Monday, August 10, 2015

Anyone in the mood for deep fried Fish?

Has it really been 3.5 years since our last post?! Wow time sure flies when you have a job and are not being constantly evicted for squatting and sued for fraud.


  1. Yay! A new post!

    As we left our Fish, it seems that SunnyVolvo wised up and is trying to get custody:

    Is he still pretending to be a jet-setting security expert? Apparently travel bloggers love him because he's "flown so much" and has accumulated so many frequent flier miles. Neither of which is true. But I'll give him some credit - when he's burnt his bridges trying to con people out of photography jobs and burn bridges with SunnyVolvo, he had to pivot to something else and take advantage of the idiocy on the internet.

  2. You're back! Oh happy day....

  3. Oh wow! This is excellent news

  4. Frischling lives in teh Internet world. He works through the internet and his only human contact is within the internet. It is a great thing for losers, geeks, and dungeons and dragon players that the internet was born and they could find a new identity within. He has NO credibility in the real world throughout the town of Niantic where he lives. The schools his kids go to school at have all wised up to this guy and I have certainly shared the stories and this website with those I know personally. The website has reportedly made it's way throughout the School district and has even become sort of a ongoing joke amongst faculty. Thanks. Anyway, Service Processors and Marshals know him by name in Town, people who don't know him personally applaud his pictures on some lame local beach friends facbook page. He has taken over acting as though as he is some glorified Peter Parker giving people photography tips and using all his electronic monitoring equipment to run around the shoreline taking pictures and posting them on facebook. I saw him at a local market taking pictures of Lifestar taking off from a parking lot. What an idiot! He has his 'tool' belt with his radios and walkie -talkies and all sorts of useless shit hanging off his waist when he's #1 already at the site and doesn't need all that 'gear', and is just taking pictures for himself, as he is not employed at any publication anymore. He was taking pictures as an Indy for the Day in New London, but that ended in April 2016 for some reason likely attributed to the employer, I am sure! Back to the parking lot.... even the firefighters were looking at him like he was Adam Sandler from the Waterboy, pretending to be some important journalist taking thousands of pictures while the real news people were nearby with their respective station trucks and crew. Steve is all alone dancing around the parking lot taking hundreds of pictures from all angles looking like some special needs idiot. It was just priceless. What a fuc*ing moron!