the court calendar system in Frischling's area, but where I live there are times when cases are settled, thrown out, plead out, or combined with other cases as part of a plea arrangement and for some reason the already scheduled dates for future appearances in these now closed cases are sometimes NOT deleted from the calendar. I am not suggesting that this has happened in Frischling's case, only that it can happen.

    Another possible scenario is that the state's attorney leaned on Frischling very aggressively in anticipation that he (Fish) would wet his pants, cry, and confess or at the very least try to make a deal. Sometimes people are charged with a crime based on evidence that would never pass muster with a jury. This does not suggest innocence, as it is only a reflection of anticipated juror reaction. It is not enough to convince a juror of guilt, the evidence has to be strong enough for that juror to cast a vote in favor of conviction.

    In such a situation, the State's attorney and local law enforcement take a shot at getting a confession, and this fails. Next, these same people try to scare the accused with what can happen if a jury finds them guilty, thus demonstrating that taking a plea deal is the better option and sometimes that also fails.

    When these two options have been attempted without resulting in a confession or agreement to confess to a lesser charge, then the state's attorney has a terrible choice to make. Do I prosecute this obviously guilty person in a case that I can NOT win in court, or do I drop the charges against this obviously guilty person because I can not win in court?

    Prosecutors do NOT like to lose, and there are situations where guilty people do not even go to trial because prosecutors do NOT like to lose.

    As a result of this, a lot of VERY guilty people have had their cases dismissed, which can create the illusion that their innocence has been confirmed and that they were telling the truth from the very beginning and were wrongfully prosecuted and persecuted by The System.

    I am not suggesting that this has already happened or that it will happen, I only mention it because it would be rather ironic if in the midst of countless well documented lies that it was revealed that Mr Frischling actually was telling the truth about the charges having been dismissed. If this happened, he would naturally tout this as a vindication of everything he has been saying all along about the allegations being baseless and the charges having been bogus from the beginning, even though The Truth behind the dismissal of the case would continue to suggest otherwise nor does such a dismissal do anything to address the countless other lies that the founders and contributors of this site have listed.

    This sort of armchair speculation is, of course, the product of The Suspense that continues to build with each passing tick of The Countdown Clock.

  79. Unsolicited AdvisorAugust 18, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    At 12:12pm CDT is listed as "unavailable."

  80. Back to @colpuck for a moment, I wonder if he was commenting on the frischling blog entry dealing with how great the twitter response from @cityjet was concerning the Gerard Depardieu incident. The twitter feed from @cityjet reads very similar to frishcling's and was curious if @colpuck's inital thought was the same as mine, that frishcling is involved. In that case the blog entry by frishcling touting how perfectly executed the twitter response of @cityjet was would seem rather sketchy, and his response to @colpuck would make sense. frishcling doesn't even follow @cityjet, so how he even knew of these tweets so quickly is questionable as well. They could have been retweeted by someone he follows, but seems to be a pretty short turnaround to have a blog post up singing it's praises.

    If this was anyone else, I'd never give it a second though, but with frischling you look at everything a little different.

  81. Unsolicited AdvisorAugust 19, 2011 at 11:01 AM

    I just got off the phone with Jessica in the Clerk's office of the Superior Court Geographical Area 10 at New London, Connecticut, and she informed me that there is a new court date in this case and it is now set for September 2nd, 2011 though I neglected to ask for the time of the hearing.

    It would appear that the case has been continued again.

  82. Thank you Unsolicited Advisor! Captain Continuance strikes again!

    But it sure doesn't seem like the case has been dismissed, as he claimed to ColPuck the other night, does it?

  83. Unsolicited AdvisorAugust 19, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    FishFraud, the presence of yet another court date absolutely torpedoes the notion of a dismissal. This case is alive, and from the prosecution standpoint probably "in good health."

    The continuance of continuances strongly suggests that things are not going well for Frischling on the negotiated plea agreement front and that the defense feels that they would lose if the case went to a jury.

    The back and forth here is almost certainly the result of continued negotiations for a plea agreement, or simply "stalling" on the part of Frischling. Firing an attorney is a GREAT way to get a continuance, and though I do not know if he has already done this nor am I suggesting that he did this today, most courts would grant a continuance under those circumstances.

    They suggest "doing our homework" but do they not remember that some of us are journalists and that we know how easy it is to access information that is a matter of public record?

    It is one thing to tell a lie or even a series of lies, but it is quite another matter to spin a web of deceit that is so easily fact checked into oblivion.

    An early poster got it right, though. This whole thing is very sad.