Monday, August 29, 2011

Blogger Calls BS on Frischling's BS

Despite the fact that Steven Frischling has been exposed as a pathological liar and was arrested this year for felony forgery and larceny, "aviation queen" blogger Benet Wilson thought it would be a super idea to invite him as a guest blogger on her own site.

The self-proclaimed expert on aviation AND aerospace AND looking things up on Wikipedia authored the following:

Naturally, a real expert named Vinay Bhaskara found Frischling's post so preposterous he offered Wilson a rebuttal:

Bhaskara is challenging Frischling on Twitter and Frischling is acting like a fool offering excuses for his patheticness. Enjoy!


  1. Its good to see he's being called out again. Just goes to show, reading wikipedia is no substitute for industry expertise.

  2. Great excuses here! Has enough power to tweet endlessly but not to write a rebuttal.


    I’ll be happy to debate this and post my rebuttals when I have consistent access to power and internet. We just got hit by a hurricane and power is expected to be out until Sept 3-Sept 5 at the earliest. Internet will come back from the cable provider … who knows when.

    Right now my power comes from my car and internet from my iPhone wifi.


  3. Well his bad luck continues. Only 11 to 20% in his county has a power outage and our intrepid hero is smack in the outage.

  4. he's full of shit. his power is probably fine but he has to make it sound like he was affected by the hurricane.

  5. I'm honestly surprised that he hasn't told tales of him taking photos of people in the flooding or rescuing people like he did for 9/11.

  6. So Fish picking a non-US airline so that people would believe your word has majorly backfired!

    Also post "Tropical Storm" Irene, shouldn't you been with your family sorting out your home etc rather than tweet tweet tweeting away...

  7. I'm sure as we speak he is dreaming up his stories of selfless heroism

  8. I wonder if Eugene Dimarsky is aware that the queen of aviation is using his photo?

  9. I didn't realize that Fish had Eugene's photo link to his story on Boarding Area. I wonder if he properly licensed it.

  10. I wonder if Eugene Dimarsky is aware that the queen of aviation is using his photo?
    August 30, 2011 7:06 AM

    Anonymous said...
    I didn't realize that Fish had Eugene's photo link to his story on Boarding Area. I wonder if he properly licensed it.
    August 30, 2011 7:43 AM

    Perhaps you should ask your fearless leader the same thing.

    Anonymous said...
    And the picture in this post is stolen from Istockphoto. The irony!
    July 9, 2011 7:37 AM

    Anonymous said...
    How do you know it was stolen, Fish Douche? And why won't you defend yourself on the sports shooter site?
    July 9, 2011 1:08 PM

    Anonymous said...
    ^ 1:08 Really?

    Even with obvious watermark on the image you believe it was properly licensed? isn't right that the image is being used without proper license.
    July 9, 2011 1:41 PM

  11. "Vinay,

    Fish's Power has been turned back on
    Came back on last night. So be expecting a rebuttal soon.

  12. The rebuttal may wait - he had a court date today. Any update?

  13. He was off Twitter for a large portion of the day. Now he's complaining about his Chevy Tahoe being totaled.

    flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    So ... where the heck did I put the title to my truck? It has to be somewhere ..

    Think he really has the title? Think he even owns a Chevy Tahoe? He claimed to have a Vespa the other day...Imagine his big ass (or his Sunny Volvo's) on a Vespa!!!

    What a loser!

  14. There's no update yet on today's court date. The latest is that he filed a motion to dismiss on August 12. Good luck with that.

  15. Here's a photo of the totaled Tahoe:

    Only 1 photo of the windshield? You'd think he'd have taken numerous shots for insurance purposes.....

  16. he is saying that the car is totalled? how does that work? even if rain got in, it would be fine.

  17. things always look worse through the glass bowl of FishWorld.

  18. The Tahoe looks like a first gen. A quick eBay Motors search tells you that they're not expensive cars. So a busted windshield with a small amount of water damage could border on the insurance company declaring the car totaled.

  19. Postponed until Friday (9/2/2011 @ 10:00 AM)

  20. Just read the Air India post and rebuttal. Ouch! SF obviously made a mistake "writing" a post on Air India. He better pick a more obscure airline next time. What a slam by someone who actually is an aviation expert.

  21. Battle of the titans!

    Vinay is no expert, just a high school student. He uses a few aviation-specific terms incorrectly, but overall I think he's produced a more realistic analysis than our hero.

    In the battle of the arm-chair experts, Fish just got whipped.

  22. Plaintiff fails to appear for the small claims action - case dismissed as a result. Thus his motion to dismiss was not ruled on. Does not indicate if plaintiff can or cannot refile.

  23. Unsolicited AdvisorAugust 31, 2011 at 7:40 AM

    It is very sad that a person's credibility has become compromised to the point that even The Truth is quickly dismissed as fiction.

    This is the lesson, Mr Frischling, and it has and will continue for some time to be a rather expensive one. You can think of it as having paid "tuition" if you learn something from all of this, but if you do not grow in some way then it has all just been a sad waste.

  24. weird she would go to all this trouble to get her money back from Fish and not show up. Maybe roads were bad?

  25. Anonymous said...
    Just read the Air India post and rebuttal. Ouch! SF obviously made a mistake "writing" a post on Air India. He better pick a more obscure airline next time. What a slam by someone who actually is an aviation expert.
    August 30, 2011 8:18 PM

    Fear not Fish must be reading this blog as he's just tweeted:

    I guess my blog post later is on Air Zimbabwe ... if I can find the time

  26. Air Zimbabwe?

    We're still waiting to read his rebuttal to the on Air India rebuttal...or did I miss it?

  27. Of course Frischling reads here. And I wish he'd write a nice blog post about another African carrier - Kenyan Airways. How about it, Fish?

  28. now he's advising folks on twitter that they should disable the RFID chip in their passport cards, going so far as advising that it's perfectly legal. last I checked tampering with a US passport is a federal crime.

    @racingwinds @johnnyjet @karasw Disabling the RFID in your passport isn't defacing it,its protecting yourself in certain situations. #travel

    @flyingwithfish @johnnyjet isn't that illegal though? Thought about doing it, but I'm a little wary.....

    flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    @agypsyslove @johnnyjet No, it is legal. It in no way invalidates the passport

  29. Steve is just an amazing guy.

    Two days before his hearing on Fraud charges he tweets on how to disable a feature on your Passport, of course doing so is a crime.

    I guess because of his extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, he's not worried about breaking the law.

    Speaking of Steve Frischling and twitter, so far today ( 6PM Eastern time ) the guy has made 85 posts on twitter.!/flyingwithfish

    Steve, wouldn't your time be better spent looking for a job so that you can pay off all the successful monetary judgments against you?

  30. Why would Steven Frischling want to disable the RFID chip? How could there ever be a reason to want to do that? The chip is designed to validate ID - you just made it more suspicious, raising your profile and subject to hassle from immigration. I guess he thinks he could use that as blog material on how got in trouble with border controls.

  31. Steven Frischling wrote and equally stupid analysis of Saudi Arabian airlines a while back. Similar analysis saying they had everything to be the next Emirates. Unfortunately, nobody called him on it.

  32. Yep,anyone who steals his identity is even dumber than he is.

  33. § 51.6 Damaged, mutilated or altered passport.

    Any passport which has been materially changed in physical appearance or composition, or contains a damaged, defective or otherwise nonfunctioning electronic chip, or which includes unauthorized changes, obliterations, entries or photographs, or has observable wear and tear that renders it unfit for further use as a travel document may be invalidated.

    This reminds me of the knives and battery labels. (Sure, carry knives onboard and switch battery labels, sure, go ahead, tell them Fish said it was okay, he does it all the time). He's not just a friggin boneheaded moron, he's a menace. Keep it up FF - no matter what kind of grief you get. Randy, how do you like this? How do you sleep at night?

  34. The best part of the RFID tweets is frischling's insistence that there is nothing wrong with disabling the chip. The info on how to disable the chip is widely available with a quick google search, but all of that info comes with the caveat that it is a crime to do so. Frischling insists, even over the objection of more than one of his twitter followers, that it is indeed legal. Another instance wherein the laws just don't apply to him. Sadly I'm sure a few of these people blindly follow his advice.


    Perhaps someone should forward his tweets from today to the district attorney for his criminal case and the Department of State. Clearly he has no problem with forging documents and disabling security features on official government documents.

  36. How dumb is this guy?

  37. flyingwithfish
    @TheABVinay I never said a Passport RFID should be removed. I said disable it. US Passport RFID chips have a 2yr warranty on a 10yr passport.

    What about the word "unauthorized changes" does he not understand? Where does it say one can be "authorized" to alter the state of the chip?

  38. Having his Tahoe totaled by Irene couldn't have come at a better time for FishFelon.

    He will have no need for a vehicle when he's incarcerated, and SunnyVulva will have a little bit of spare change to feed the Fish Guppies, not to mention pay the mounting legal bills!

  39. Jesus Christ... 32 tweets from FishDick in the last hour. Father of the year alright...

  40. This is worth a new posting followed by numerous @FishFraud tweets

  41. Isn't there the implication that even if the chip were damaged naturally (as opposed to being obliterated by a hammer wielding fish) and the chip ceased to function that this could invalidate the passport? Wouldn't that be fun far far away from home. Go ahead, kiddies, bash away are your passports, uncle Fish is filled with great advice.

  42. his twit rate, er tweet rate, seems to rise right before court dates.

  43. 3:19 and 5:40, here's how our intrepid hero manages to mega-tweet:

  44. I love the no bullshit stance of Chuck Liddy. Fishfart's tap dancing, back peddling and spin makes him look even more stupid;

    Answer the freakin questions Fish! Your reputation as a man hinges on simple proof, not snapshots, but concrete evidence that you did what you have been bragging about the last 15 years.

    Geez, while you may think the world is out of its mind, there is no comfort that you are firmly trapped in yours.

    FishFraud is not going away. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Your bullshit will haunt you longer after you kick the bucket. Seek help. Ask for forgiveness. Find a steady job.

  45. ^8:07 Could you copy and paste the relevant passage for those of us who can't or won't access this through FB? Thanks much!

  46. From Steve's never ending Tweets today.

    "flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
    @piboeing @piboeing When someone says please, the polite response is Thank You :0)"

    Hey Steven Frishling,

    How about if somebody pays you money to photograph a wedding, you photograph the wedding and provide the photos that were PAID for!!!

    Simply Amazing. A lesson in manors from a crook.

  47. Chuck Liddy, wtf? it's a rock.

    Steven Frischling, ‎Chuck, You call it a rock and I call it keeping my slow shutter hand holding skills sharp. Gun shooters go to the range to practice, I walk waist deep into the water in the middle of the night with nasty tides of the impending storm to shoot hand held at 1/3 and get it sharp :0)

    Susan, It's a great shot!

    Steven Frischling, ‎Susan, Mr. Liddy is roughly the same age as the rock ... and is right. Its just a rock. For me is keeping certain skills sharp.

    Chuck Liddy, okay fish.....if you think keeping your skills "sharp" involve shooting an inanimate object.......well I got nothing here.......

    Steven Frischling, Chuck, I shoot moving targets all the time. I like to shoot cityscapes and architecture as I travel, but I almost never have a tripod, so I end up shooting handheld. Getting a nice cityscape after dark handheld takes some practice and considering I'm pretty good at hand holding down to two-seconds its a skill I keep practicing. The skill I'm keeping up on isn't the object, its the ability to hand hold at slow speeds and keep the image sharp. Its easy to do in your kitchen, its not easy to do with a waist pack on standing waist deep in the water with nasty currents.

    Chuck Liddy, well fish....I don't want to be an ass but the photo actually isn't that sharp.....and I have to add....hand holding at two seconds? brother, that is bullshit. you might think you can peddle that nonsense to GWC's but you're full of it saying you can hand hold a photo without bracing yourself against a wall or other large inanimate object for two seconds. I'll tell you's a deal you cannot just ONE your photos from iraq....and that plane crash where the coasties were crying over body bags...the NCAA tournament....please...ANY photos at all.....then we can "talk".

    Steven Frischling, ‎Chuck: 1) I never said the image was dead sharp, but its me practicing shooting slow. 2) I can get a reasonably sharp image at 2" with a 50f1.4 hand held. sit down, tuck your elbows in, exhale slow. 3) There are photos I shot with the USCG in Iraq on my website, you can also find a few lingering still in the Bloomberg photo archive and maybe some in the World Picture News archive. 4) I never once said I had photos of Coasties crying over body bags at East Moriches the night of TWA 800. I said I had photos inside the Coastie Base as they were bringing in bodies. The film is somewhere in a while AP envelope in New York. 5) You question I've shot NCAA Tournaments? Forget that I was an NCAA D1 SID primary photog for a few years … drop Steve Franz a line at LSU, ask him if he had me cover the women's Final Four in Boston for LSU. That way you can get your answer straight from the source. Goodnight Chuck

  48. Cont

    Steven Frischling, ‎Chuck ... on second thought, go look at the 7 new photo galleries I just posted to my profile. You'll find your answers there.

    Rick Sweeney, One person looked at the photograph and found it to be gorgeous, another person said it brought back memories reminding her of her childhood. Fish obviously likes it and is proud of it and wanted to share it... Then Mr. Poopy Pants contributes "wtf? it's a rock". Unless Fish messaged you telling you what a great photographer he is and you should drop what your doing and check out his fabulous photograph I would have to say you failed miserably in your objective of not being an ass...

    Steven Frischling, Rick, Oddly I'm not proud of any of the photos. I was up with insomnia and decided to go burn off energy by shooting slow shutter hand held photos. The update was posted because I was wide awake, exhausted and bored. My Facebook updates set to private, and I don't have all the many people on my Facebook compared to most people I deal with. Chuck Liddy is a long time veteran photojournalist, who's work I greatly respect by the way. He should know that fact checking before accusing, especially in print, is paramount. Before Mr. Liddy decides to go off and say I wasn't in New York City on 9/11/2001, he may want to check the 1st and 3rd image here - If Mr. Liddy wants to say I haven't had a full page in Life's Year In Pictures or Time's Year in Pictures or a double-truck in Life's Annual Photo Album during my career, I'd be happy to go to my storage unit, pull the books out and scan him a copy for his perusing pleasure.

    Chuck Liddy, ‎@rick..."mr. poopy pants"? seriously? what are you? four years old? and stevie....I just asked you where the photos were and why I've never been able to find them doing a search on the be honest I don't really care...sure I guess I irritated you enough for you to post a bunch of galleries but really give me a break.....okay back to hurricane coverage......

    Steven Frischling, ‎Chuck, 1) I didn't say I was shooting at two seconds in the water, I said I was at 1/3. I said I can shoot down to two seconds. I reasonably explained how I shoot down to two seconds hand held. You assumed something I didn't say and told m...e it was bullshit. Assuming something, based on something I didn't say is bullshit. 2) You tone, write "ONE" in all caps is an accusatory tone of voice. So posting the galleries from folders I pulled off hard drive I happen to have handy in the middle of the night was the easiest way to dispel your implied accusation. 3) You made a statement regarding a series of photos I never claim to have made. I can't show you images from a scene I don't claim to have been witness to. 4) The NCAA Tourney comment I don't understand in that it is well documented that I was the primary athletics photog for UMass for a number of years … hell I've even shot UMass in your backyard at UNC (in one of the galleries I put up is a UMass feature image from Women's Lacrosse shot at UNC) 4)(sic) If you searched the web you obviously didn't start at the obvious first place most people would look - I have images on there from a wide range of events, including some from the events you implied I may not have documented 5) If you didn't really care you wouldn't have gotten all fired up in the middle of the night about things you appear to be misinformed about. … now man up, admit you made yourself look like an ass and apologize.

    Rick Sweeney, Sorry Chuckie just wanted to say something other than shit head

    Chuck Liddy that's much better.

  49. I can't wait to read the next batch of useless drivel on third world airlines. I'm sure it will be a glowing assessment of Air Zimbabwe and how it will be the next leader in African aviation.

    "OK little people ... off to sleep. Daddy needs to write about Air Zimbabwe and taking a hammer to RFID passports. #blogging #SMtravel"

  50. What are the odds of asking for a storm-related continuance on Friday? I'm thinking 90% chance.

  51. ^ He'll claim his pile of evidence proving he is innocent was washed out to sea.

  52. ^ this is a near certainty


    Fishdick stated to Chuck Liddy he that he didnt photograph Coasties crying.... well, wtf is this:

    NPPA-L: "to die for?" (9/29/1997)
    "5 photos were taken durring actual rescues, including photos of USCG rescuers over a stack of body bags the night TWA 800 crashed just outside the morge, these men(boys really) are holding each other and holding in tears"

  54. He won awards with TWA images? Where are they? Lets see....

    I almost never enter photo contests, although I have had my images
    entered by others, such as an agency or publication. I have had some
    odd expierences with contests. You said that your photo was rejected
    because it was an exercize, I had the opposite. An agency submitted
    about 6 photos to a contest for Rescue-Disaster images, 5 photos were
    taken durring actual rescues, including photos of USCG rescuers over a
    stack of body bags the night TWA 800 crashed just outside the morge,
    these men(boys really) are holding each other and holding in tears, a
    few shots were taken inside or on the roof of structure fires......the
    photo that was selected and won the contest was taken durring an airport
    crash rescue drill. The whole event was set up, and the images
    presented as a staged-drill event. It won for best representation of
    rescuer at work. Maybe my stand point, I'd prefer to see someone elses
    bad photo durring a real event selected that my good photo of a staged
    event in this catagory.

  55. ^ 8:44. George S. Kaufman must have paid a visit to the FF office and said hello to the boys.