Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Frischling sues landlord for $15k+

Steven Frischling's daughter fell on the stairs in July 2012, smacked her mouth on the landing and needed nine stitches on her mouth. Nearly two years later, in June 2014, Frischling filed a lawsuit against his (probably former) landlord, alleging negligence on the homeowner's part, and claiming that:
"she has, may, and probably will for an indefinite time in the future suffer great pain, inconvenience, embarrassment, and mental anguish ... and be deprived of ordinary pleasures of life, loss of well-being and equanimity and her overall health, strength and vitality has been greatly impaired"

If this was a legitimate lawsuit, why wait 23 months to file? Surely it would have been obvious immediately if this poor kid, already sentenced to a lifetime of having Steven Frischling as a father, was truly facing a lifetime of suffering from this accident? Nine stitches, while no doubt painful, does not sound like a massive scar.

You can read the information here. Oddly, however, in the documented dated 9/11/2014, the landlord responds to additional allegations that appear to revolve solely around an accident Fish had as he describes Frischling as being negligent in attempting to "traverse a wooden bridge with a loaded truck" while he "failed to make reasonable use of his own sense and faculties."

The case appears to be ongoing. The last activity was in June. Do you think the landlord would like to know about FishFraud?


  1. I see they're using clownfraud Johnny Jet's relatives as counsel still. They were the ones who got him his sweet plea bargain. Don't think we all forgot about that, Fish.

    For a guy who allegedly has a camera on him at ALL TIMES, wouldn't he have documented the shit out of it - including the stairs in bad condition and his kid's injury. And nine stitches isn't *that* bad. I certainly don't wish harm on his kids - but in the grand scheme of things, I got worse injuries as a kid - you know, being a kid.

    And WTF is this about a bridge? Is this his way of saying "oh, it never actually happened on my property, but instead, it happened because you fucked up at parenting?"

    And why 23 months you might ask? I know! Because the statue of limitations in the State of Connecticut for personal injuries is... you guessed it - two years.

  2. About that "sweet plea bargain" - any details been published? He claimed he was not guilty and let off. A plea bargain doesn't mean you're innocent at all.

    1. did that fat fuck really claim he was not guilty? He was guilty as hell and pled guilty. His plea bargain was basically restitution and probation and after that the charges were dropped if he met all the conditions. There is nothing in the court system now but surely something is there on paper.

    2. According to this article he got probation and had to participate in a rehab program to get the charges struck from the record. That doesn't sound like he was just let off.

    3. When and where did Fish claim he was let off or was innocent?

    4. He took the Accelerated Rehabilitation program which required him to pay restitution and be on Probation for 2 years while he pays it off. Other conditions should have been imposed like mental health counseling. But the charges remained on record until the restitution was paid and his AR probation expired. He was guilty, and used this program as a first offender. Still just adds to the long list of other civil suits and small claims suits from evictions, rent suits and all of the yelp reviews about his wedding photography business and what a fraud he is.The guy is a first class piece of shit!