Thursday, November 24, 2011

Frischling Lies About.... the Oklahoma City Bombing

Steven Frischling did not take this photo.

It appears no major news event can occur without fraud blogger Steven Frischling inserting himself in after the fact. The more heinous the event, the more important it is to him to have been present.

Thank you to a reader who found this ridiculous post on the  Foundation Workshop Forum from 2008, back when Frischling was looking for more brides and grooms to rip off:

"Last time I was in OKC a building blew up (well actually it blew up a few hours before I got there and I'm pretty sure the guy who did that was caught,convicted and executed"

Yes, according to Steven Frischling, he arrived in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, "a few hours" after a bomb tore through the Murrah federal building, killing 168 people (including 19 children) and injuring 800.

In April 1995, Frischling was a 19-year-old wannabe AP stringer in New York. He would not have been sent to Oklahoma City and even if he paid his own way, it's all but impossible that he could have traveled from New York to Oklahoma City in mere hours.

Even if Frischling somehow, some way, miraculously got there that day, where are the photos to show for it? There's not a single photo on his website (or any other website that we can see) that he took in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Even if he got there days later, he could have taken some incredible photos. (The main photo on Wikipedia's page on the bombing shows the destroyed building on April 21.) Why are there no other references to Frischling being there in the aftermath of this tragedy, which at the time was the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil? The anniversary of the event happens every April and he's never mentioned being there that day or the horrific images we can assume he would have seen.

Not only that, notice how he has to make light of the day, joking that he sure didn't do it, because he is "pretty sure" the real culprit was caught and executed.


  1. This post could be a lot better if we found one of his messages that puts him at another place in April 19, 1995.

    FF fans, lets get digging!

  2. Every time I think he's hit rock bottom in terms of his depravity, he somehow keeps digging.

  3. Back in 1995 he was 24/7 in AOL chatrooms and message boards. The message boards don't seem to be archived anywhere.

  4. The man has absolutely no shame as the similarities to Forrest Gump grow ever greater.

    Frighteningly psychotic me thinks.

  5. Brilliant sales tactic that only Steven Frischling use.

    Mention a terrorist attack while trying to convince somebody to hire you for their wedding day.

    While other photographers are selling the bride happiness and sunshine, Steve is selling them death and destruction. Hard to see why he failed at the wedding business.

  6. @0620 Please don't insult Forrest :) At least his (FG) stories didn't dance on the graves of innocent people..

  7. @9:56
    I don't think this is a weak post, it's just more of the same. steven can place himself at every major news story within hours of it happening but have no photo evidence to show the world. I scoured the old nppa listserv and other groups. surprisingly, the guy didn't post much in 1995. but, he has never mentioned the OKC bombing before, even when he has rattled off the long list of crashes an terror attacks that he has allegedly covered. I logged onto the ap archive and there wasn't a single frame of OKC from him on there either. as a matter of fact, for someone who claims to have worked as a contract photographer for ap for 5 years, there are only 9 frischling images in the archive. in the 5464 threads that he has participated in on sports shooter he has only referenced the bombing once or twice but only to mention timothy mcveigh. never a mention of being there. since he is immensely proud to include photos in his portfolio (even when they are often really bad) to prove he was at an event (think super bowl), not one photo from oklahoma city has ever turned up in a portfolio, photo gallery or one of his latest "look at what I used to do" retrospectives he does on twitter.

    in this 1998 thread on the nppa listserv, he doesn't mention the OKC bombing even though it would have been a good opportunity for him to show off about being there. but, I guess if he did mention it on a photo forum people who were there would call him out on it.

    "“I have only had limited good pay, usually off major
    breaking news stories for a single image....and exotic travel....I see
    Brooklyn a lot (although the IRA bombings in the U.K. were more polite
    than the riots in East Palo Alto, CA). As your progress and grow in
    this profession , if it is the one you truely seek out as your calling
    you will find out things about business and personal finace that you
    never imagined.”

  8. Dancing on people's graves is exactly the phrase to use to describe these sick stories.

    I wonder if butt boy Andrew will ever get it through his mentally ill mind that he is supporting a lying psychopath?

  9. has anyone ever noticed that frischling has such a love for himself that he takes dozens of photos of himself trying to look like he is working and that every waking second of his life is consumed with some sort of editing or computer work. here are some of his masterpieces.

  10. not only is a stupid-disgusting-revolting human being, he's disgusting to look at to boot. Susannah, you sure picked a winner!

    I wonder if she woke up one day and asked herself where she could find a man who had ALL the following to offer a gal:

    - stupid
    - uneducated
    - dishonest
    - unethical
    - deranged
    - lazy
    - poor
    - selfish
    - tiny dick (which we remember from the NPPA scandal)
    - ugly

    And then though to herself, "How can I get pregnant three times with this fabulous man?"

    Apologies if I left out any of his "qualities."

  11. I saw Steve speak once, and he made a big deal about how he had used pocket wizards to take a few of those photos while in flight and it was a major violation of something. He wanted to us to think that he was a badass.

    What a loser.

  12. the pictures. Who the hell takes that many pictures of themselves? I especially love when he sets up the camera then pretends that he's sleeping while the photo is taken. What's up with that? If this tool was sitting near me on a plane I'd ask to be moved straightaway.

  13. ^ 10:15, Like being so proud he gets away with carrying knives aboard planes because he needs them so much more than regular human beings. No Steve, it just makes you look like an idiot.

  14. Only a total fucking douchebag would take photos of themselves fake working and fake sleeping.

  15. As usual, his photos SUCK.


  16. "Flying With Fish
    @PicSeshu Oh, I know Guru means teacher, just like Rabbi ... hence force I want to be known as a Social Media Engagement Rabbi :0)
    13 hours ago"

    Oy ve, such a schlamazel!

  17. oy is right. We just tweeted the following in response:

    @PicSeshu would u listen to a rabbi who is awaiting trial for two felonies like .@flyingwithfish? link to court docket:

  18. Oh, that's nice ETB, my comments will appear only after your approval. interesting, so you get away with deleting posts without having to admit you received them. Naughty my friend, and EXPOSED.

  19. ^AF is a classy guy. By the way, the reason one post shows 68 comments instead of 70 (as only ETB gives a rat's ass about) is because our blog is so well established we get SPAM that's deleted.

    Take your lithium, kid.

  20. OMG... what is THIS?!?!!

    All 1594 pictures Steven Doucheling has ever taken in one convenient internet-based recycle bin called PukeBucket.

    Do the right thing Steven: format c:, Yes, Yes, ENTER.

    OK City bombing now Steven? Really. REALLY?

  21. Toss Up1

    "Flying With Fish
    People often say others seem cooler online ... they why is it I think I come off as a bigger dork online? What am I doing wrong?
    20 minutes ago"

  22. +1 for The Bard

    "skyvan Fielding
    At the Broad stage for Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
    2 hours ago"

  23. 4:09. A: Logging on, perhaps?

  24. ok from someone who has met Fish.... the frightening thing is he seems much more normal online. I admit I enjoyed his personality on SS at first and thought he was amusing and quirky and all that but in person I became very uncomfortable after about say, 5 min. He comes across as very insecure and nervous, and it's obvious he's full of shit. He cannot stand NOT being the center of attention. No matter what you are talking about, he immediately interrupts with a bigger, wilder, implausible story he once witnessed/experienced/barely survived.

    I can only imagine the poor brides who had this weirdo show up on their wedding day. With no time to get a replacement the nightmare must have begun immediately for these coupes.

  25. Back to the topic of this thread... I worked in the OKC bureau darkroom at least 16 hours a day from about 2 hours after the bombing until things started winding down a couple of weeks later. SF never submitted any film for processing or photos to be scanned there.

  26. ^5:29, thank you. It's baffling how much he lies considering he can't back it up with a single photo.